Modules for Your Sales Success – Simon Sales and his way towards higher sales

The era of customers has begun: Today, companies must provide their sales prospects and customers with optimal support in order to stand out from the competition and increase their sales.


It is important for the sales employee to fully manage all their activities with sales prospects and customers if they want to offer them optimal assistance.


The sales manager must have access to all current figures of their employees by one single click: from lead and opportunity management and forecasts up to detailed analyses


The SAP Sales Cloud solution as a comprehensive tool for the entire sales management enables you to optimize these processes, create more transparency and raise your sales and distribution to a new level by using its individual modules.

Simon Sales and his way towards more satisfaction and sales

Simon Sales works as a sales employee for Algorithm GmbH. The organization of customer data, deadlines and his current pipeline requires high manual efforts. All data is saved in different lists Simon is gradually losing track of.

Simon can use the SAP Sales Cloud solution as a CRM system, i.e. a comprehensive contact book, where all customers, company data as well as leads and opportunities are displayed clearly. All customer activities of Simon and his colleagues can be viewed in this system. The maintenance of the entire customer history provides a 360 degree view of these activities. Simon can open the contact book at any time while being on the move.

To better manage his daily tasks, Simon gets a roadmap for activity designing. The roadmap shows him the way towards higher sales, helps him focus the most important customers and identify cross-selling potentials. Consequently, Simon is able, for instance, to efficiently plan customer campaigns, such as mailings or sales calls, and prioritize his tasks.

Together with his sales manager, Simon can use the magnifying glass to view his current pipeline and foreseeable developments. By only one click, the sales manager can view all open leads and opportunities in the dashboard as well as all current figures they require. As a result, sales control across the entire sales team as well as detailed analyses are now easy and uncomplicated.

To clearly manage quotations and orders, Simon Sales is given a document folder. This folder contains any information on products and prices as well as templates for the creation of quotations using standard modules.

To have automatic access to all current product/service data, Simon gets a data conveyor belt which provides him with central corporate information of Algorithm GmbH via ERP integration. As a result, he can accelerate his work and avoid errors in quotations and contracts with customers.

Simon Sales can use the different ‘more sales success’ modules to fully manage his daily tasks as a sales employee of Algorithm GmbH and send reports to his supervisors any time via pushbutton. In this way, he makes customers and prospective customers happy and generates higher sales.

All modules at a glance

Your CRM concept – Implementation workshop

The implementation of a new CRM system is based on a workshop our professionals will organize and hold together with you. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about FIS and formulate your needs. The analysis of your data and processes helps you enter your requirements systematically and learn where you can refer to standard Sales Cloud processes and where you should map your own processes. FIS will summarize these findings by creating a concept which you can use as a basis for the implementation of a CRM system.

  • Risk reduction for your company by learning more about the application and FIS as an implementation partner
  • Increased efficiency by analyzing existing processes and data
  • Optimal implementation preparation by analyzing your SD data and processes
  • Workshop with our team (duration: 1.5 days at your premises)
  • Presentation of the standard Sales Cloud processes in the system
  • Analysis of your data and processes as well as creation of a concept for the implementation of a CRM system
  • Definition of the scope of services as a basis for a detailed quotation
  • If required: check of system requirements and infrastructure for an ERP integration



Price: € 9,900*

Your contact book – full CRM system

The contact book includes the SAP Sales Cloud solution as a CRM system, which fully supports you in classifying a sales prospect from being a "prospect" up to being a satisfied customer. This does not only mean the management of your organizational and master data but also the administration and documentation of activities. We implement the system go-live according to your individual requirements through professional project management and associated documentation.

  • A 360 degree view of your customers and a cross-departmental data basis enable you to contact customers individually and increase their satisfaction.
  • Early recognition of sales opportunities and better use of cross-selling potentials
  • FIS as a competent partner with many years of experience in IT implementation projects
  • Optional: extension of the Customer Experience system via components of the SAP C/4HANA Suite (marketing, commerce and service)
  • Organizational and master data
  • Employees and their roles
  • Management of customers (companies), contact persons and sales prospects
  • Customer hierarchy
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Management of activities
  • Document storage
  • Controlling (predefined and individual dashboards and reports for sales and distribution)
  • Mobile solution with offline functions
  • Integration of Outlook, Lotus Note and Gmail for customers, tasks and deadlines
  • Team collaboration with efficient feeds
  • Data migration support
  • Key user training (application and configuration)
  • Introduction into the reporting tool
  • Assistance and go-live support

Price starting with € 22,000*

Your roadmap – Activity designing

The activity designing module enables you to organize your sales activities so that you can use all potentials and neglect no customer. The analysis of your pipeline gives you a quick overview of the current acquisitions and the associated upcoming tasks. You can create target groups and campaigns to inform both your sales prospects and customers about major issues at the same time and yet in a personalized manner. This improves your image and, consequently, the confidence of your customers. The call plan with integrated route optimization helps you find the most efficient way to your customers and meet or contact them in a frequency selected by you. Predefined check lists ensure that you do not forget important issues during the calls and enable you to identify and use cross-selling potentials.

  • Management of your daily tasks, such as phone calls, mailings and sales calls
  • Intensive customer support and use of cross-selling potentials
  • Specific and personalized contact with sales prospects and customers via mailing campaigns using defined target groups
  • Creation of defined target groups for mass campaigns (mailing, phone, export)
  • Personal pipeline analysis
  • Call planning with map visualization
  • Check lists with sales call reports

Price starting with € 6,000*

Your magnifying glass – sales control

The sales control module provides you at any time with current information on your sales team’s success and workload. This also includes the analysis of all outstanding acquisitions and the planning of your sales resources. For this purpose, you can view evaluations (formatted in terms of contents and graphics) concerning your whole team by simply pushing the corresponding button. You can use this data to decide where to find specific potentials and for which areas you need further capacities. The definition of sales areas enables you to identify regions with particular requirements and address them specifically.

  • Detailed analyses and dashboards at the push of a button
  • Efficient planning of your sales resources by using an overview of your capacities and your pipeline
  • Analysis of sales areas relative to the data-driven selection of sales campaigns
  • Increase of your sales success by supporting and leading your sales team
  • Maintenance of information concerning competitors
  • Forecast and sales planning
  • Sales area management
  • Definition of surveys

Price starting with € 6,000*

Your document folder – quotation and order management

Quotations and orders can also be arranged within the Sales Cloud in order to complete the sales process quickly and easily. This enables the sales employee to support customers in one single system from the lead to the contract conclusion. The availability of collaboration functions facilitates the coordination with the customer and makes the arrangement of contracts more efficient.

  • Full customer support within one single system
  • Automatic storage of orders and agreements in the sales tool
  • Integrated collaboration functions facilitate the coordination of contract arrangements
  • Products and prices relative to contract arrangement
  • Templates for standard quotation creation
  • Form workshop (Adobe Forms)

Price starting with € 12,000*

Your data conveyor belt – ERP integration

The integration of the SAP Sales Cloud solution into your SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP system increases the degree of information in your CRM system without causing additional maintenance efforts. You always have a current view of product data through the interaction of the systems. You can also directly create purchase orders via SAP Sales Cloud so that your customers will be served promptly. This optimized service and quick order processing help you increase your customer satisfaction without creating manual efforts in the company. The uniform data basis ensures that all corporate departments are up-to-date and that data do not need to be transferred manually.

  • Up-to-date information for your sales team via access to data from the ERP system
  • Small maintenance effort through automated data exchange between CRM and ERP
  • Increase of customer satisfaction via faster order processing
  • Integration of objects
    • Customers
    • Contact persons
    • Products
    • Product hierarchy
  • Selection of optional objects (starting with one additional consulting day per object)
    • Employees
    • Orders in SAP
      • From order (sales order (SAP Sales Cloud)
      • From quotation (sales quote (SAP Sales Cloud)
      • From sales opportunity (opportunity (SAP Sales Cloud)
    • External price determination
    • Document flow
    • Optional: customer-specific enhancements

Price starting with € 18,000*

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