Recommended Actions for Digital Transformation at the FIS Forum

The interactive FIS information platform for SAP process optimization and strategies for digital transformation takes place in Würzburg on November 7.

In the age of transformation, companies need recommendations on how best to handle digital change and what specific measures they can take to digitize internal company processes and make themselves competitive. The 7th FIS Forum taking place in Würzburg comes up with interesting lectures providing useful tips for digital transformation. The participants discuss with professionals and share experiences in interactive workshops. The 7th FIS Forum is the platform for managers or employees from IT, accounting, purchasing, marketing, sales and distribution and service to get a 360 degree view of their own corporate processes.


The cloud is considered one of the main pillars of digital transformation. Helge Sanden, editor of IT-Onlinemagazin, takes up this topic in his keynote speech on bimodal approach and faces the central question of platform economics: on-premise vs. cloud or on-premise and cloud?


Internet economics is another focus of the 7th FIS Forum. Digitization exceeds boundaries and companies have to address their customers more individually than ever, i.e. they should ask themselves whether their corporate structures and processes are still up-to-date to secure long-term competitive advantages. Internet economics means using the chances of digitization in the Internet, being a pioneer and shaping the future. In this context, the FIS Forum identifies trendsetting strategies of Internet economics. Medienwerft GmbH explains in its specialist lecture how companies can combine brand management, successful e-commerce and SAP integration.


Furthermore, FIS shows what companies can do today to successfully digitize internal company processes concerning SD, finance, accounting and purchasing and make them competitive. For this purpose, FIS provides holistic and SAP-integrated solutions with its monitor applications as well as components for master data maintenance and process and business partner integration.


A deep-dive into the central topics of the FIS Forum will be offered in parallel workshops, taking place in the afternoon. Focus will be on:


  • How bimodal IT can become a success factor for the IT world of tomorrow
  • How companies successfully prevent customers from shifting to comparable Internet providers
  • What sales and distribution, finance and accounting and purchasing can do specifically to relieve themselves of administrative tasks and advance process automation and digitization.


The workshops focus on communication, discussions and the contribution of individual ideas.


The FIS Forum takes place at NOVUM Businesscenter (Schweinfurter Straße 11, 97080 Würzburg) on November 7 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Up to and including October 04, 2017, the Early Bird tickets for the FIS Forum are available for 119 EUR. As of October 05, 2017, the regular ticket fee is 149 EUR.



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