5th DiALOG Experts Forum: FIS Presents Top Strategies for Successful Enterprise Information Management

FIS will be represented as partner at the 5th DiALOG Experts Forum for Enterprise Information Management taking place on April 28/29, 2016 (Taschenbergpalais Kempinski, Dresden).

In his lecture, Frank Schmidt, head of channel and new business of the FIS Smart Products Business Unit, presents strategies for the successful implementation of EIM components in a company. The somewhat misleading title of the lecture sounds provocative: “Current top strategies for which your EIM project will carry the can!”


“Plan the future with EIM” is once again the motto of this year’s DiALOG Experts Forum organized by the Quality Group. EIM turns a method into practice. Knowledge and information management as competitive factor no. 1 will be the basis for the sustainable handling of data, transparent use of information, binding decisions and compliance.


The 5th DiALOG Experts Forum provides the framework for familiarizing with the benefits of EIM in order to apply these experiences afterwards. For the third time, the “Excellence with EIM” DiALOG prize will be awarded in Berlin, which is a seal of quality for sustainable methods and organizational structures. The finalists and winners of the 2015 award will present their organizational projects in best practice lectures.

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