Competence, practical relevance and customer service: the mission of FIS

FIS possesses great experience as a certified SAP specialist and has convinced various industries with its own solutions over the years. With high-quality and made-to-measure solutions, FIS helps companies in all industries and of all sizes to overcome the challenges of the increasing digitization of the business environment. While doing this, FIS follows clearly defined values and guiding principles that should also convince you as an existing or new customer.


The sustainable and growth-oriented business model of FIS stands for competence, practical relevance and customer satisfaction. FIS sees itself as a reliable and future-oriented partner and employer, providing its customers with innovative, high-quality solutions and services. In this way, FIS makes company processes more modern and cost-effective and higher in performance.

Values and guiding principles

FIS regards itself as an integral part of society. All of its values and ways of acting towards its customers, business partners, employees and the environment are oriented towards this.

For FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH, the fulfilling of performance promises to business partners and customers has always been the top priority since the start of the company’s 25-year history. The daily motivation of FIS is to provide its customers and partners with optimal solutions for the achievement of individually set objectives. Upon this basis, the company would like to build up a trusting partner relationship for long-term cooperation.


The FIS standard of quality: each customer of FIS should become a reference customer, which is also reflected in the continued support.

The employees of FIS are of outstanding importance and determine the success of the company to an extremely high degree. Especially as a service provider, FIS is aware of the importance of its employees and renders a contribution in the areas of further education, health promotion and employee development, with very wide scope. Communication on an equal footing and a corporate culture with open doors and swift channels go without saying for FIS.

FIS pursues a sustainable company policy and also relies for the production of energy upon renewable energy sources at its headquarters. In addition, it takes on responsibility for our society and supports non-profit social and cultural projects.

The FIS business model is sustainable and growth-oriented in equal measure. FIS stands unrestrictedly for value-oriented operation. It regards reliability, customer proximity and continuity in all decisions as the basis of its strategic business development.

In all services and products, great importance is attached to quality. This quality is constantly further developed according to extremely high standards in order to ensure functional and future-oriented services for customers and partners as well.

As you can see, FIS covers a wide range of services to prepare your company for the digitized future world of work by means of established SAP solutions. Have you become curious and would like to find out in concrete terms what FIS can do for your company? Get in contact with us and outline your expectations and wishes in a non-binding initial conversation with one of the FIS experts!

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