The well-tried FIS methodology for successful SAP implementations

For more than 25 years, successful SAP implementations are one of the FIS core competences. However, the success is not only owed to profound know-how. The use of a clear and field-tested methodology as well as the unique definition of individual project phases and their contents play an important role for a successful SAP implementation.


When it comes to SAP implementation in companies, FIS relies on a methodology that has proved to be successful in numerous projects by systematics, frequency of use, measurability and predictability. For years, this procedure has been the basis for success in order to achieve the time, quality and budget project goals defined between FIS and the customer.


For the FIS project team members, a successful project management is characterized by specific parameters:


  • Consistent procedure
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Clear target definition
  • High transparency
  • Effective development of deliverables

The five FIS project management phases

For FIS, the competent SAP implementation partner, the "SAP implementation" project is divided into five project phases. From the beginning, a distinction is made between simple and cross-functional subprojects.


  • Project preparation: The fundamental pillar of a successful project.
  • Conception phase: Phase during which the FIS IT specialists and the ordering party define and optimize the process requirements and business processes.
  • Implementation phase: Experienced project teams implement the developed solutions in the future system landscape.
  • Go-live preparation: System and software go-live preparation activities are planned and implemented.
  • After go-live: The FIS team supports the users in their work and releases the system for routine operation. Upon request, FIS will be responsible for continued support.

FIS has been successfully implementing ERP projects for many years with the mentioned implementation methodology and the defined project phases. Would you like to get detailed information on our products as well as on existing and new services? Do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail - the consultants will be pleased to help you!

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Stefan Hinterwälder
Team Manager New Business