FIS as SAP Full-Service Partner at the 2016 CeBIT Fair

The 2016 CeBIT fair was particularly characterized by trend themes such as “Cloud”, “Digitization” and “Internet of Things”. Themes that have been given a substantial boost by SAP and its partners since last year’s CeBIT.

Among the pioneers for the most important current technology trends is SAP with the Next Generation ERP S/4HANA Enterprise Management introduced last year and the well-established HANA database technology, which is also the basis for the new ERP solution. Solutions based on the SAP flagship technologies are already firmly anchored in the business world as became evident during the 2016 CeBIT fair.


Among the SAP partners, FIS is one of the technical pioneers when it comes to porting SAP-integrated solutions on HANA and offers an entirely HANA-certified range of solutions. FIS presented solutions such as the ERP solution for technical wholesale, which is qualified for the SAP Business All-in-One Partner Solution powered by SAP HANA, and attracted numerous interested parties from the industry to visit FIS GmbH at the SAP partner stand. The technical wholesale is one of the core industries of FIS GmbH. Consequently, the provisional conclusion of this year’s CeBIT presentation is positive for FIS.


FIS also gives a boost to the digitization of business processes by offering SAP add-ons for a process-related interaction within SAP. FIS explained how business processes can be accelerated in the ERP system and how to make them more efficient.

Moreover, the FIS visitors had the chance to get information on SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer), the comprehensive solution for CRM out of the cloud, for which FIS has been official SAP sales partner since the beginning of 2016.


During the CeBIT fair, FIS GmbH also focused on fully-integrated logistics processes with SAP EWM and the FIS solutions of the FIS/smw toolset for the warehouse management of “small and medium-sized warehouses”. To optimize and simplify the implementation of SAP EWM, FIS has developed the FIS/ewm+ template, which was presented to interested IT professionals at the Hanover fair.

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