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Mobile apps by FISfor consistent Logistics Processes

Mobile apps by FISfor consistent Logistics Processes

Are you facing individual challenges in the field of goods delivery? Would your MRP controller like to know the current location of your delivery vehicle and when the goods will be delivered? Or would your carrier like to enter the goods delivery at the customer’s site using mobile devices and document additional information (e.g. on the condition of the goods upon outbound delivery)?

The SAP-based apps by FIS for your distribution logistics help you optimize these and other tasks so that you will always have an overview of your logistics processes. The seamless integration of the apps into SAP enables you to create consistent logistics processes, also beyond goods issue: any information is immediately available in the ERP system in real time including the option of an automatic transmission without interface losses.

The app for the last mile (FIS/LastMile) replaces the paper delivery note. Your carrier documents the transfer of the delivered goods online or offline directly on site. Using mobile devices, your driver enters the signature of the goods recipient and, if required, photos and remarks that will automatically be stored in the ERP system relative to the outbound delivery. The optional tracking monitor is used to check and analyze outbound deliveries with your own car pool. As a result, the responsible persons involved have an overview of all relevant information via Track & Trace and can quickly respond to variances or route disturbances. The monitor also enables MRP controllers to reliably answer customer requests regarding the precise time of delivery.

Your benefits using the FIS/LastMile app

  • Paperless documentation of goods delivery
  • Online communication with the SAP system
  • Also without Internet: outbound delivery processing
  • High-performance basis through SAP technology
  • Ergonomic and responsive dialogs (SAPUI5)
  • Individual enhancement possibilities
  • Transparency using the “Last Mile”
  • Reduction of mobile devices by integrating further apps, e.g. navigation app or WhatsApp Messenger

Scope of the FIS/LastMile app

The delivery of returnable transport packagings (RTP), such as Euro pallets or wire mesh boxes, can also be entered digitally using the app.  Handwritten lists or unclear Excel files consequently belong to the past.

On the one hand, this results in improved liquidity due to faster processing time of invoices. On the other hand, companies benefit from higher data quality and reduced error rates since data and documents are immediately available in the SAP system and no longer have to be entered manually.

The optional tracking monitor for customers ensures transparency as to the current location of the goods. The customer is informed via geo-fencing whenever the car is within a specific radius from the place of delivery and the goods are expected to be delivered soon. Both the carrier and the customer benefit from improved plannability since goods receipt and unloading are better organized and can therefore be executed more quickly.    

Thanks to the seamless integration of the app into existing system landscapes, the creation of interfaces requiring intensive maintenance is no longer necessary. The driver can integrate further apps into FIS/LastMile, such as a navigation app for ideal routing or WhatsApp Messenger to directly inform the customer about delivery delays.

FAQ on FIS/LastMile

The data is stored in the archive. It is directly linked to the delivery document using the “Object services” functioThe data is stored in the archive. It is directly linked to the delivery document using the “Object services” function.

Yes, a connected archive including the technique is the prerequisite for using FIS/LastMile since the document bearing the signature will directly be stored in the archive and attached as enclosure to the delivery document. Without archive connection, the database of the system would become extremely large.

It depends on your current work mode: delivery note mode or transport mode.

If an online connection exists in the delivery note mode, the delivery will directly be read from the SAP system at the moment of entry or scan. Once the data has been entered, the delivery document will directly be updated in the online mode. In the offline mode, the document or the entered number is adopted without being checked at first. The data entered is locally buffered on the respective device until an online connection has been established. It is possible to correct this data afterwards should problems arise during the downstream synchronization (in case of transposed digits, for instance, due to the manual entry of deliveries).

In the transport mode, an online connection is mandatorily required at first so that the goods recipients and their deliveries will appear in the app. The deliveries are called from the SAP system by using a higher-level document. Afterwards, it is also possible to continue working offline. The option of scanning or entering individual delivery documents is not provided for in the transport mode.

Yes, this is possible using the additional “tracking monitor for customers” function. The customer can use this monitor to view the current location of the car and its goods via an individual weblink. Moreover, it can be viewed at any time how many stops the driver still has to make before arriving at the place of delivery. By means of geo-fencing, the customer is also informed via e-mail when the goods are expected to be delivered soon.

Your benefits using the Tracking Monitor

  • Clear user interface for quick evaluations at the control station
  • Short response times due to live data
  • Transparency for the customer due to quick information on send status
  • Option of route analysis and optimization
  • Identification of unplanned delays (due to traffic jam or breakdown for instance)

Scope of the Tracking Monitor

FAQ concerning the Tracking Monitor

Currently, vehicles can be filtered according to shipping point and date.

It is not possible to view only one vehicle on the screen. You can only be navigated towards one vehicle. Neither is it possible to hide individual vehicles.

Currently, it is possible to evaluate the deliveries effected and those that are still open. It is also possible to evaluate vehicle breaks or wait times and distances covered. The distance covered by each vehicle can even be retraced on the following days.

SAP software for your logistics processes

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Success Story:

WMS and pick-by solutions accelerate logistics processes at Nipro

Use the SAP-based apps by FIS to optimize your distribution logistics processes and ensure consistently integrated logistics flows. With more than 25 years of experience in ERP environment and logistics, the FIS logistics experts will be pleased to advise you with regard to your individual requirements. Please contact them via e-mail or phone.

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