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Dual Study ProgramBusiness Administration Service Management, Consulting and Sales, Specialized Course “IT Consulting”

Dual Study ProgramBusiness Administration Service Management, Consulting and Sales, Specialized Course “IT Consulting”

Are you looking for a dual study program in a future-proof industry? Do you enjoy economic topics and are you curious to implement them in IT systems? Do you also enjoy working with customers? Join our company and complete the Business Administration Service Management, Consulting and Sales dual study program with specialized course “IT Consulting”. You will find all the information below.

Key Facts

Bachelor of Arts

Duration of study:
3 years (210 ECTS intensive program)

Heilbronn and Grafenrheinfeld

What do you learn in the Business Administration Service Management, Consulting and Sales dual study program with specialized course “IT Consulting”?

The aim of the study program is to provide the students with business administration skills in the areas of service, consulting and sales with focus on the IT world. In addition to the technical qualifications, you will also learn methodological, linguistic and social skills to master the demanding tasks in IT consulting. You decide whether you want to work in (in-house) consulting or in sales after graduation. The dual study program provides you with the necessary knowledge and ideally prepares you for both areas.

3 reasons why you should complete a dual study program

Studying and working at the same time? A dual study program may be challenging. But there are good reasons to do it anyway!

What are the prerequisites for the dual study program?

You need a university entrance qualification for the dual study program, such as the university-entrance diploma. If you have a vocational diploma, you must take an additional qualifying examination at DHBW. This is a prerequisite for us as a company to be able to conclude a DHBW study contract with you.

Since you would like to advise customers about their business software in the future, you should have a general interest in business processes and IT. Good grades and fun in the mathematics, economics and law as well as English school subjects may be helpful during your studies.

You carry out your tasks in consultation and as part of a team with your colleagues and (prospective) customers, so team spirit and good communication skills are among your strengths. In addition, a high level of service orientation and reliability towards the customer are essential in both consulting and sales. You should also not be afraid to give presentations in front of a group and get in contact with strangers.

How is the Dual Study Program structured?

Your bachelor studies take place at DHBW in Heilbronn and during the practical phases you will be at the FIS headquarters in Grafenrheinfeld. The dual study program consists of six semesters, with each semester being divided into theoretical and practical phases. About every twelve weeks, you alternate between the two phases. You always take the exams at the end of the respective theory phase. After three years, you will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.

The dual study program is divided into basic studies (4 semesters) and main studies (2 semesters). While you build up the basic knowledge of business administration during your basic studies, you specialize in certain core subjects in the main studies in consultation with your company and write your Bachelor’s thesis.

This is an excerpt of what you learn at DHBW:

  • Basics in general business administration
  • Introduction into the service management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consulting and services basics
  • Mathematical economics
  • Cost and activity accounting
  • Aims and strategies of service marketing
  • Instruments of service marketing

This is what you learn in your first academic year at FIS:

  • Getting to know the company in the form of departmental rotations
  • Attending in-house training courses
  • First insight into sales and marketing in order to put the first topics from DHBW into practice
  • First contact with the SAP system through training courses and assistance in the customer support
  • Completion of the first project thesis, which always contains a practical reference to FIS

This is an excerpt of what you learn at DHBW:

  • Financing and investment
  • Business tax theory
  • Project management
  • Instruments and organization of the customer and service management
  • Main features of the company organization
  • Selected instruments of service marketing
  • Consulting methodology
  • Success factors in sales and service

This is what you learn in your second academic year at FIS:

  • Getting to know the core departments of your dual study program: sales and (in-house) consulting
  • First customer contacts
  • Getting to know the different FIS products concerning consulting by means of departmental rotations
  • Completion of the second project thesis, also with FIS reference

At the end of the second year, you are involved in the decision concerning your specialization. After getting to know all potential (in-house) consulting departments as well as the sales department, you should now decide on an area that should of course also be interesting for you after your studies.

This is an excerpt of what you learn at DHBW:

  • Business management
  • Consulting methodology
  • Customer-focused service management
  • Economic policy
  • Leadership
  • Integration seminar on selected service topics
  • Change Management
  • Control of the sales and customer management
  • Environment and social policy

The elective subject preferred by FIS in the main study period is Digital Technologies. In this subject, you will gain an insight into fundamental relationships in the context of digital technologies and their significance for business models of companies in the service sector.

The oral exams are only due shortly before the end of your studies. There are no final exams, but all grades from the first to the sixth semester form the final grade.

This is what you learn in your third academic year at FIS:

  • You will spend your third year exclusively in your department preferred at the end of the second year
  • Involvement in real IT projects and responsibility for small work packages
  • Completion of the Bachelor thesis on a topic from your department.

As these are mostly innovative approaches or generally new topics, you can already build up a wealth of knowledge and be a contact person for your colleagues beyond your studies.

Further information can be found on the DHBW Heilbronn website.

What are your career opportunities after completing your studies?

After completing your dual studies in the field of business administration, service management, consulting and sales with specialized course “IT consulting”, you have acquired all the skills and knowledge you need for your future work in IT consulting. If you perform well, you will be offered an open-ended contract and you can work either as an SAP (In-house) Consultant or as an SAP Account Manager at FIS.

This is why you should complete your dual study program at FIS

  • Challenging practical phases
    During your practical phases at FIS, you are not only allowed to look over the shoulder of your colleagues, but also help out yourself. This way you can apply your newly acquired knowledge right away.
  • Additional certification
    If you want to qualify as a training supervisor or take advantage of various additional offers, we will cover the costs for you.
  • Training courses
    During your dual studies, you can expect interesting soft skills training courses and useful foreign language courses.
  • Interesting department rotations
    During the rotations through all departments, you will get a comprehensive insight into our company.
  • Comprehensive assistance
    Our experts assist you during your project / bachelor thesis. We also provide you with your own work area so that you can work undisturbed.
  • Valuable experience abroad
    If you would like to spend a semester abroad at a DHBW partner university, you can count on our financial support.
  • Modern equipment
    We provide you with modern technical equipment (e.g. company notebook) shortly before the start of your studies
  • Apartment search
    We support you in finding an apartment at the university campus.

We make you happy FIS benefits

Attractive salary and travel allowance

An attractive student salary is a matter of course for us. We also subsidize your travel costs to university.

Flexible working times

Within the scope of a 40-hour week, you can structure your working hours flexibly. This is the ideal way to combine work and leisure.

Training camp

At the beginning of each academic year, you can get to know the other students of the different academic years as well as the trainees and instructors better at the training camp.

Sounds interesting? But that is not all! More benefits

FIS Academy

Discover the new office world for our training programs

With the FIS Academy, we have created a place where apprentices, dual students and trainees can work together and learn from each other.

This is what our students say about their dual study program at FIS

During my dual study program, I can directly apply the knowledge acquired at university in the enterprise during the practical phases. To me, benefits I only receive in a dual study program are, in particular, variety, professional experience and financial independence.
Lisa, student of the dual study program in the field of Business Administration Service Management, Consulting and Sales, Specialized Course “IT Consulting”

Your contact person during your dual study program at FIS

I am Lena Buchholz and have been working for FIS as a personnel officer since 2017. Here, among other things, I take care of the selection process and the organization of the dual study program. After my training as an industrial clerk, I worked as a coordinator and then decided to study business psychology before my path led me to FIS. I enjoy walking, listening to podcasts and spending time with my family and friends.

I am Tobias Schulz-Klante, I have been working as a personnel officer at FIS since 2020 and am responsible, among other things, for the selection process and the organization of the dual study program. Before joining FIS, I also worked as a personnel officer and successfully completed further training as an industrial specialist. I enjoy my free time together with my family in the house and garden and I like to play soccer.

In just 4 steps to an employment contract Apply at FIS

Application, job interview, contract. Your application with FIS is very easy!

You can apply for your university place from mid-March until September 15 for the start of your studies on October 1st of the following year. You can send us your application online via our applicant portal. When applying, please also send us your last two school reports and, if available, certificates of your pupil internships. After the deadline for applications has passed and your application documents have been examined, you will receive an invitation to the job interview. If you could convince us, you will receive your study contract shortly afterwards. Furthermore, we take over your matriculation at DHBW.

Do you have any questions about the application process? You will find the answer to our frequently asked application questions.

* The aforementioned corporate roles, such as consultant or employees, are not gender-specific and apply for all male/female/diverse consultants and employees.

Tobias Schulz-Klante
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