Exchange of Service Specifications: Gira Integrates GAEB Files into SAP via FIS/rdf

FIS enables a convenient exchange of service specifications in the GAEB format and their integration into SAP ERP with one of its FIS/rdf Rapid Deployment Functions.

FIS/rdf is a set of tried and tested functions for exact optimisations and more efficient work with SAP ERP. At Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, the FIS/rdf solution facilitates the automated upload of GAEB files to SAP ERP within order entry. Therefore, communication with business partners is significantly simplified and accelerated.


The GAEB data exchange is a standardized exchange of building information and has been defined by the Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction (GAEB / Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen) of the Federal Institute for Building and Regional Development. In the course of the tender, assignment and invoicing process (TAI) in the building industry, the organizations involved in the construction exchange data in various ways.


Electrical wholesalers or architects use the GAEB interface to send their service specifications to providers such as Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading medium-sized German companies in the electrical industry sector with more than 1,200 employees and representations in 38 countries. Its quotation department compares the descriptions and specifications from the GAEB file with the article numbers from the individual SAP system. For each inquiry item, the matching Gira article number must be checked individually - a cumbersome and time-consuming puzzle so far.


The FIS/rdf GAEB plug-in for quotation entry enables Gira to import these GAEB files directly into the SAP VA21 transaction ("Create quotation") and to process them immediately from quotation processing. It does not matter whether these files are imported in the GAEB 90, 2000 or XML format since the FIS solution is able to process all GAEB formats. A matching routine for automated material recognition during the import accelerates and simplifies this process even further. The quotation department can send the quotation in the desired GAEB output format to the inquiring architects, wholesalers or planners etc. directly from SAP ERP. "The FIS software enabled us to automate and, as a consequence, to drastically simplify GAEB processing - it really is a great help," says Fabian Reuter from the Gira IT Service Management.

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