New Cloud Service: Automatic Connection of Vendors via WebEDI

FIS GmbH enhances its cloud services: With WebEDI, the FIS/xee expert team now has developed a Web-based component for paperless processing - basically EDI - for different business processes.

Many FIS customers have already implemented the FIS/xee business integration system for communicating with their business partners without media breaks. However, if the partner does not have the required EDI infrastructure, this communication channel has been no option so far.


The WebEDI portal is an alternative for companies still wanting to use the advantages of an electronic data transfer and the resulting benefits with their business partners. The new FIS WebEDI solution bridges the gap between partners with and without EDI infrastructure.


The SAP user transmits their purchase order data in such a way as if it is sent to a vendor having an EDI infrastructure. The vendor is informed on the receipt of the order via email and then logs on to the platform, where they can view the purchase order, download it, if required, and create their order response with a few 'clicks'. This order response is directly imported into the recipient's connected ERP system. If the goods are ready-to-send, the vendor transmits the shipping notifications to the customer via the platform. Upon or after delivery, the invoice can also be created in WebEDI and transmitted electronically to the customer, where it will be imported into the ERP system. For the accounts receivable accounting in the individual ERP system, the vendor simply downloads the invoice in the PDF format.


Horst Müller, head of FIS/xee & EAI Solutions at FIS GmbH: "Besides the Web application, we also have developed an SAP transaction enabling our customers to monitor the ordering process with the vendor including all subprocesses: Which purchase order was sent to which vendor and when? Is the delivery still open? All this information can be viewed at a glance by using the transaction. An additional chat function allows communication with the customer within this transaction."

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