Successful use of cloud computing in your company

Modern corporate communication is characterized by the rapid availability of data for your in-house communication as well as for your communication with customers or vendors. Cloud structures facilitate the networking of different corporate levels. At the same time, you save resources and gain cost certainty irrespective of your datasets. Learn more about the benefits of cloud computing for your company when it comes to data exchange, communication and further work processes and how you can promote the digitization of your business.


The use of clouds offers you numerous advantages. Applications of this kind are highly scalable and provide a multitude of advanced functions with clearly distinguishable costs. Even for medium-sized companies, it is worthwhile to rely on cloud solutions and models as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) in order to get a lean and modern IT landscape.

What exactly characterizes the use of a cloud solution?

In the last few years, clouds have become more and more important in the fields of information technology and virtualization. This does not only concern the commercial sector but also private users who rely more and more on a cloud for storing data of any kind, providing this data anywhere and sharing it with third parties. The changeover to cloud computing is particularly attractive for companies that would like to provide tailor-made data and information for all persons involved, i.e. from field sales representatives to end customers.


Simply said, the cloud is a hard disk that can be accessed online by defined users at any time. Instead of – as in previous years – directly saving files on the PC at your desk, information is now communicated via the internet and provided there in clouds. In this way, applications and services can also be taken out from the work stations and PCs of your company to make them available online at a central location. Any information and application stored in the cloud is not only available for individuals but they also enable a location-independent and unrestricted working with direct access to any information stored.

What does “Software-as-a-Service” mean?

Cloud computing makes a distinction between different interaction variants, i.e. between you as a user and the provided structures. According to provider and application, you may benefit from higher flexibility when using clouds or from a minimum of use and administration efforts due to a comprehensive provider service. The “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) variant is the most common and easiest variant if you want to benefit from functional cloud structures.


The name means that you do not just get a platform for your data or the infrastructural framework. Instead, you will be able to access clouds as well as applications, which includes full provider service. The use of these clouds and applications is maintenance-free as the service provider is responsible for the proper and complete functionality of their products. Moreover, you can save time and efforts when administrating the underlying infrastructures. Consequently, the use of clouds is limited to the classical software character enabling you and other users to access files and structures with subsequent processing.


Other cloud services are, for instance, the “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” (IaaS) or the “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) models. They all represent a meaningful structure for small and medium-sized companies: with absolute cost certainty and attractive prices, you rest assured that you can benefit from a functional system at any time without administration or maintenance efforts.

How your company can benefit from cloud computing

The use of cloud computing is almost unlimited: as a database for field sales representatives, for calling your warehouse stocks or as communication platform with your customers and business partners. Irrespective of the intended type of use, you will benefit from many advantages after the changeover:


  • No efforts for maintenance and administration: Use the “Software-as-a-Service” concept to delegate many competences to the external service provider. This will spare you and your employees additional amount of work while you can rest assured that you benefit from a fully functioning system at any time. Hard disks of your computer you can no longer access and similar problems belong to the past.
  • Unrestricted memory space: The size of a conventional hard disk is physically limited and therefore offers only limited space for your documents and applications. Theoretically, when using one or several clouds, you have access to a hard disk of any size. Data structures constantly growing due to new orders or customer data are no problem and meet your requirements at any time.
  • Universal accessibility: Cloud structures can be used to access from your office any contents via laptop, smartphone, tablet or classical PC. You only need a device with internet connection to have access to documents, applications and services and to use them according to your preferences. In this way, information currently entered by a field sales representative can be called within seconds and processed internally.
  • Easy outsourcing of numerous services: Use cloud structures to outsource general or specific corporate software and work with lean internal structures. One of the most popular types of use is the outsourcing of the e-mail program, for instance. Without a client requiring memory space on the computers of your company, you and your staff can send and receive mails as usual. Moreover, there will be no delays that usually occur when calling the corresponding applications on your PC.

Promote the digitization of your business processes via cloud computing

All over the world, the work processes of any kind of industry become more and more digitized and automated. Data becomes an essential economic asset for your company. Together with the rapid development of mobile and internet-capable devices with small memory space, the future focuses on the use of clouds enabling users to have access to data and applications anywhere and anytime and irrespective of resources.


The fields of application are various and not limited to internal purposes. Use the provision of data to give fresh impetus to your sales or marketing departments. Cloud structures can also be used, for instance, as a communication platform for social media to establish a direct connection to existing and new customers. Your employees can read compliments, complaints and suggestions on a real-time basis; quicker responses ensure greater customer retention and promote the positive image of your company.


When using cloud computing, it goes without saying that you can decide freely whether you would like to use external resources only or integrate existing server structures into the operation. A hybrid model conception is possible as well if you want to unite both levels and achieve an efficient and coordinated exchange of data.


FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH and FIS-ASP GmbH help you to take the next step towards future now with the option of an easy combination with coordinated SAP solutions and the harmonization of all work processes. The competent FIS consulting helps you to find your appropriate and individual technical implementation based on factors such as your company size, budget and existing IT structures. At any rate, quick server connections make clear how unnecessary hard disks have become in advanced computer technology and how clouds enable efficient working in your company.

What FIS can do for you

Together with our partner companies, we develop flexible cloud models that are tailor-made for your individual requirements. Highly efficient and advanced cloud solutions help your company secure long lasting competitive advantages. The changeover to established communication and data structures is easy, efficient and, above all, secure.


Our subsidiary FIS-ASP offers you high-performance cloud services meeting the highest data protection and security requirements.

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