Trend-Setting iRetPlat Cloud Platform for Returnable Transport Packaging in the Logistics Industry

On April 01, 2016, FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH from Grafenrheinfeld founded its subsidiary FIS-iLog integrated Logistics Platform GmbH with identical head office.

The company's managing directors are Ralf Bernhardt and Johannes Weigand. Due to their present careers, both of them bring plenty of expert knowledge and experience: in addition to his position as managing director of FIS, Ralf Bernhardt now also has the position of commercial director of FIS-iLog. Johannes Weigand is in charge of the technical aspects with his range of tasks additionally comprising strategic orientation, operative implementation and staff responsibility.


The iLog business concept is to provide neutral and trustworthy cloud platforms, where companies can display uncritical company data and processes and commonly handle them online.


The first platform the FIS subsidiary will launch on the market is called iRetPlat and deals with returnable transport packaging in the trade and logistics sector. Returnable transport packaging such as europallets, wire baskets, containers or plastic containers are intended for repeated use in mutual exchange and have to be posted in exact quantities by the companies involved on iRetPlat. "So far, companies have cut themselves off from the outside world for understandable reasons as far as their EDP/IT infrastructure is concerned. However, the market increasingly demands that companies break this rigidity," Johannes Weigand explains the reasons for his innovative solution.


Guaranteed success in the implementation of this business concept is provided by partners that have been involved here as experts for hardware, software and defined standards: whereas the FIS-ASP subsidiary ensures a secure hardware operation, SAP SE, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative business software worldwide, is a strong partner. GS1 Germany, which defines worldwide standards and arranges for a common language among the companies (e. g. EAN bar code), is the third partner to firmly record circulations and movements of returnable transport packaging. "Whereas pallet slips used to be confirmed and countersigned at the loading ramp, iRetPlat makes it possible to post them online and bilaterally via smartphones, tablets or PCs by using easy and user-friendly technology. All that is required is an Internet browser, an Internet connection and access to the iRetPlat platform." The advantages are obvious for all parties involved: manufacturers obtain greater transparency of their commodity flows and returnable transport packaging, accelerated processes, stock queries concerning returnable transport packaging in real time, reduced administration efforts and, in total, reduced transaction costs. Furthermore, freight forwarders can avoid empty runs by settling their accounts via clearing procedures, which contributes to an increase in efficiency.


In the middle of the year, the test phase of the returnable transport packaging platform will start with a regional freight forwarder and a shipper located near Darmstadt. As a consequence, there is nothing to stand in the way of a successful, official market introduction as a trustworthy cloud supplier as of January 2017 and a certification by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, provided with a "trusted cloud" seal.

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