Digitization is not an End in Itself

The wealth of information a company has to process is increasingly growing today due to the digital transformation. This applies to the networking of workpieces in the 'Internet of Things' as well as for the commercial business processes in the SD, purchasing, accounting etc. departments.

Their digitization degree is strongly growing and therefore the IT sector generates manifold digital information. A company can use this information as the basis for the creation of new business processes. Consequently, the IT sector becomes the motor of technologies and innovations along the entire value chain - a central argument of the digital transformation.

It is important to take off the IT glasses and to focus on the added value of information for the business to use the chances of digitization. Under these conditions, FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH develops products and solutions making knowledge and information management a competitive factor. Enterprise Information Management means for FIS a sustainable handling of data, the transparent use of information, binding decisions as well as compliance.


FIS has developed particular expertise for master data management and document management in the SAP, document management systems (DMS) and Web technologies environment. These topics as well as process modeling, i.e. the data exchange via functioning interfaces such as the FIS/xee EAI solution, play a role here. For master data management, a consulting approach has been developed by usingFIS/mpm focusing on the business processes and their optimization.


Invoice processing: OCR, EDI & ZUGFeRD


The different monitoring solutions of the FIS/edc series are used to integrate document types such as purchase orders and incoming invoices into digital business processes. As far as incoming invoice processing is concerned, the ZUGFeRD standard of the Forum electronic invoicing in Germany (FeRD) has been playing an important role for some time and will lead to a widespread use of electronic invoice exchange (eInvoicing) in the future. By combining FIS/edc with the FIS master data maintenance and process modeling modules, enterprises can accelerate their processes in SAP and make them easier to use, safer and more efficient. In this connection, digitized processes lead to fast and informed decisions along the entire value chain, which represents a benefit for the business since the users can focus even better on their core business.

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