Dealing with COVID-19 Working safely at FIS

The health of our employees is our top priority. For this reason, various hygiene and safety measures have been taken since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure a safe workplace for our employees.

Since March 2020, our crisis team, consisting of members of the management board, occupational safety, business continuity management and HR, has regularly been assessing current developments and has implemented a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept.

This concept was developed together with independent external BAD (Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Occupational Medicine and Safety) experts and is based, among other things, on the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standard of the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The crisis team provides regular updates on the status of the pandemic and the impacts on FIS through internal channels.

In addition, we are pleased that all employees were able to continue their employment without short-time work! The path to mobile working was easy to implement as each employee has their own company laptop. At the beginning of the pandemic, every employee received a face mask in FIS colors. Furthermore, employees and visitors can obtain a disposable mask at the reception. In addition, we offer a voluntary Corona self-test up to twice a week to all employees who continue to come to the office. Organized by FIS, more than 120 employees have received their primary or secondary immunizations against the COVID-19 virus since May 2021.

Unfortunately, FIS also had to cancel many external as well as internal events. For canceled company parties, FIS organizes replacement events and develops new concepts.

Despite the pandemic, we are hiring new employees. A new class of apprentices and students has started and the trainee program has entered its third round. Of course, we are also happy to welcome any new employee with professional experience!