Future-proof solutions for SAP Warehouse Management and logistics by FIS

The requirements with regard to advanced warehouse and transport logistics are steadily increasing: E-commerce, an increasing cross-company networking of supply chains and ongoing digitization are only three out of many topics logistics managers have to face. Here, decisive success factors are, above all, flexibility and time saving.


Flexible logistics processes in connection with suitable logistics software enable companies to meet changed customer expectations with low handling and storage costs. Suitable technologies automate warehouse and transport logistics and manual error-prone work steps are largely omitted.

Warehouse management and transport logistics with SAP and FIS

Sustainable warehouse management and logistics place high demands on inventory management and warehouse management software. Elaborate processes are used to cover the individual work steps in the warehouse and to support them in every single phase when optimizing your SAP Warehouse Management. At the same time, the optimal integration of all upstream and downstream processes of the supply chain is a great challenge. As a qualified partner, FIS ensures a seamless linking and interconnection of the process steps and all systems involved.


Warehouse logistics with full supply chain networking in the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the great strengths of FIS. Whichever SAP systems and components for inventory management you choose  the FIS logistics specialists offer you individual and competent consulting as well as field-tested and future-proof optimizations for your warehouse logistics solution. This applies equally to detailed analyses and consulting as well as to the implementation of advanced warehouse management systems, such as the following:



Alternatively, the FIS professionals develop an individualized warehouse management within your SAP environment tailored to your personal requirements. Whether it is S/4HANA or ECC 6.0 – FIS deals flexibly and intensively with your individual SAP logistics challenges and finds the right warehouse management software solution for you.


Beyond the warehouse, FIS is also responsible for the introduction and optimization of SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM), the SAP solution for the transportation industry. FIS thus covers the essential SAP portfolio for supply chain execution – from warehouse to transport logistics and the integration of all upstream and downstream systems and processes.


Flyer: Warehouse logistics with FIS - field-tested and future-proof

Your benefits through logistics with FIS

  • Fast software implementation: Immediately usable extensions and preconfigured templates accelerate your implementation project and save costs.
  • Tailored to your needs: Field-proven FIS developments for warehouse management and transport management optimize the SAP standard and enable you to work comfortably with the software.
  • Efficient processes through optimal supply chain integration: FIS ensures your smooth data and material flow through seamless integration of ERP and warehouse management systems, upstream and downstream processes as well as business partners (e.g. parcel service providers).
  • Intuitive operation of logistics software and hardware: The transparent system logic of the SAP software and user-friendly dialogs of FIS (e.g. for mobile data capture via barcode scanner or pick-by-voice) enable your users to quickly familiarize themselves with and use the system.
  • Reliable introduction and support from a single source: As an industry-independent one-stop provider, FIS offers you a reliable all-round service, from hardware recommendation and software introduction to cross-departmental process consulting and subsequent system operation and support.
  • Tested and certified quality: As an SAP Gold Partner, FIS always ensures a high quality of work results, including SAP-certified consultants, developers and support staff or system validation for SAP EWM by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML).
  • Future-proof logistics processes: With over 25 years of experience in the areas of SAP ERP and logistics, FIS is sure to find the right solution – also for your warehouse!

Our references in SAP Logistics

Sustainable logistics using suitable software

Within warehouse logistics, the following functions are executed:


  • Goods receipt processes, such as inbound delivery, putaway and storage of own and external goods
  • Storage of materials at storage bin
  • Picking and packing of goods
  • Planning and controlling of goods transport and movement within the warehouse, e.g. via automatic conveyor system
  • Goods issue from the warehouse


Digital inventory management enables automated and accelerated processes. Moreover, an SAP solution ensures higher transparency and improves warehouse management processes due to real-time data and more quickly available information.


The FIS portfolio includes comprehensive expertise when it comes to implementing SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), Stock Room Management or LES/WM (Logistics Execution System). This service is complemented by additional field-tested optimizations going beyond SAP standard.


The FIS/ewm+ project accelerator as well as the enhancement functions of the FIS/smw consulting solution increase the convenience and efficiency of all activities within warehouse management and logistics. FIS/ewm+ enables the quick implementation of the complex SAP EWM warehouse management system. On the other hand, FIS/smw provides enhancement functions for facilitating SAP Stock Room Management or LES/WM for small and medium-sized warehouses in particular.


Moreover, numerous additional developments, i.e. the Rapid Deployment Functions by FIS, ensure a sustainable and effective relief of the customers’ logistic cost structure. This overview lists some individual components that can be implemented separately:


  • Express delivery service provider interface for reducing freight costs
  • Packing monitor for cross-delivery packing
  • Empties cockpit for processing empties and returnable packaging
  • Returns cockpit for time-saving and optimized returns processing


Beyond the warehouse, FIS is also responsible for the introduction of SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM). The software handles tasks such as automated transport planning and execution, optimizes the flow of goods and reduces transport costs. The great added value lies in the continuous connection to all relevant logistics processes and IT systems, such as SAP EWM or your ERP system. FIS is your partner for SAP supply chain execution and the integration of all upstream and downstream systems and processes.

SAP connection to external warehouse management systems

The warehouse logistics structures and Warehouse Management systems grown in many companies are often retained when it comes to a new SAP implementation. If "non-SAP solutions" are concerned here, an individual connection to SAP via tailor-made interfaces is required.


SAP implements this connection via the two "WCU interface" (using SAP PI: Process Integration) or "LE-IDW" (using an individual solution) standard scenarios. SAP PI can be used, for instance, to integrate WCU (warehouse control unit), stacker control systems or carousels within the SAP environment. Through solutions that are to be defined individually, LE-IDW (Decentralized Warehouse Management), a component of the SAP Warehouse Management System can be connected. The FIS specialists have had very good experiences with both variants. Nevertheless, individual solutions as well as solutions tailored for WMS are often required. The technical interconnection via FIS/xee is an appropriate alternative. Business Process Integration is your key for connecting any external WMS to your SAP systems via suitable integration possibilities.

High quality standards – we are certified

Warehouse Logistics: system validation

System validation by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) is an important seal of quality for providers of Warehouse Management systems. FIS receives this validation again for SAP EWM and SAP LES/WM. On the basis of 3,700 aspects, the systems are evaluated and included in the Warehouse Logistics database.

SAP software for your warehouse logistics

Consultation and introduction of SAP EWM

The high-performance SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) software meets the highly complex requirements of advanced logistics, such as the implementation of material flow systems (MFS) or conveyor systems. Less complex warehouses can also be mapped via SAP EWM without any problems due to the software's high scalability.


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Consultation and introduction of SAP Stock Room Management

With more than 25 years of logistics experience and expertise, FIS supports you throughout the complete implementation of SAP Stock Room Management for small and medium-sized warehouses with manual processes.


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Consultation and introduction of SAP TM

Ensure optimized management of your transport processes with SAP TM. Automate your transport planning and execution and thus reduce your transport costs in the long term. Real-time data enables you to make quick and valid decisions at any time, for example in the event of delivery delays.


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Integration and connection of external systems

ERP integration of IT systems, business processes and partners

Use Business Process Integration to digitize your operations within the entire supply and value chain. Integrate your customers and vendors as well as heterogeneous third-party systems into your process landscape.


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Further services by FIS


Flyer: SAP Transportation Management – Efficiently implementation by FIS

Flyer: Warehouse logistics with FIS - field-tested and future-proof

Factsheet: FIS/ewm+ – Project accelerator for SAP EWM

Training documentation: SAP Logistics (SAP EWM)

SAP software for warehouse logistics is a sustainable solution that can be configured as on-site or mobile solution. It has a positive effect on the efficiency of warehouse management and integrates all corporate processes along the entire supply chain. Get informed about the SAP and FIS benefits for your warehouse logistics and contact our SAP specialists via phone or e-mail!

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