Consulting and implementation

...for ERP, communication and e-business

Consulting and implementation services for building IT projects, particularly in complex system environments, are our core competences. In addition to the new implementation of SAP and FIS systems, we apply the same consistency in optimizing existing systems in the following areas:

If the SAP standard does not cover the requirements of your company, our development specialists are available to enhance the core SAP offering. Experienced developers and consultants design functional supplements or enhancements to the standard system. These supplements or enhancements are presented within the SAP environment in strict accordance and in consideration of the enhancement principles of SAP AG. Using development environments such as JAVA or BSP (Business Service Pages) – according to the task – we create specialized, customer- or market specific applications that provide the best integration fit possible with the SAP applications.

FIS is a partner that successfully manages a great number of extraordinary challenges due to its remarkable competences and continuously grows since 1992 with the changing requirements in IT, organization and logistics.

Be assured of our comprehensive solution concept and let us advise you.