SAP Service Cloud Customer satisfaction and efficient service processes

Nothing is more valuable than a satisfied customer. This goal can only be achieved if your complete customer journey is oriented towards the customer and places them and their needs at the centre of your business processes. This applies not only to the phases of purchase initiation and purchase processing but, above all, also to the phase after the purchase of your product in order to provide a holistic and consistent customer experience along the entire customer lifecycle.


SAP Service Cloud, formerly SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, is an SAP solution that helps you face the challenges of digitization and ensure the long-term success of your customer service and high customer satisfaction. The service cloud is part of the SAP C/4HANA suite. C stands for customer and therefore places the customer at the center. With SAP Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, you can create a consistent customer experience in e-commerce and connect your marketing, sales and service departments. The services are available as cloud and on-premise solutions.

Modern CRM solution with the SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Service Cloud) is the advanced SAP CRM solution for your customer service processes and supports you in fulfilling your after sales services. With the service cloud, your customer service benefits from a cross-channel insight into all customer and service tickets - keyword: omnichannel service - regardless of the touchpoint at which they are received: whether via e-mail, chat, telephone or via your website or social networks.


The service cloud enables efficient knowledge management as all customer data is available on one single platform for all departments. Your technicians work in a networked way and always with up-to-date data on a real time basis in order to guarantee a smooth and satisfying customer experience. The service cloud is far more than a pure ticket system or a case management solution since all data arrives centrally in its CRM system and therefore provides an overall view of your customers and their purchase history.


All data is stored securely and centrally in the cloud or can continue to be used via on-premise installations. Access to the data is possible both online and offline and completely independent of your service employee's location or device. As a result, the field service employees can also perform their tasks optimally, for instance via mobile devices, and have all data available quickly and up to date. With just one click, they can see which products the customer has in use and recognize in advance which spare parts or tools are required on site.


Detailed reports and analyses are available in the service cloud as well. They inform on important KPIs, such as response times, processing duration or volume of the tickets entered. This enables you and your team managers to keep a comprehensive overview of the performance of your service team and to recognize improvement potentials at an early stage.


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Your benefits of SAP Service Cloud

  • Optimal integration in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP
  • Top usability – convenient work on the mobile device or desktop
  • Efficient ticket management
  • Integration of social media channels in your customer service processes
  • Central knowledge management and database integration
  • Zentrales Wissensmanagement- und Datenbankintegration
  • Performance analyses in real time for your customer service
  • Self-service functions for your customers

Optimization of your processes in the service department

With FIS, you have a competent partner that pursues a holistic approach in the field of SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX). Together with the Medienwerft subsidiary, FIS provides highly integrative scenarios between the leading solutions in the area of Customer Experience enabling the joint development of your personal digital success strategy.


The FIS experts examine your individual requirements and see to the implementation of the new software to map your digital business processes in customer service. Furthermore, FIS connects the service cloud to your existing interfaces. In this way, you benefit from a solution optimally embedded in your individual architecture.

Optimized processes for customer-centric departments

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Do you want to optimize your business processes in customer service and make them consistent by using SAP Service Cloud or other C/4HANA Suite components? The FIS experts will find an appropriate solution with you.

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