Success in E-Commerce – Carlos Commerce develops new distribution channels

Sales in e-commerce have been growing strongly for years. Enterprises must take the opportunity to establish the Internet as an additional distribution channel. The reason is that nowadays, people are used to doing online research before buying a product - in the B2C as well as in the B2B area. The best thing is to meet potential customers directly on the Internet and offer your goods or services there.


In so doing, enterprises cannot only reach their existing customers in a better way, but also approach completely new and previously unknown sales prospects. The online shop should be used as a service for prospective and existing customers; here, they can search for products, view valuations and contact enterprises. If this issue is understood and properly implemented, your own online shop will offer an important instrument for sales increase and satisfied customers.


Even enterprises that already operate an online shop always have to go along with the trend, question their current techniques and inspire customers by using the appropriate modules in their online shop.


Under the roof of the FIS Group, FIS and Medienwerft are at your service as competent partners in e-commerce. While FIS has the necessary know-how in the area of technical integration of your shop system, Medienwerft will be at your side as a brand and e-commerce agency with long-term experience when it comes to your e-commerce strategy and its implementation.


The technical basis of your online shop is very important in this connection to ensure that processes are created as conveniently as possible for customers. SAP Commerce Cloud, one of the leading shop systems, is an innovative omnichannel platform for unique shopping experiences in all trade channels and offers customers a singular and personalized customer journey by means of its modules.

Carlos Commerce develops new distribution channels

Carlos Commerce works for Algorithmus GmbH, a national trading company. The sale of goods is currently a major challenge as people do more and more online research and shopping and Carlos does not offer this service. As a consequence, Carlos cannot present its goods where its potential customers search for them and loses these customers to its competitors.

With a 24-hour shop, a comprehensive online shop, Carlos can now be reached by prospective and existing customers around the clock and display all its goods in a target-group-oriented manner. By stepping into e-commerce, Algorithmus GmbH meets customer requirements and reaches a completely new clientele by using this additional sales channel.

Via the data conveyor belt, i.e. the ERP integration, all information on articles and prices as well as much more data flows into the shop. Furthermore, documents and orders are automatically returned from the online shop to the ERP system. This considerably facilitates Carlos’ daily work. Moreover, customers benefit from constantly updated data and faster purchase order processing.

As an additional feature, Carlos obtains interactive shelves that are used for availability inquiries. In this way, customers can see in real time what products are currently available and determine their individual delivery date by indicating their location.

For business customers, Carlos Commerce offers individual prices in his online shop. After login, the articles in the online shop are displayed to the customers at the negotiated conditions and the products can be directly bought online at this price.

Furthermore, Carlos offers its customers an infopoint concerning overall document management in the online shop. In the self-service area, customers can view all documents such as orders and invoices - no matter if the purchase has been made online or in one of the Algorithmus GmbH subsidiaries.

At the infopoint, personalized shopping carts are available to the customers. In the shopping cart, customers find articles that have been offered to them at a specific price by an Algorithmus GmbH sales employee within the scope of a quotation. In this way, customers can complete their purchase within the shop in an uncomplicated way. What is the advantage for Carlos? Completed orders, which have been directly assigned to quotations, can be found in the system.

As an e-commerce manager of Algorithmus GmbH, Carlos Commerce is very satisfied with its online shop featuring numerous modules. Now, the company is seeking to reach even more sales prospects. Therefore, Carlos invests in a megaphone, i.e. online marketing, to draw attention to its shop and win new customers..

With the new online shop, numerous additional modules and proper marketing, Carlos Commerce has raised the sales and distribution of Algorithmus GmbH to a new level. The company now saves itself lots of manual effort, can keep up with the current market situation and generates more turnover.

Your Online Shop Concept Implementation Workshop

The implementation of a new commerce system is based on a workshop our professionals will organize and hold together with you. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about FIS and Medienwerft and formulate your needs. In this connection, we do not only examine your technical requirements, but also your strategic orientation. For this purpose, we take the customer’s point of view to analyze what target groups you have reached so far with your offers and what target groups would like to reach in the future. We take a look at your distribution channels and check how synergy potentials can be used here. In addition, we examine your system and your data basis and asses how you can achieve an optimal result without data silos here.

  • Risk reduction for your company by learning more about the application as well as FIS and Medienwerft as implementation partners
  • Clarity on your online situation and identification of possibilities and potentials
  • Optimal implementation preparation by analyzing your SD data and processes
  • Workshop with our team (duration: 1.5 days at your premises)
  • Presentation of the standard SAP Commerce Cloud processes in the system
  • Target group analysis
  • Analysis of distribution channels
  • Basic analysis of data quality
  • Analysis of your data and processes as well as concept creation for a commerce system implementation
  • Definition of the scope of services as a cost estimate basis
  • If requested: check of system requirements and infrastructure for an ERP integration



Price: 9.900 €*

Your 24-Hour Shop – Online Shop

With the 24-hour shop, you will get a comprehensive online shop you can use to offer your products around the clock. The SAP Commerce Cloud enables the implementation of complex online shops in the B2C or B2B area. The open platform provides high flexibility and represents a sustainable solution due to continuous further development by SAP. Even large consulting enterprises like Forrester and Gartner agree that SAP Commerce is the leading e-commerce platform. In an integrated Content Management system, you can easily and clearly maintain information on all products and, therefore, present them to your customers in an appealing manner. In doing so, the responsive design of the shop interface can be configured without programming skills by using the WYSIWYG editor ("What you see is what you get"). Via the accelerator, which is tailored to specific requirements, initial shop versions can be quickly generated. The integrated role management enables the determination of individual responsibilities and rights. Via the individual login area, shop users can access their stored data themselves and change it. Furthermore, your online shop enables a target-group-specific addressing of your customers by adjusting the contents to the interests of the user. Via comments and valuations, your customers can give feedback on your products at any time, which you can use to provide even more specific information and support.

  • High investment security by using established Java/Spring enterprise technology
  • Very good scalability
  • Very extensive expandability
  • High innovation speed: Focus on innovation and intelligent systems: artificial intelligence, machine learning (Leonardo), big data, analytics, Internet of Things and Blockchain
  • Very good integration capacity in any kind of third-party systems
  • Multi-client capability, multi-brand capability and internationalization capability
  • Comprehensive enterprise shop system in basic setup
  • Integrated Content Management System
  • Integrated Product Information Management (PIM) System
  • WYSIWYG editor for shop interface configuration
  • Integrated role and user management
  • Login area with self-service functionalities
  • Personalized customer approach
  • Search function
  • Multi-client capability
  • Multilingualism
  • Adjustment to existing corporate design (logo, colors and fonts, header and footer configuration)
  • Connection to Google Analytics
  • Social Commerce Module
  • Integrated mail module
  • Option of EU-GDPR-compliant data retention

Price starting with 100.000 €*

Your Data Conveyor Belt – ERP Integration

Integrating Commerce Cloud into your SAP ERP system will optimize maintenance and data quality of your shop. During the creation of products and prices, standard information and prices can automatically be copied to your shop. As a consequence, you are working with one data basis; the information in your ERP system and your online shop is identical at any time. By automatically creating orders from the shop in your SAP system, you ensure fast processing of orders without additional manual effort and, consequently, can offer optimal service to your customers.

  • Increased data quality by adopting information from your ERP system
  • Faster conclusion of sales orders by automated transfer to the ERP system
  • Reduction of manual effort by automated communication of ERP and shop system
  • Automated creation of standard orders in the ERP system
  • Transfer of standard basic product data to the PCM system of the commerce application
  • Transfer of standard catalog prices to the shop
  • Import of customer data from the ERP system
  • Daily transmission of availabilities

Price starting with 20.000 €*

Your Interactive Shelf – availability inquiry

As comparable providers are only a click away in e-commerce, customers often make their purchase decision on the basis of the current goods availability and the delivery date. By using the self-developed FIS solution, the availability is determined individually by means of your ERP system data depending on individual plants or warehouses and the customer’s location and made available to the customer in real time.

  • Improved customer service through current information
  • Increase of customer retention by individualized provision of quotations
  • Option of using cross-selling potentials for products not in stock
  • Availability inquiry from the ERP system in real time
  • Individual delivery times depending on the warehouse or plant where the product is available

Price starting with 5.000 €*

Your Discount Coupon – Individual price determination

Especially in B2B, individual prices are negotiated for each customer. Needless to say, customers want to use these conditions for purchases in the online shop as well. By linking the online shop with the SAP price determination, you can make the individual prices including quantity scales available to your customers at any time, also in the online shop, after login.

  • Increased customer retention by individualized creation of quotations
  • Uniform appearance via different distribution channels
  • Relief of the sales department by granting negotiated prices via the online shop
  • Customer-specific prices in real time from the ERP system
  • Price determination depending on quantity scales

Price starting with 5.000 €*

Your Infopoint – Comprehensive document management

Self-service functions become more and more important for customers in the online business. The document management in your online shop can be used to grant your customers a current overview of their documents, such as orders and open invoices for instance, at any time. Not only orders created via the online shop are considered here, but also orders developed with sales representatives.

  • Lower number of service requests due to self-service option
  • One-stop point of contact for customers due to overview of orders from all sources 
  • Increase of customer retention by improved customer service
  • Display of orders from the shop and via other channels
  • Display of invoices from the ERP system
  • Display of document flow from the ERP system 

Price starting with 10.000 €*

Your Personalized Shopping Cart – Quotation assignment

The "Quotation assignment" module is based on comprehensive Document management . Customers can use the "Quotation assignment" function to react to specifically tailored quotations in your online shop. As usual, quotations can be created by your sales employees in the SAP system and subsequently transmitted to the customers via the online shop. Then, the customers can copy the products from the quotation to their shopping carts at the prices agreed upon. In this way, you can offer your customers the individual service they are accustomed to from direct contact, also in your online shop.

  • Increased customer retention by individualized creation of quotations
  • Relief of the sales department by the option of accepting quotations via the online shop
  • Uniform appearance via different distribution channels
  • Creation of shopping carts by using a quotation from the ERP system
  • Adoption of individually negotiated quotations from the ERP system
  • Linking of quotations with orders from the shop system

Price starting with 15.000 €*

Your Megaphone – Online Marketing

In B2B as well as in B2C, it is important to win new customers and bind existing ones. With our solutions in the online marketing area, we offer the necessary modules for a sustainable success of your digital distribution channels. Along with your most important marketing and sales issues, we develop performance-oriented online marketing campaigns for you in regular intervals. From sales-boosting and SEO optimized landing pages, Google-Ads campaigns for customer acquisition up to customer retention and activation with newsletters or re-targeting, we will provide measurable success. Regular reportings including KPI and competitive analyses support you in continuous and successful market development.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Regular activation of existing customers
  • Improved ranking for search engines
  • Measurable ROI of your online marketing activities
  • Online marketing workshop
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Sales-boosting and SEO optimized landing pages
  • Google Ads campaigns and re-targeting
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Regular competitive analyses and reporting

Price starting with 20.000 €*


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