Industry and Commerce 4.0 automation and digitization as cornerstone for future success

Your production machinery, the administration of purchase orders and maintenance as well as an efficient sales department are no longer separated processes in modern trade and industry. Automation and digitization are progressing and industry and trade companies face the challenge of competently processing all information and data. Can companies master the changeover to Industry and Commerce 4.0 effortlessly?


Besides traditional operational aspects in industry and commerce, data and digital information have become increasingly important over the last decades. If possible, data flows are to be controlled in real time and existing data is to be used efficiently and successfully along the entire value chain. This requires well-tried and elaborate applications from the IT environment that meet all technical and business aspects of your company and that prove to be efficient solutions.

What do Industry and Commerce 4.0 actually mean?

The term describes the progressive digitization of all corporate divisions in commerce and industry. Thanks to smart machines and plants, the production division is also part of digitization. Taking into account advanced achievements of the information and production technology, production sites and even single components are networked online and automatically communicate with each other. In all production divisions, machines are becoming smarter, automatically recognize production errors or deviations and are able to deliver individual goods according to the specific requirements of the customer. Increasing digitization ensures optimized warehouse stocks and easy order processing in the whole trade sector (not only e-commerce). Consequently, your employees do no longer have to interfere manually or to a limited extend only.

Make your processes more efficient

Progressive digitization in production offers attractive opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises. In Industry and Commerce 4.0, many work processes can be made more efficient, which reduces the production costs and increases your market opportunities. Progressive digitization will considerably change the economy in the next years and decades; already now, the first impacts can be clearly felt among retailers, SMEs and major enterprises. Do not miss these developments! Implement an advanced IT landscape in due time for digitizing all business processes. FIS will be pleased to go this way with you and show you appropriate applications from the SAP environment.

What FIS can do for you

As you can see, no industry and trade company will be able to avoid digitization of their process flows in the future. In this context, SAP provides meaningful applications and strategies that are optimized by independent FIS products. Have you recognized the importance of preparing your company for Industry and Commerce 4.0? Do you have questions concerning this multifaceted topic as well as on the FIS products and services in this field? Do not hesitate to contact FIS – the FIS consultants will be pleased to help you!

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