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Successful on Online Marketplaceswith FIS/TradeFlex

Successful on Online Marketplaceswith FIS/TradeFlex

Online marketplaces enable a fast and flexible tapping of new sales markets and customer groups as nowadays, more persons start their product search on online marketplaces than on Google. Marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, OTTO and Conrad offer unique benefits for enterprises in B2C as well as in B2B, which include, for instance, their international reach, a nearly unlimited article selection, individual advertising opportunities and optional shipping services. In order to exploit these benefits and achieve higher margins including maximum customer satisfaction, a deep integration of the systems involved should be generated.

All online marketplaces and sales platforms in one application

FIS/TradeFlex is the central puzzle piece that connects your SAP system landscape and the sales platforms of your choice. The connection requires only a few clicks, and you can get started right away. Regardless of whether you are entering the online trading market or are already active on marketplaces and want to fine-tune your processes: FIS/TradeFlex is used to manage all seller portals and activities centrally and clearly in just one application. Automated processes – from product placement via billing and payment process up to potential back processing – reduce manual efforts, enable efficient processes and form the basis for your success on online marketplaces.

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FIS/TradeFlex – How SAP Users Are Successful on Online Marketplaces

Your benefits by using FIS/TradeFlex

  • Efficient processes through comprehensive and deep SAP integration
  • Automation of the marketplace business for minimum manual efforts
  • End-to-end process coverage: from article selection to payment and returns delivery
  • Integrate new marketplaces with a few clicks and get started right away
  • One login for all marketplaces: central management of all seller portals and operations in one application
  • Full transparency of your marketplace business, incl. evaluations and reportings

Our References – the best evidence

Before using FIS/TradeFlex, it was not clear to us what facilitation this solution would provide us with for sales processing in SAP. By connecting diverse marketplaces and the automated processes, we have incredibly gained in reach. The FIS/TradeFlex implementation is a success for us in all respects.
Alexander Sator, CEO Testrut (DE) GmbH
It is a great advantage that FIS is responsible for the process-related aspects. They include the listing of new products, complete order-to-cash processing and returns/cancelation processing. For us, this means in particular that we have more resources for the strategic orientation of our marketplace connections.
Magdalena Weigert, Re-In Retail International GmbH
During the time of temporary store closures, the idea of connecting some stores as sellers to the Voelkner marketplace was developed. The product portfolio is currently still restricted to old stocks, residual items, reserves for special depreciation, etc., which we can offer to a wide range of customers in this way. With FIS/TradeFlex, we enjoy the luxury of full integration with completely automated processes. Some stores have meanwhile been connected successfully. Currently, nothing can prevent a successful rollout.
Sebastian Meier, Head of Retail Organization
With FIS/TradeFlex, it is very easy for us to place offers and it saves us a considerable amount of time compared to other solutions. Furthermore, background processing with automatic order creation, order release and payment processing in SAP is an enormous relief for us.
Uwe Saupe, Filialleiter Conrad Leipzig

Availability of all important functions in the entire sales process

Sale via platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Mercateo or others involves numerous departments throughout your enterprise: from E-Commerce, via IT, Sales and Distribution, Finance and Accounting up to Marketing and Product Management. With FIS/TradeFlex, all departments involved benefit from a central software solution that bundles all interfaces, systems and information and ensures a seamless exchange of information. For employees involved, this means: No additional effort is required for maintaining data at different locations, all information is available in real time and automated processes support users in their daily work.

For SAP users, FIS/TradeFlex is the optimal solution: The intelligent application offers far more than a mere marketplace interface. As a central tool, it completely covers all sales process activities: from product placement via price and quantity determination, order creation in ERP as well as synchronization of fulfillment and billing up to the payment process with automated assignment of billing documents. The software can also be used to control cancelations and back processings in case of returns or credit memos in a central and digital way, which is completely integrated in SAP.

  • Management and consideration of different content information
  • Mapping of product variations
  • Available product quantities are automatically transferred to the online marketplace (also proportionate quantities)
  • Possible price determination within the solution in consideration of the ERP price determination

Order creation, fulfillment, billing and payment process

  • By using the dynamic field and condition control, information can be transferred in an ERP-compliant manner
  • Deliveries and billing documents are transferred back to the marketplaces via message control
  • Payment process, incl. clearing of open items
  • Automated posting of charges if they are considered for payment
  • Automatic prevention of unnecessary goods dispatches
  • Reimbursement
  • Returns notification via the marketplace
  • Back processing of payments in case of returns or credit memos
  • Central evaluation options – across all marketplaces or marketplace-specifically
  • Clear display of marketplace-specific processes
  • Central inbox for collecting queries received via the marketplaces
  • High customer satisfaction due to fast purchase order processing and customer service providing information

Benefit from our network – our partnerships

With FIS/TradeFlex, we are partners of online marketplaces and platforms. FIS/TradeFlex enables the fast and simple connection of the partner marketplaces and platforms as well as a seamless integration into your SAP system and process landscape. You additionally benefit from our expert knowledge about individual conditions on the marketplaces and platforms of our partners.

Marketplaces of your choice – only a few clicks away

With FIS/TradeFlex, you can fast and easily connect B2C and B2B platforms. Thanks to standardized processes, no development efforts will arise for marketplace connection. You select the marketplaces – FIS/TradeFlex implements the connection and automates processes.

The following online marketplaces and platforms are already available in FIS/TradeFlex. Your requested marketplace is not included? Please contact us. We constantly enhance our portfolio. We will be pleased to connect the marketplaces of your choice in a prioritized manner.

  • Amazon
  • Cdiscount
  • conrad
  • eBay
  • Fnac
  • Galaxus
  • Mano Mano
  • Metro
  • OTTOmarket
  • Unite Mercateo
  • Voelkner

For providers using FIS/TradeFlex, the connection of resource-intensive API interfaces and the required development of marketplace-specific know-how are omitted. Based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, i.e. the high-performance HANA database, distributors and manufacturers face the challenges of modern e-commerce with innovative technology. Consequently, vendors optimally meet the requirements of today’s online customers to an easy ordering process, fast delivery and uncomplicated returns. This does not only provide for high customer satisfaction, but also enables increased sales revenues due to fast and efficient processes.

SAP BTP customer success contest 2021 FIS/TradeFlex takes first place

We Make You Strong on Online Marketplaces – FIS/Tradeflex and Medienwerft

FIS/TradeFlex ensures the consistent automation of your marketplace business processes due to its deep SAP integration. In addition, Medienwerft, as part of the FIS Group, is responsible for the optimization of your brand shop at Amazon & Co. ​

Benefit from our all-inclusive package for your success on online marketplaces.

FIS/TradeFlex for SAP’s industry cloud

Our e-commerce solution FIS/TradeFlex works with the industry cloud portfolio from SAP. The industry cloud gives SAP customers access to vertical solutions to drive tangible business outcomes. SAP and partners build industry solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and are interoperable with other intelligent suite applications.

High quality standards – our products are certified

FAQ on FIS/TradeFlex

FIS/TradeFlex is a middleware based on SAP Business Technology Platform used by companies to integrate any kind of online marketplace into the applied SAP system easily and quickly. Thanks to standardized processes, no development efforts will arise for the provider when integrating a marketplace. The application consistently covers all sales process steps from product listing and order-to-cash to back processing. All activities are managed centrally in the application and automated to the greatest possible degree. A holistic integration with the SAP system is always ensured. Consequently, providers benefit from crucial added values , such as increased range of coverage and customer satisfaction, and are more successful. 

  • Efficient processes through comprehensive and deep SAP integration 
  • Integrate new marketplaces with a few clicks and get started right away 
  • Tap new sales channels and customer groups – also internationally 
  • Automation of your marketplace business for minimum manual efforts 
  • End-to-end process coverage: from article selection to payment and return 
  • One login for all marketplaces: central management of all seller portals and operations in one application 
  • Full transparency of your marketplace business, incl. evaluations and reportings 
  • Convincing customer service due to an overview of all activities on the marketplaces and in the SAP system 
  • Intuitive user interface and role-based access for high user friendliness and acceptance 
  • Increased scalability and speed for your e-commerce 

Yes, an implementation nevertheless makes sense. As this is a cloud application, you can connect FIS/TradeFlex to your SAP ECC system as well as to your SAP S/4HANA system after the transition without losing the application setup. 

Only a few Customizing settings in the ERP system are required for using FIS/TradeFlex. No specific developments are required in the SAP system. Once a seller account has been registered and created on the respective marketplace, this marketplace can be connected after a few settings. 

Yes, this is possible. If no online shop is available, the data can directly be transferred from the SAP system. Normally, promotional data is adopted from a PIM system. When selecting a marketplace and if there is no promotional data, one has to bear in mind that this data is transferred through the marketplace. 

You can also use the FIS/TradeFlex application to connect international marketplaces and therefore quickly expand into other countries. In the application, you can select the existing content depending on the selling society and the marketplace in order to provide your customers with the best service. 

Interested in FIS/TradeFlex? Request personal consulting

Request now for FIS/Tradeflex – free of charge and without any obligation!

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Carlos Commerce is a successful e-commerce manager of Algorithmus GmbH. The company stores all its information safely in an SAP ERP system. To tap new customer groups and sales potentials, Carlos would additionally like to trade on online marketplaces. As the respective marketplace islands are unfortunately very far off, he would like to generate a seamless and safe connection to enable a fast and flexible sale of his products there. 

Carlos makes a decision in favor of the innovative FIS/TradeFlex satellite, which ensures a consistent connection of marketplaces to the SAP ERP system – fully integrated, automated and without separate development efforts. 

The satellite “orbits” between Algorithmus GmbH and the online marketplaces. Due to permanent radio connections between the islands, a deep integration of the marketplaces with Carlos’ SAP system is generated: Information from the SAP system will get to the online marketplaces and back in an automated, fast and always up-to-date-manner. In this way, the FIS/TradeFlex satellite covers the entire sales process and supports Carlos in the sale of his products, e.g. on eBay or Amazon. 

The satellite can be used to send products automatically to the marketplace islands. Thanks to margin calculation, only suitable products are offered. Via the radio connection, also current product information from Carlos’ PIM and ERP system is transferred and marketplace information directly received by the systems. 

The satellite even transmits inbound purchase orders – the shopping carts of marketplace customers – immediately to Carlos’ SAP system in an ERP-compliant manner. Information, such as goods and invoice recipient, is entered there and the goods dispatch is initiated automatically. In this way, Carlos keeps an overview of all purchase orders and customers are pleased with fast deliveries. 

The satellite immediately and reliably transmits the sales Carlos has achieved on the online marketplaces back to the SAP system. Carlos can easily retrace the payment receipts as the satellite has already assigned the revenues automatically to the associated purchase orders and open items cleared. A financial back processing in case of returns or credit memos is no problem either. 

With FIS/TradeFlex, Carlos always keeps an overview of his entire activities on the marketplaces. It enables a fast transmission of products to additional islands at any time and an easy and consistent connection of these online marketplaces to his SAP system. Carlos is determined to distribute his products on numerous other marketplaces in the future by using the satellite. 

Optimized processes for customer-centric departments



FIS/TradeFlex – Integration of online marketplaces

Success Story:

Re-In Retail International successfully relies on FIS/TradeFlex for connecting online marketplaces

Success Story:

Automated, rapid and transparent processes in the marketplace business at the Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH

FIS is your competent partner for marketplace connection, multichannel e-commerce and customer experience in the SAP environment. Our experts will be pleased to offer you individual consulting concerning our software solution for the B2B and B2C area. Please do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.

Julia Bezold
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