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Nowadays, (prospective) customers use numerous channels to get to know the products or services of specific companies and are therefore better informed than some years ago. This has a long-term effect on purchase decisions (when and how) and on the customer retention of long-time customers. Whenever prices, services or other aspects are no longer favorable enough, customers might ‘drift away’. This complicates customer retention and is of great concern to the marketing, SD and service departments. In order to remain competitive, these departments need to cooperate closely so that the customer gets a consistent and positive image of a company’s products and services. The controlling and monitoring of Customer Experience going beyond pure Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as the use of field-tested applications by SAP, for instance, can be the solution for your company.

Under the topic Customer Experience (CX), SAP combines all applications for the customer-centered departments within a company. Among these are marketing, sales, service and e-commerce. These applications are combined in the SAP C/4HANA suite (former SAP Hybris). The products are based on SAP S/4HANA or the SAP Business Technology Platform – therefore the name “SAP C/4HANA”. “C” stands for the “Customer” who is in the center of the individual solutions. “4” means the fourth CRM generation. The solutions are still available as on-premise installation. SAP C/4HANA includes the following products:

  • SAP Marketing Cloud: campaign management, lead management and analysis
  • SAP Commerce Cloud: omnichannel commerce, product information management, merchandising and promotion
  • SAP Sales Cloud: mobile CRM solution, customer and opportunity management
  • SAP Service Cloud: ticketing and call center management, knowledge management, real-time analyses
  • SAP Field Service Management: scheduling, mobile engineer app, self service, crowd service
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud: comprehensive data management solution for efficient data use

Optimized Processes instead of data silos

An elementary challenge results from the reasons mentioned: understand prospective customers, address them via diverse channels, win them and bind them in the long run. Reconciliation between the different departments is immensely important here. C/4HANA Suite is an end-to-end solution, whose greatest advantage lies in its integration.

Due to a uniform view of prospective customers, enterprises can support them in the best possible way. From marketing automation, CRM Suite for recognizing up-selling potentials to a customer service solution including self-service, intelligent systems and advanced technologies such as machine learning ensure an optimal customer experience.

With SAP Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud, you provide your experts with a tool for their daily work that lifts you to the next customer centricity level. 

Inspire your customers by coordinated communication

Many companies hesitate to abandon the familiar path of customer communication and to go beyond classical marketing. However, this is exactly what the new generation of customers requires since they have become more demanding. Above all, social media provide countless opportunities to communicate with existing and new customers via different digital channels.

Important as the cost factor for products and services is, most of your customers appreciate good personal care and your interest in their concerns. This includes direct and easy availability and competent communication with professional support via social media, for instance. All your measures with regard to service marketing and good customer service should be coordinated. The messages you send should be the same across all departments so that you provide a uniform image of your product and your company on all communication channels. SAP applications provide the central technical basis and help you be close to the customer.


Give it a try e-commerce

Every year, e-commerce gains market shares and companies of all industries are therefore obliged to also offer their products and services online. Even if it is difficult to market your products or services via a classical online shop, your company should demonstrate the commitment to present itself as reputable and reliable sales partner in the internet. Modern e-commerce means more than just integrating a Web shop into your website. What counts more is a direct connection to business partners, vendors, distributors and, of course, end customers.

SAP installations can be a useful framework to get e-commerce started or to put steps already taken to a more solid grounding. Irrespective of its volume and complexity, any information on customers and orders becomes a valuable economic asset of your company with many advantages for your sales and marketing departments. The multifunctional SAP applications enable you to use this information also in other divisions of your company without any problem. FIS will not only assist you in this field but also in the proper and sensitive handling of customer data, for instance.

What FIS can do for you

The challenges of digital transformation and the online age can be mastered easily and efficiently by means of solutions within the SAP C/4HANA environment. With a multitude of e-commerce and CRM functions, SAP C/4HANA creates the basis for meeting the requirements and desires of modern and digitally operating customers. Place the highly networked customers at the center and see the availability via diverse channels as an economic opportunity.

The FIS Group would be pleased to offer you holistic consulting services to find the right solution for your company, which enables you to start digital marketing and e-commerce or optimize your existing strategy. Start digital transformation promptly to strengthen customer retention. With a first-class digital business card, you will leave a lasting impression with existing and new customers and increase your sales permanently. Using the solutions of the SAP C/4HANA suite, you combine marketing, sales and distribution and service and control your specific communication. FIS and its Medienwerft  subsidiary help you establish a strong brand, promote your services, set up a Web shop and integrate ERP. All this creates a continuous strategy for your corporate success.

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Using the SAP C/4HANA suite and the comprehensive know-how of its Medienwerft subsidiary, FIS helps you find your successful digital strategy for the customer-centered departments within your company. The experts of the FIS Group will be pleased to provide you with individual consulting services tailored to your needs.