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SAP Marketing Cloud –Customers First

SAP Marketing Cloud –Customers First

Knowing the customers and their requirements and making this knowledge the focus of your marketing activities: this is the challenge of the digital era. Prospective customers, for instance, are influenced by social media, do online research and compare products and services. It must be the goal of modern marketing to centrally control all customer touchpoints, address every customer at the right moment of the customer journey and execute tailor-made marketing campaigns with personalized offers.

Modern Marketing Automation with the SAP marketing cloud solution

Your benefits using SAP marketing cloud

  • Always keep an eye on your budget and expenses with integrated marketing planning
  • Dynamic customer profiles enable a 360-degree view of customer and sales prospect data in real time
  • Easy creation of e-mailings, landing pages and forms in Content Studio
  • E-mail and newsletter marketing with professional consent management
  • Personalized customer approach through intuitive segmentation of appropriate target groups
  • Keep an eye on all channels: integration of social media, Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Detailed analysis functions of marketing activities provide a data-based and reliable basis for decision-making
  • Lead management functions enable cross-departmental cooperation between marketing and sales departments

SAP Competency Framework SAP CX Expert Status for FIS and Medienwerft

SAP’s Competency Framework demonstrates the expertise a consulting and implementation partner has in a particular area. 

FIS and Medienwerft have achieved the CX Expert status, the highest partner status within the SAP Competency Framework in the area of Customer Experience, which designates the FIS Group as experts in the areas of e-commerce, sales, service and marketing.

Modern Multichannel Marketing in one system

Budget and campaign planning

Marketing activities are clearly mapped by responsible persons in the marketing cloud. Budgets can be shown in different categories and campaigns and expenses assigned respectively. In this way, marketing strategies are digitally mapped and consistently pursued. 

Target groups, campaigns and e-mail marketing

The segmentation of target groups according to numerous characteristics is enabled in the SAP solution. In this way, marketeers execute campaigns in a targeted and personalized manner. In order to guarantee a legally compliant e-mail marketing, person-related consents are directly managed in the software solution. Through automation of trigger-based campaigns, a professional marketing automation is established.

Lead management and account-based marketing

Contacts and leads are clearly managed using the SAP Marketing Cloud. By means of interactions and scoring, the behavior of contacts is entered and assessed. Leads are transferred to the sales team in an automated way. All information concerning sales opportunities will continuously be available in the marketing solution.

Reportings and analyses

Detailed reports in the marketing cloud provide comprehensive information on customer interests and behavior on digital marketing channels and social networks. The SAP Marketing Cloud is furthermore complemented by the SAP Analytics Cloud, which is used to individually present detailed evaluations in clear dashboards.

System integration

With the CX Suite, SAP has created a bundle of different solutions that facilitate cooperation between marketing, sales, service and e-commerce. The SAP Marketing Cloud can easily be connected with the SAP Sales Cloud, the comprehensive SAP CRM system. Integration of further systems is possible as well. As a consequence, all information concerning contacts, enterprises and products is available at any time.

Success Story: SAP Marketing Cloud by Piller Blowers & Compressors

Successful and automated marketing from a single provider

Together with its Medienwerft subsidiary, a digital agency for marketing and e-commerce, FIS is your holistic partner on your way to a successful and automated customer experience: from digital strategy planning and the development of brand-oriented online presence to the software implementation of the marketing cloud and beyond.

The portfolio for anything to do with SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX, the former SAP C/4HANA) intelligently networks the marketing, sales, service and e-commerce departments in addition: Here, marketing automation is combined with an effective CRM solution for sales and service as well as a user-friendly online shop. This combination guarantees a successful dialog with customers across all channels in real time.

Creation & Design – convincing with brand-compliant appearance

FAQ on SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly known as SAP Hybris Marketing) is the comprehensive solution for your marketing professionals. It can be used for marketing automation, marketing and campaign planning and evaluation in one system. SAP Marketing Cloud provides detailed behavioral data of customers and prospective customers in real time. Customers are retained through targeted measures and campaigns are geared to the needs of customers and prospective customers across all channels. The tool enables the cross-channel control of lead generation and qualification and, as a result, closes the gap between marketing and sales and distribution. 

  • Marketing and budget planning with direct link to campaign management 
  • Comprehensive and intuitive marketing segmentation functions 
  • Integrated e-mail marketing 
  • Personalized communication of your target group with individual offers 
  • Real-time data and detailed analysis functions of the marketing activities provide a data-based and reliable basis for decision-making 
  • Dynamic customer profiles across all channels enable a 360-degree view on the customer, their behavior and requirements 
  • Lead Management functions combine the sales and marketing departments and enable a cross-departmental analysis, processing and maintenance of the leads

SAP Marketing Cloud is part of SAP CX Suite. In this suite, marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce solutions have been bundled. These applications are optimally integrated into each other. The great advantage of the SAP sales solution is its proximity to the SAP Sales Cloud CRM system the Marketing Cloud solution can be easily connected to. However, an ERP integration of SAP Marketing Cloud is also provided by default and can therefore be set up easily. 

SAP Marketing Cloud is optimally suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios. 

SAP has changed the product name. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is now called SAP Marketing Cloud. SAP Marketing Cloud is therefore the same system as SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. 

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Optimized processes for customer-centric departments


Success Story:

Closing the gap between Marketing and Sales – SAP Marketing Cloud at PILLER

Use the SAP Marketing Cloud solution to make your customers the center of your decisions and marketing activities. As a partner, the FIS Group supports you at eye level with an optimal solution – from the strategy up to the appropriate software.

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