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SAP Commerce Cloud –More sales for your E-Commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud –More sales for your E-Commerce

In all industries, customer behavior and knowledge has changed. Today, companies face well-informed customers that do their own research and compare providers before contacting a specific vendor. It is essential to offer prospective customers a shopping experience that includes an efficient and personalized online shop. It is possible in a modern e-commerce architecture to configure, for instance, individual components that will then be transferred to the respective ERP solution in the form of a specific production order. The component structure can be controlled in such a way that only matching parts can be combined with each other. Production order, purchase order and billing are processes that are docked to the ERP system. This example clearly shows that specific ‘Industry and Commerce 4.0’ scenarios can be implemented with the suitable IT solution.

These customers are already convinced of our expertise in the area of SAP Commerce Cloud:

SAP Commerce Cloud – the complete package

In addition to classic shop functionalities, the e-commerce solution from SAP provides functions for personalizing the online shop. Contents, offers and recommendations can be displayed individually on the basis of real-time information.

The Spartacus front-end framework ensures that content is optimally displayed for all end devices – regardless of whether the user uses a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. With the Progressive Web Application Spartacus, back and front end are decoupled (keyword headless commerce) and therefore more powerful. In addition, applications can be flexibly integrated into the online shop through API connections.

SAP Commerce Cloud also supports omni-channel concepts, where online business and offline stores are seamlessly connected. Omni-channel processes play out their full strength, especially in the delivery and returns process.

To shorten the implementation time of Web shops, SAP provides so-called accelerators. These are industry-specific templates that can be used as the basis for building the online shop. They contain, for example, predefined functions and ready-made storefronts that already cover a large part of the requirements of a modern webshop.

The SAP solution CPQ (Configure Price Quote) can also be used in the SAP Commerce Cloud. Technically demanding configurations can thus be carried out easily and without errors. Product information, prices, and delivery dates are displayed in real time.

With the SAP Commerce Cloud platform, shop managers benefit from a customer-centric, modern and comprehensive solution that is also ideally integrated into the existing SAP landscape.

Your benefits when using SAP Commerce Cloud

  • You convince your customers with a first-class shopping experience and create an incentive for visiting your Web shop again.
  • Personalized and target group-oriented contents increase your sales opportunities significantly.
  • The omnichannel solution is used as a central e-commerce platform for your overall digital strategy.
  • A central Product Content Management (PCM/PIM) and a Web Content Management system (SmartEdit) ensure high data quality and appropriate messages across all platforms and terminals.
  • Scalable solution – the application grows with the business development of your company.
  • Internationality due to the mapping of different languages and currencies.
  • Optimum process integration – both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash.
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C.
  • If required, SAP Commerce Cloud can easily be extended by SAP Sales Cloud (CRM system, the former SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer) and SAP Marketing Cloud (the former SAP Hybris Marketing) to provide a real panoramic view on your customers and prospective customers
  • Are you not ready for the cloud? SAP Commerce Cloud is not only available as a cloud variant but also as an on-premise version. Nevertheless, you benefit from an always up-to-date solution.

SAP Competency Framework SAP CX Expert Status for FIS and Medienwerft

SAP’s Competency Framework demonstrates the expertise a consulting and implementation partner has in a particular area. 

FIS and Medienwerft have achieved the CX Expert status, the highest partner status within the SAP Competency Framework in the area of Customer Experience, which designates the FIS Group as experts in the areas of e-commerce, sales, service and marketing.

The benefits of the FIS Group – for your e-commerce

Together, Medienwerft and FIS – two companies of the FIS Group and certified SAP partners – cover the entire range of SAP Customer Experience. They offer the all-in-one package for marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce: from conception, consulting and design to technical implementation.

FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH is the roof of the FIS Group. FIS mainly focuses on individual SAP consulting and the execution of SAP projects. In the area of Customer Experience, FIS is the expert for SAP processes and their technical integration. Medienwerft GmbH is one of the most experienced internet agencies in Germany. Its core competence is the development of e-commerce applications and digital communication concepts for brands. This makes Medienwerft an expert for UX design, e-branding and Web shops.

Your benefit:

  • From technical aspects of the shop architecture and UX design with efficient communication to the optimal formatting of messages: everything is provided from one single source.
  • Full SAP integration instead of a simple ERP connection: FIS, the SAP partner with “Gold” status, provides you with smooth networking and process integration without media changes across application borders.
  • Our development specialists set the main focus on the individual prerequisites of the existing architecture and adjust the implemented solutions.
  • Based on many years of project experience, the experts of the FIS Group have developed additional modules for your Web shop: Individual price determination, comprehensive document management, availability query and offer assignment show their full potential when integrated into your ERP processes.
  • First-class consulting and implementation of topics such as brand management, UX design and communication provided by one of the leading agencies in the e-commerce segment.
SAP Commerce with the FIS Group

Packages for your successful IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT

Based on our project experience, we have put together some packages for your successful implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud. These packages give you a precise overview of functions as well a first price indication. 

  • Risk reduction for your company by learning more about the application as well as FIS and Medienwerft as implementation partners 
  • Clarity on your online situation and identification of possibilities and potentials 
  • Optimal implementation preparation by analyzing your SD data and processes 
  • Workshop with our team (duration: 1.5 days at your premises) 
  • Presentation of the standard SAP Commerce Cloud processes in the system 
  • Target group analysis 
  • Analysis of distribution channels 
  • Basic analysis of data quality 
  • Analysis of your data and processes as well as concept creation for a commerce system implementation 
  • Definition of the scope of services as a cost estimate basis 
  • If requested: check of system requirements and infrastructure for an ERP integration 

Price: 9.900 €*

  • High investment security by using established Java/Spring enterprise technology 
  • Very good scalability 
  • Very extensive expandability 
  • High innovation speed: focus on innovation and intelligent systems: artificial intelligence, machine learning (Leonardo), big data, analytics, Internet of Things and Blockchain 
  • Very good capacity for integration into any kind of third-party systems 
  • Multi-client capability, multi-brand capability and internationalization capability 
  • Comprehensive enterprise shop system in basic setup 
  • Integrated Content Management System 
  • Integrated Product Information Management (PIM) System 
  • WYSIWYG editor for shop interface configuration 
  • Integrated role and user management 
  • Login area with self-service functionalities 
  • Personalized customer approach 
  • Search function 
  • Multi-client capability 
  • Multilingualism 
  • Adjustment to existing corporate design (logo, colors and fonts, header and footer configuration) 
  • Connection to Google Analytics 
  • Social Commerce Module 
  • Integrated mail module 
  • Option of EU-GDPR-compliant data retention 

Price starting with 100,000 €* 

  • Increased data quality by adopting information from the ERP system 
  • Faster conclusion of sales orders by automated transfer to the ERP system 
  • Reduction of manual effort by automated communication of ERP and shop system 
  • Automated creation of standard orders in the ERP system 
  • Transfer of standard basic product data to the PCM system of the commerce application 
  • Transfer of standard catalog prices to the shop 
  • Import of customer data from the ERP system 
  • Daily transmission of availabilities 

Price starting with 20,000 €* 

  • mproved customer service through current information 
  • Increase of customer retention by individualized provision of quotations 
  • Option of using cross-selling potentials for products not in stock
  • Availability inquiry from the ERP system in real time 
  • Individual delivery times depending on the warehouse or plant where the product is available 

Price starting with 5,000 €* 

  • Increased customer retention by individualized creation of quotations 
  • Uniform appearance across different distribution channels 
  • Relief of the sales department by granting negotiated prices via the online shop 
  • Customer-specific prices in real time from the ERP system 
  • Price determination depending on quantity scales 

Price starting with 5,000 €* 

  • Lower number of service requests due to self-service option 
  • One-stop point of contact for customers due to overview of orders from all sources  
  • Increase of customer retention by improved customer service 
  • Display of orders from the shop and via other channels 
  • Display of invoices from the ERP system 
  • Display of document flow from the ERP system  

Price starting with 10,000 €* 

  • Increased customer retention by individualized creation of quotations 
  • Relief of the sales department by the option of accepting quotations via the online shop 
  • Uniform appearance across different distribution channel
  • Creation of shopping carts by using a quotation from the ERP system 
  • Adoption of individually negotiated quotations from the ERP system 
  • Linking of quotations with orders from the shop system 

Price starting with 15,000 €* 

  • Customer acquisition 
  • Regular activation of existing customers 
  • Improved ranking for search engines 
  • Measurable ROI of your online marketing activities 
  • Online marketing workshop 
  • Online marketing campaigns 
  • Sales-boosting and SEO optimized landing pages 
  • Google Ads campaigns and re-targeting 
  • Newsletter marketing 
  • Regular competitive analyses and reporting 

Price starting with 20,000 €* 

* Quotations are exclusively addressed to enterprises within the meaning of § 14 BGB (German Civil Code). Prices plus VAT. We reserve the right to make changes at any time. Quotation does not include SAP licenses. Acquisition of SAP licenses is offered in addition. 

Headless commerce with SAP Spartacus

Smart Edit – content management without programming knowledge

Top master data in e-commerce during the implementation with FIS

A successful e-commerce strategy starts with data quality. A permanent and profitable administration of different international shop installations requires an effective management of master data (e.g. prices, article data). High master data quality is an important pillar to fully exhaust the benefits of advanced shop systems, particularly when it comes to automation. Based on this master data, SAP Commerce Cloud helps you continuously generate sales opportunities and systematically increase your sales.

FIS provides you with a seamless SAP integration of your e-commerce software into your system landscape: Individual prices, discount groups, condition agreements as well as delivery dates and availabilities, for instance, are transferred between the applications without any problems. While SAP Commerce Cloud is able to centrally manage data (PCM), FIS provides seamless integration processes and, as a consequence, standardized master data and information in your Web shop and SAP system. During the implementation with FIS, you also benefit from the field-tested FIS/mpm SAP optimization for master data management, which makes master data maintenance particularly easy. It makes no difference whether you use SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Commerce on-premise or SAP Commerce in the cloud.

Exploding data silos USING SAP CX SUITE

Besides Commerce Cloud, SAP provides further intelligent software solutions in SAP CX Suite (formerly known as SAP C/4HANA Suite). The suite bundles applications for the marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce departments. This means that SAP Commerce Cloud can be complemented step by step. Major advantage: All systems are integrated so that data is available across all departments and a 360-degree view of sales prospects and customers is possible. 

As a result, SAP Marketing Cloud can be used to further personalize online shops. Through individual banner displays, for instance, users get personalized quotations that are based on their activities and meet their interests. Moreover, the user and transaction data collected in the shop can be used for targeted and automated marketing measures. 

Online trading and sales and distribution can be combined by integrating SAP Sales Cloud. The sales employees are informed about activities in the online shop and can precisely track sales opportunities. 

In addition, SAP Service Cloud can be used to offer perfect service to sales prospects and customers during and after the purchase. Service requests from the shop are directly transferred to the service solution. Here, ticketing, call center, technician planning etc. are managed. 

Higher reach, better customer focus and consistent contents across all channels

As part of SAP Customer Experience (the former SAP C/4HANA), marketing, sales and IT directly benefit from the networked solution architecture of the CX components. SAP Commerce Cloud is the central pivotal point for more sales in the digital segment.

The SAP Commerce Cloud in your digital strategy

Uncomplicated and completely SAP-integrated – connection of online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an important channel in modern e-commerce. Through activity on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, companies significantly increase their reach and visibility for potential customers. In this way, online marketplaces as sales channels open up new sales potential and create a clear competitive advantage.

With the FIS/TradeFlex application, the seamless connection of online marketplaces to the SAP system can be achieved conveniently and without own development effort. On the basis of the SAP Business Technology Platform and thus the powerful HANA database, sales can be realized quickly and served holistically via the marketplaces. The application makes it possible to manage all steps of the order-to-cash process as well as upstream and downstream activities in a single solution: from product placement, pricing and quantity structuring, order creation in ERP and synchronization of fulfillment and invoicing through to the payment process with automated assignment of invoices. The software can also be used to automatically process cancellations and the reversal of returns or credit notes.

Thanks to the deep integration into the SAP system, the connection of online marketplaces with FIS/TradeFlex is uncomplicated and convenient and significantly increases the efficiency of sales via the marketplaces through automated and integrated processes.

Online Marketing – more visibility and better performance in e-commerce

FAQ on SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly known as SAP Hybris Commerce) is the advanced platform for successful e-commerce. The holistic solution is optimally suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios. In addition to classical shop functions, the application offers an integrated Product Content Management (PCM) solution as well as an advanced solution for front-end maintenance with WYSIWYG editor. SAP Commerce Cloud is part of the CX product line (solutions for marketing, sales, service and e-commerce). 

  • First-class shopping experiences and incentive for visiting your Web shop again 
  • Personalized and target group-oriented contents increase the number of your transactions and sales volumes 
  • A central Product Content Management as well as a Web Content Management system ensure high data quality and appropriate messages 
  • Omnichannel solution as a central e-commerce platform for your overall digital strategy 
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios 
  • Internationality due to the mapping of different languages and currencies 
  • Optimum process integration – both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash 
  • Problem-free extension through the SAP CX Suite components 

As early as 2013, SAP acquired hybris AG, the leading provider of e-commerce and Product Content Management technologies, and started to offer the solutions under the brand name of SAP Hybris. Finally, the e-commerce platform was renamed into SAP Commerce Cloud. Even if the application has a different name today, customers use SAP Commerce Cloud to benefit from an established and mature technology. 

SAP Commerce Cloud is optimally suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios. In addition, omnichannel functions support the combination of online shop and offline business. 

SAP Commerce Cloud is suitable for all industries. In order to shorten the implementation time of Web shops, SAP provides “accelerators”. These are industry-specific templates on whose basis the online shop can be built. These include, for instance, preset functions and ready-made storefronts that already cover most of the requirements for a modern Web shop. 

SAP Commerce Cloud is part of SAP CX Suite. In this suite, marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce solutions have been bundled. These solutions are optimally integrated into each other. However, an ERP integration of SAP Commerce Cloud is also provided by default and can therefore be set up easily. Moreover, the “Spartacus” front-end framework can be used to flexibly integrate applications into the online shop through API connections. 

Interested in SAP Commerce Cloud? Request personal consulting

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Optimized processes for customer-centric departments

Further services for your successful e-commerce

The SAP Commerce Cloud omnichannel solution is the central platform for the e-commerce business of the future. Isolated applications belong to the past just as complex processes. FIS and this innovative SAP solution help you pick up your customers from wherever they currently are. Do you have any questions? The FIS consulting team will be pleased to answer your questions and give you detailed information. Please give us a call or contact us via e-mail.

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