Practical training courses on the FIS/xee solution

Business Process Integration in the context of digital transformation of companies is becoming more and more important. By offering modular structured training courses to beginners and professionals, the FIS Education team provides your employees with the knowledge required for everyday corporate practice. After having completed the seminars, the users are able to efficiently monitor, optimize or redesign their B2B processes using the FIS/xee solution.


Knowledge is provided in individual courses and seminars focused on the subsystem and the workbench converter of the FIS/xee solution. The modular structured training concept is divided into several main topics. As the contents of the seminar days are perfectly matched to each other, you can either attend one-day seminars or multi-day seminars with all contents offered. The trainers of the FIS Education team have many years of practical experience and provide the knowledge you need.

Overview of the FIS/xee training courses

You are interested in the training topics offered by the FIS Education team for the field of Business Process Integration but the contents need to be adapted to your specific requirements: No problem! You define the main topics, such as industry or internal business processes, and the FIS Education team will deal with them in an individual FIS/xee training course. 

The seminar program for the FIS/xee Subsystem consists of basic and advanced seminars built upon each other.

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In the "Basic" workbench converter seminar, the users are provided in a first step with basic knowledge on the FIS/xee Workbench Converter, which will be deepened and complemented in the "Advanced" seminar.


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Training Courses – FIS/xee: Converter Workbench Basic

Training Courses – FIS/xee: Converter Workbench Advanced

The delta training course for advanced FIS/xee users gives a compact overview of new functions, enhancements and product optimizations of the FIS/xee Subsystem and the FIS/xee Workbench Converter.


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Training Courses – FIS/xee: Delta

With its comprehensive training program on the FIS/xee solution, the FIS Education team covers all requirements of B2B beginners and advanced FIS/xee users. The FIS Education team would be pleased to answer your questions concerning the range of seminars. Please give them a call or contact them via e-mail.

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Detlef Becker
Detlef Becker
Team Manager Consulting Logistics and Education