Training courses on the FIS/fci solution for your business success

FIS provides the FIS/fci users with a modular structured training program for beginners and professionals. As the entire program is divided into clear focus topics, you can either book individual seminars or the full seminar package. In this way, your employees are trained according to your individual requirements.


The automated inbound processing of


  • invoices
  • credit memos
  • sales orders and
  • payment advice notes


is an important component of the digital transformation of different departments. This transformation is supported by the FIS/fci solution that reads all relevant information in documents (paper or electronic form) via OCR and validates it. If required, a skilled employee corrects this data and transfers it to the follow-up system.

The modular training program offers practical know-how

With its training program for FIS/fci, FIS aims at providing you with the practical knowledge required. For this purpose, product and individual training courses as well as workshops for beginners and professionals are offered.


The modular training program offered by FIS is divided into clear focus topics. As the contents are matched to each other, you can book individual training courses as well as the entire training package on the FIS/fci solution.

Overview of the FIS training courses

This training course provides users with the basic knowledge they need to successfully work with the FIS/fci document recognition software.

This extended key user training course focuses on working with the knowledge base and using templates for recognition.

The contents of this module provide you with basic knowledge of FIS/fci for the successful administration of document recognition.

We organize the training course and you define the main topics. The FIS training professionals tailor the contents of individual training courses to the requirements of your industry, organization or internal business processes. Trainers with long-standing professional experience and practical knowledge provide you with knowledge on the selected topics.

The modular structured FIS training program including individual training courses offers you a wide range of individual staff training for FIS/fci. The FIS training specialists will be pleased to answer your questions on this subject. Please give them a call or contact FIS via e-mail.

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Detlef Becker
Detlef Becker
Team Manager Consulting Logistics and Education