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SAP Field Service Management –Holistic Control Of Technical Field Service

SAP Field Service Management –Holistic Control Of Technical Field Service

Products become more complex, time and cost pressure rises, but, at the same time, customer satisfaction is to be increased. These demands confront service managers, MRP controllers and service technicians with major challenges. The optimization of field service management is very important as technical field service is an enterprise’s face turned towards customers.

With digital resource planning, personnel, materials and vehicle fleet can be optimally coordinated. Technicians on site are supported by mobile applications and can handle service orders faster and to the customers’ satisfaction.

With SAP Field Service Management, these processes can be coordinated and monitored. In combination with SAP Service Cloud for ticket management and call centers, the SAP solution for the SAP CX Suite field service forms a holistic solution for all corporate service processes.

Optimization of technical field service with SAP Field Service Management

In order to increase the first-call resolution rate and customer satisfaction, the deployment of technicians (“workforce management”) is planned with SAP FSM by using availabilities and skills. In SAP FSM, the qualifications and training courses of technicians are managed as well. In this way, MRP controllers always find the service technician that is best qualified for the present service case. Resource planning is complemented by GPS tracking. Therefore, planners always have an overview of where technicians are currently deployed and, in case of customer concerns, can request technicians in the direct vicinity flexibly and at short notice.

Due to ERP integration, planners and technicians also have access to different storage locations and can reserve materials and spare parts. This will be noted down in the ERP system to ensure that stockholding is always kept up to date.

With the SAP FSM solution, service technicians benefit from a mobile application, where they can complete all steps of an order – from customer and product information, checklists up to service reports. After completing the service order, they can also trigger the billing document message in an automated way. Access to the data is possible both online and offline and completely independent of location or device. The mobile solution constantly provides technicians with all relevant information and enables them to holistically process and complete service orders.

By using the integrated SAP Crowd Service solution, enterprises also reduce bottlenecks at peak times by deploying external staff and partners in addition to their own service technicians. Service orders are assigned in real time, via e-mail, SMS or remote support.

To be able to help customers faster and, at the same time, save resources in enterprises, self-service offers become more and more important. With SAP FSM, customers can scan QR codes, for instance, or use other clear identification indicators to inform themselves about self-service portals, make appointments via chatbot or obtain information on the current status of a service request.

Your benefits from SAP Field Service Management

  • Intelligent deployment planning of service technicians by using qualifications and availabilities
  • Increase of the first-call resolution rate due to deployment planning of materials, vehicles and tools
  • Management of the entire service process by means of a mobile app for service technicians – including optional offline use
  • Prevention of bottlenecks by using crowd service functionalities
  • Fast and early assistance in case of service requests due to self-service functionalities and predictive maintenance
  • Consistent processes due to optimal integration in SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP ECC, SAP Service Cloud and SAP CS

SAP Competency Framework SAP CX Expert Status for FIS and Medienwerft

SAP’s Competency Framework demonstrates the expertise a consulting and implementation partner has in a particular area. 

FIS and Medienwerft have achieved the CX Expert status, the highest partner status within the SAP Competency Framework in the area of Customer Experience, which designates the FIS Group as experts in the areas of e-commerce, sales, service and marketing.

SAP Service Cloud – efficient service process design

Full integration of all service processes

In order to holistically process a service request, it is important to integrate all systems involved. FIS has more than 25 years of experience in implementing and operating SAP software and its integration into the IT landscape. Enterprises benefit from this comprehensive know-how when SAP Field Service Management is implemented by FIS. The FIS experts integrate this service solution into the existing SAP ECC system or the SAP S/4HANA solution. The field service management application can also be complemented easily by SAP Service Cloud for ticketing and call centers. To exploit the solutions’ full potential, SAP Sales Cloud can be connected in addition. In this way, sales and service departments benefit from consistent processes and a common view of customers.

The FIS Group pursues a holistic approach in the field of SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX). The professionals create end-to-end processes for thought-out and inspiring customer experiences. Together with the Medienwerft subsidiary, the experts for e-commerce and marketing, FIS provides highly integrative scenarios between the leading solutions in the area of customer experience and all adjacent systems.

Integration of SAP CS under SAP ECC or S/4HANA in the compatibility mode  

Integration of S/4HANA Service  

Connection of SAP Service Cloud

Connection of SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud

FAQ on SAP Field Service Management

SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM) is an application for professional deployment planning of field service technicians, vehicles, materials and tools. Here, the solution supports employees in charge of service in the entire process – from service requests, planning, mobile field service up to reporting and final billing.

  • Intelligent deployment planning of external sales force employees by using qualifications and availabilities
  • Increase of the first-call resolution rate due to deployment planning of materials, vehicles and tools
  • Management of the entire service process by means of a mobile app for field service technicians – including optional offline use
  • Prevention of bottlenecks by using crowd service functionalities and predictive maintenance
  • Optimal integration in SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, SAP Service Cloud and SAP CS

SAP Field Service Management is a solution for deployment planning and execution of technical field service. The application can be used to coordinate the deployment of service technicians, materials and vehicle fleets. Furthermore, a mobile app is available for the technicians for coordinating on-site deployments. However, SAP Service Cloud is a ticketing and call center solution. With SAP Service Cloud, service requests can be intelligently assigned and solved. Service processes are optimized by means of central knowledge management and clear analyses.

SAP Field Service Management is part of the SAP CX Suite. In this suite, marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce solutions have been bundled. These applications are optimally integrated into each other. A great advantage of this SAP service solution is its proximity to the sales and commerce applications that the service cloud can be easily connected to. But also an ERP integration of SAP Service Management is provided by default and, as a consequence, can be easily set up. For ticketing and call centers, SAP Service Cloud is an optimal solution, which can also be integrated into SAP Field Service Management and into the ERP system.

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