SAP Hybris Commerce – your path to success with the leading e-commerce solution

During the last few years, the number of platforms and potential sales channels has considerably increased. As a result, the information level among sales prospects is much higher since they find brands or products along the complete customer journey at a much earlier stage. The combination of the leading SAP Hybris Commerce omnichannel solution and the FIS integration know-how are the basis for successful e-commerce business. Use the innovative omnichannel solution and FIS to pick up your customers directly from the distribution channels they currently use.


With its advanced approach, SAP Hybris Commerce ensures a uniform brand appearance across all distribution channels and can be used at the same time as a central platform for the trend-setting e-commerce business. Isolated applications belong to the past and your company benefits from consistent data across all application boundaries. As a result, customer requirements can be identified more quickly and more precisely.

Establish the Internet as a supporting SD platform

You can use SAP Hybris Commerce along the entire customer journey to pick up your customers from the different distribution channels they currently use. You reach sales prospects along the entire purchase decision process in a cross-platform, target group-oriented and personalized way and rely on a central data basis for this process. This data basis enables the simultaneous maintenance of information across several distribution channels and delivers the messages and information relevant for your customers. The multichannel strategy belongs to the past - the future starts with the SAP omnichannel approach for your e-commerce.

Your benefits from SAP Hybris Commerce

  • A central Product Content Management (PCM/PIM) as well as a Web Content Management System (WCMS) ensure high data quality and appropriate messages across platforms and terminals.
  • Scalable solution – the application grows with the business development of your company.
  • Personalized and target group-oriented contents increase your sales opportunities significantly.
  • The omnichannel solution is the central e-commerce platform for your digital strategy – you better do without isolated applications in the future.
  • Internationality due to the mapping of different languages and currencies. It is perfectly suited for B2B and B2C.
  • The integrated SAP Hybris platform can be progressively extended by SAP Hybris C4C (CRM) and SAP Hybris Marketing.

The SAP Hybris Commerce Suite in your digital strategy

Your benefits when implementing FIS

  • Together with its Medienwerft subsidiary, FIS offers you full service process consulting and implementation for a holistic and digital corporate strategy.
  • Full SAP integration instead of a simple ERP connection. As Gold Partner of SAP, the renowned software developer, FIS has great know-how in smooth networking and process integration without media changes across application boundaries.
  • When implementing FIS, holistic data will be available across application boundaries. As a result, you are able to identify developments more rapidly, your company becomes more innovative and has a clear advantage over competitors.
  • Individualization – our development specialists set the main focus on the individual prerequisites of the existing architecture and adjust the implemented solutions.

The SAP Hybris Commerce omnichannel solution is the central platform for the e-commerce business of the future. Isolated applications belong to the past just as complex processes. FIS and this innovative SAP solution help you pick up your customers from wherever they currently are. Do you need more information? The FIS consulting team will be pleased to answer your questions and give you detailed information. Please give us a call or contact us via e-mail.

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Dirk Schneider
Dirk Schneider
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