Service Process Automation in Production Companies Can Still Be Greatly Improved

A survey conducted by IT-Onlinemagazin among the SAP community answers the question as to how production companies deal with service processes. According to the survey, the advantages of digitized service processes are not yet used on a large scale in this industry sector.

A good customer service is an important competitive factor, which is assessed as such by the production companies as well. This is one of the results of an online survey conducted by IT-Onlinemagazin and FIS GmbH on "Service processes in production companies". However, some companies see backlog demand when it comes to customer service and often regard the competitors leading in terms of response time, number of service offers and 24/7 availability of information procurement and ordering.


The digitization of individual service processes is particularly expandable. One of the most important service processes in mechanical and plant engineering is the procurement of spare parts. However, less than half of the companies surveyed offer their customers an online availability check for spare parts. "Such services enable companies to stand out from their competitors", explains Horst Werner, responsible for WebSolutions at FIS GmbH: "An e-commerce platform is an important element of a multichannel strategy of a company. In mechanical and plant engineering, the advantages of such service process platforms are not yet used on a large scale, which is also reflected by the survey results."


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