Optimized Transport Processes with SAP Transportation Management

Nowadays, the logistics market is more global than ever before and national and international transports are indispensable. Therefore, efficient supply chain management becomes more and more complex in spite of the increasing digitization of corporate logistics processes. Major challenges in the transport industry are, in particular, the increasing cost pressure and the frequently inefficient use of transport vehicles such as hardly utilized truck capacities: only 50 percent of the trucks within the EU are fully loaded. A good network of external freight forwarders and service providers as well as the appropriate software provide for optimized management of transport processes. Especially in this strongly internationally oriented industry, these factors therefore gain more and more importance.


With more than 25 years of SAP expertise, the FIS logistics experts will attend you during the implementation of SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) and support you with SAP in the optimization of your transport logistics. This means that FIS covers the essential parts of the SAP Supply Chain Execution portfolio - from Warehouse to Transportation Management.

Your benefits using SAP TM

  • Consistent supply chain due to integration with SAP solutions such as SAP EWM and SAP ERP
  • Higher productivity due to process automation
  • More transparency due to cross-system document flows as well as “Track & Trace” functions
  • Better cashflow due to improved order calculation and settlement
  • Standardized logistics by means of a uniform platform and central data management
  • Well-founded decision basis due to real-time analyses

The SAP TM service scope

SAP TM meets the comprehensive requirements to Transport Management with regard to the numerous functionalities and the underlying processes. The software can be used to enter shipping orders and create freight bookings. Furthermore, SAP TM supports users in creating and optimizing complex transportation plans. Cost efficiency calculations and preliminary calculations are also possible to permanently reduce freight costs.


The focus is on a system mapping of the following Transport Management core processes:

With SAP TM, you can optimize your freight purchasing and lower your costs. Furthermore, you can continuously monitor your trade and transportation agreements.


  • Execution of feasibility studies
  • Freight forwarder/vendor negotiations
  • Direct conversion of forwarding agreement offers into usable forwarding agreements
  • Definition of transportation allocations

Correct order entry and efficient order management are mandatory in the logistics industry. With SAP TM, you can receive order- and delivery-based transport requests from different order management systems.


  • Creation of dynamically generated route proposals
  • Service product catalogs (e.g. container provision, container cleaning, enhanced temperature control, etc.)
  • Sales and price definitions
  • Customer contract definition
  • Sales orders (forwarding orders)
  • Shipment entry

Optimize your transportation planning to ensure that deliveries arrive on time and reduce your transport costs. Manual, map-based and automated functions will help you here and provide relevant insights and synergies.


  • Manual transportation planning via worklist or Transport Cockpit
  • Automatic planning including consolidation, freight forwarder selection, bid invitation and subcontracting
  • Transportation capacity planning
  • Optional three-dimensional load planning and automatic shipping unit creation
  • Axle load calculation
  • Calculation of transport duration, e.g. by means of map integration
  • Hazardous materials management taking prohibition of mixed loadings and special routes into consideration

Improved transport coordination does not only reduce your costs, but you can also react faster and more flexible to possible delays and malfunctions to ensure that the goods arrive at the customer’s site at the requested time and place.


  • Creation of freight documents
  • Track & Trace
  • Customs processing
  • Driver management
  • Data exchange via EDI
  • Connection of a Collaboration Portal for freight forwarders

The Transport Management system provides comprehensive functionalities for calculations and settlements of freight forwarders and customers as well as a solid basis for audits and reports. Due to a higher accuracy and transparency in transportation cost determination, the transportation costs are reduced as well.


  • Freight cost accounting for forwarding agents
  • Invoice verification for freight cost accounting
  • Purchasing and price definitions
  • Freight forwarder selection depending on cost/sales volume or quantity specifications
  • Optional credit memo procedure

By using graphical dashboards and immediately available reports based on real-time data, data can be easily visualized and fast decisions made. This enables efficient transportation control.

SAP software for your warehouse logistics

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Please contact the FIS IT experts to achieve a consistent supply chain in your enterprise – from goods receipt and intralogistics to goods issue and Transportation Management: The SAP experts have know-how in process and IT consulting, development, integration and implementation of individual solutions as well as in support. Please give us a call or send an e-mail with your personal request.

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