FIS Brings the Right Processes into the Mobile World

Enterprise Mobility is getting more and more popular: Many enterprises across all industries already benefit from the advantages of mobile solutions. Simple user interfaces are essential for location-independent working. Only in this way will users be able to intuitively and quickly design processes on their smartphones or tablets.

With its Fiori apps and the UI5 tool, SAP provides the technology for designing simple user interfaces. As an SAP Partner Center of Expertise, FIS GmbH has built up substantial know-how in this area to be able to make intelligent use of the new technologies and be the ideal partner for its customers in the field of Fiori/UI5.


Usability is the most important criterion for Web and mobile applications. With these new technologies, SAP has taken a major step forward compared to the well-known GUI. In the past, only a good dozen input fields were available whereas now several hundreds of controls are provided via SAPUI5, which can be used to design user interfaces in any possible way. However, there must be no room for "anything goes" and working with the SAPUI5 toolkit must not be allowed to degenerate into passion for technology. It is much more a case of reasonably outsourcing mobile processes and knowing exactly 'which screws need to be turned'.


The FIS Usability Engineers offer their customers the required know-how. In the course of targeted usability consulting, qualified procedures detect usability weaknesses (usability testing) and user requirements (requirement analysis) and find out what the user really needs (User Centered Design).


With its launchpad-compliant FIS/edc app for invoice receipt, FIS was the first to show how consistent usability orientation works with invoice processing. It strictly follows the Fiori "1-1-3 Experience" design principle focusing on a specific user (role) and a specific task that is to be processed via three navigation steps at most. Recently, FIS GmbH has provided an appropriate app for creating SD sales projects in the area of wholesale - and many more apps are to come.


Stefan Seufert, certified Usability Engineer and Senior Consultant SAP Development at FIS GmbH, confirms: "We are working intensively on the standard Fiori apps to find the right ones for our customers. We always try to find processes with benefits for mobile use. If required, we just extend the standard software or add our own UI5 developments. As far as mobility is concerned, FIS follows the principle of 'Show us your process and we will show you how to mobilize it'."

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