7th FIS Forum

November 7, 2017

On November 7, senior staff members as well as members from IT, accounting, purchasing, marketing and sales departments will meet at the 7th FIS Forum in Würzburg to put their companies in a leading position in the field of SAP process optimization and digitization.


Everything centers on our focus topic: How do successful companies prepare for securing permanent competitive advantages in the age of digitization?


Every IT professional is talking about the cloud as one of the main pillars of digital transformation. Helge Sanden, editor of IT-Onlinemagazin, takes up this topic in his keynote speech and gives the starting signal for the 7th FIS Forum. In his lecture on the bimodal approach, he faces the central question of platform economics: on-premise vs. cloud or on-premise and cloud? Digitization in industry and commerce requires not only platform economics but also elaborate and trendsetting strategies of Internet economics. What opportunities do the almost limitless possibilities of Internet commerce offer to your company? What can you do to stay on the road of success in the age of digital natives? Medienwerft GmbH gives you valuable insights on how to combine your brand, e-commerce and SAP.


As you can see, we offer you a wide range of interesting lectures giving you real tips on how to act in the age of transformation. You may discuss specific topics with professionals in the course of workshops focusing on your views and experiences. Use the 7th FIS Forum to have a 360 degree view on your corporate processes.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the FIS Forum!


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97080 Würzburg

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Gabriele Wenker
Gabriele Wenker
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