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In times of digital transformation, it becomes more and more important for companies to implement cross-system processes. Processes can be automated and thus made more consistent by integrating and connecting both SAP systems and third-party systems into a company’s heterogeneous IT landscape. The process is accelerated and companies gain considerable competitive advantages. More and more applications are also migrating into the cloud, creating hybrid IT landscapes. These cloud-based applications must also be integrated to avoid data silos.

The connection of business partners, such as customers, vendors or authorities, enables you to optimize the data exchange and, as a consequence, the information flow across company borders. Processes, such as purchase-to-pay, can be digitized by means of an EDI solution. This increases the degree of automation of your business processes throughout the company as well as your productivity.

We use FIS/xee for EAI and EDI as well as SAP standard tools, such as SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) or SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO), to connect your systems and business partners inside and outside the company and consequently create a consistent system landscape that makes you more future-oriented and competitive.

The FIS specialists accompany you on this path – from the first consulting and planning up to implementation – and are subsequently available to assist you in customer support to adapt the digital processes to everyday business life on a permanent basis, following the “Continuous Improvement Idea”.

EDI and EAI – full integration with SAP interfaces

In order to connect different IT applications with each other or to integrate business partners (e.g. customers and vendors) into business processes, various technical principles are required in addition to a classic IDoc connection or a standardized EDI interface. For example, server and cloud-based, as well as internal and external applications, must communicate with each other to ensure seamless integration. Thanks to the experience of our developers and consultants and their extensive SAP know-how, we can provide you with a secure and stable basis for your SAP users. You benefit from field-tested SAP optimizations such as FIS/xee and in-depth knowledge of established standards such as SAP PI/PO. With us, you can develop the right and completely individual process for your company.

With FIS/xee, the solution for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), your IT applications in the company learn to talk to each other. We bridge both syntactic differences and breaks in the communication channels.

Furthermore, we use SAP standard (SAP PI or SAP PO), which offer a variety of adapters to enable data exchange between your ERP system and external systems regardless of their technical or application-specific protocols. With SAP PI/PO, the data format is converted between the different systems so that it can be read by the other application.

Our experts will gladly check which of these applications is the right one for you and implement it regardless of whether you use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. We implement, for instance, the connection of your e-shops, your warehouse software, such as SAP EWM, your forwarding agency, your route planning or your CRM system. Against the background of the increased importance of e-commerce, the Web shop connection topic is a particularly important point since you will benefit from always up-to-date master data in the shop and in the order information in ERP if your online shop is connected to SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. In addition to the SAP-centric processes mentioned above, non-SAP applications, such as external warehouse management systems, can also be integrated into the SAP landscape via API or interfaces.

More and more software solutions out of the cloud are being used. It is important to connect these systems to ERP in order to consistently design digital processes in hybrid IT landscapes as well and to avoid data silos. FIS often achieves this by using the SAP Cloud Integration (SCI, former SAP CPI) – the SAP tool for this purpose. SCI is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP EAI FIS/xee solution is used to digitize the business processes along your value chain. The EU has given new impetus to digitization through Directive 2014/55/EU of April 16, 2014 on electronic invoicing for public contracts. The authorities of the Member States must transpose this Directive into national law. This will also have an impact on the private sector. Once a process, such as invoicing, has been digitized and the associated benefit has been recognized, this process will also be tried to be used beyond the communication with the authorities. In addition to this process, which is currently very much in demand, other B2G formats also play a major role. FIS supports the following formats for instance:

  • ZUGFeRD or Factur-x, XRechnung
  • Elster with different processes

Your benefits with business process integration by FIS

Due to the high automation level along the entire value chain, process integration with FIS has a positive impact on the entire company. Examples of specific use cases:

  • Automated processing of invoices in different formats, such as VDA Global INVOICE, EDI, xInvoice or ZUGFeRD
  • Individual implementation of diverse checks according to sect. 14 UStG (German Turnover Tax Law) and other provisions
  • Significantly reduced processing times for invoice processing and invoice verification
  • Technological and process support of the self-billing procedures customary in the automotive environment for instance
  • Electronic exchange and automated further processing of all purchasing and procurement-relevant documents
  • Digitization of the entire purchase-to-pay process
  • Full support of all release processes, such as forecast delivery schedules, JIT delivery schedules or just-in-time and just-in-sequence releases
  • Digitization of the order-to-cash process
  • Electronic receipt and automated further processing of all sales orders
  • Automated transmission of order confirmations, shipping notifications including packaging information
  • Transmission of electronic invoices – eInvoice via different formats, such as EDI, UN/EDIFACT, XML, xInvoice, ZUGFeRD or Factur-x

Our references – the best evidence

B2B communication – digital networking with business partners

Automation within the company is significantly increased by implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes and, as a consequence, by connecting external services providers, vendors and customers to integrate them into the business processes. The automatic processing of digitally transmitted documents, such as invoices, purchase orders or order confirmations, minimizes the manual amount of work and the error rate both in the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. EDI formats that are implemented in consultation with the business partner enhance the business processes across company borders. In order to secure these processes on a physical level as well, various communication methods with corresponding security-relevant features, such as certificates for secure communication, are used. Examples: communications EDIINT AS2, X.400, SFTP, OFTP in version /2 or WebService.

Data formats and business processes that FIS implements for you are for instance:

  • Electronic invoice formats, such as ZUGFeRD or Facture-x as well as xInvoice
  • EDI formats, such as XML, UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI ASC X.12 etc.
  • Automotive processes, such as JIT or JIS, credit memo procedure
  • Shipping notification
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Order-to-cash
  • VMI or stock data transmission
  • Entry certificates
  • Catalog data
  • and many more

Individual solutions using SAP standard or FIS optimizations

With FIS/xee, FIS offers a tried and tested EAI/EDI solution that has been successfully applied in international installations for many years. With our SAP optimization, data, documents, and messages are electronically exchanged in all established formats and industry standards, and, thereby, processes are digitized and automated within and across companies. In addition to the FIS optimization, FIS also supports SAP standard tools, such as SAP Process Integration (PI) and Process Orchestration (PO) or SAP Cloud Integration (former SAP CPI). Together, we will take an individual decision on what solution is best for your specific situation.

Technical highlights of SAP optimization FIS/xee:

  • Configuration and monitoring are fully integrated in SAP
  • Application data saved in the SAP system
  • Easy data archiving via ArchiveLink
  • Uncomplicated connection of legacy and third-party systems
  • Flexible time controls – messages are sent and received at individual times
  • EDI standard formats and individual message formats can be defined and adjusted individually
  • SAP-certified and successfully used worldwide since 1998
  • Minimal operating costs and support effort
  • Connection of a multitude of ERP systems
  • Easy statistics function analyzes and graphically formats the message volume
  • Individual development environment for your IT department with the FIS Workbench, which enables you to easily and intuitively design even complex integration processes yourself, supported by practical functions.

SAP Interface Design – consulting, project management and implementation

No matter if you already have interfaces to your SAP ERP system or if you want to develop a completely new interface design – the FIS experts will be pleased to assist you in an advisory capacity, even before the implementation. By analyzing your existing IT landscape, FIS develops your individual interface processes with you. The FIS experts are competent partners, who will find the appropriate solution with you for your enterprise.

FIS offers you consulting and projects concerning the following topics:

  • Interface implementation, migration and enhancement, based on different technologies
  • SAP integration, whether synchronous or asynchronous, via WebService oder IDoc
  • IDoc enhancement or complete reimplementation
  • Mappings/conversion, standardized or individual
  • Vendor or customer integration
  • Interface redesign: update your integration to state-of-the-art technology

High quality standards – our products are certified

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