Education 4.0: Easy, quick and everywhere using the FIS/Berichtsheft APP (report booklet)

Digitization, digital data, digital customer access, digital competences – terms we use or apply every day. At best, young professionals acquire these competences during their vocational training and consider themselves fit for the future in a digitized professional world. On the other hand, employers are happy about well-educated junior staff.

Belonging to the past: MANUAL EFFORTS

Nowadays, trainees create their report booklets on the computer and the trainer needs to sign the printed document. This activity report fulfills the legal obligation but is not very popular among young people. Moreover, demanding, correcting and controlling activity reports also involves a great deal of effort for training supervisors. In addition, printing costs are incurred due to media breaks and wait times for the document if the trainer happens not to be available.

  • Modern, up-to-date training methods
  • Entry of evidence of formal qualifications – independent of location and time
  • Easy, intuitive and device-independent entry of activities
  • Clear overview and transparency regarding evidence of formal qualifications and grades
  • No loss or forgetting
  • Clear overview and transparency regarding the developmental stage and grades
  • Data security
  • Increased training quality and process efficiency
  • Reduced workload since paperless documentation processes are supported
  • Reduced printing costs including environmental protection
  • Avoidance of wait times due to location- and time-independent activity report approval
  • Everything at a glance: structured insight into and overview of grades and activity reports of the trainees
  • Significantly simplified evidence control due to rejection option incl. comment function and correction request
  • Cloud service for system-independent use and fast implementation of the solution
  • Easier training organization – also for small companies


The process for the creation and approval of the report booklet can be digitized. The attractive FIS/Berichtsheft APP is the right tool for this purpose.

It enables trainees to enter their activities easily and quickly from anywhere and across all devices. The trainer will then receive a notification concerning an activity report waiting for approval. Now, the requested approval can be accepted or rejected with a comment anywhere and anytime.


In case of rejection, the trainee makes the requested changes and the approval workflow will be restarted. Finally, the report booklet can be stored as a PDF file and submitted in printed form to the CCI at a later date for exam admission.


The benefits for companies quickly become evident: The digitization of vocational training processes saves time that can be profitably used for other activities.

Trainees are enabled to easily and promptly enter what they have learned across all devices and losing or forgetting the report booklet belongs to the past. Using the FIS/Berichtsheft APP enables trainers to have an eye on everything. The control of activity reports is significantly simplified and easily integrated into the daily routine of the trainer: All reports of the FIS/Berichtsheft APP can be viewed and it is possible to send prompt feedbacks to the trainees via entries.


Gone are the days when trainees would buy a report booklet and make manual entries. Trainees use their smartphones at any time and in any everyday situation. This fact should be used and integrated into the vocational training of the young generation. The FIS/Berichtsheft software, our cloud solution for training management, comes as a logical consequence.


Do you also have new and attractive ideas you would like to digitize? Our FIS/Berichtsheft APP already proves our competence in the field of SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).


However, we would also be pleased to advise your company about further individual SCP applications. We are a strong partner when it comes to developing SCP business applications – get an idea for yourself.

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