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SAP Sales Cloud –The Advanced CRM For Your Sales Department

SAP Sales Cloud –The Advanced CRM For Your Sales Department

Today’s customers are better informed than ever. They research and compare products and services via different channels. Therefore, more than half of the purchase process is already completed before the customer gets in touch with a sales employee. To keep an eye on all activities, sales managers require a comprehensive data basis, where all information is bundled. In this way, they can support customers in the best possible way and exploit sales opportunities. The essential task of an advanced CRM system is to focus on customer relationships and on the efficient process design of these relationships.

Optimize your sales processes with modern customer relationship management

SAP Sales Cloud (former SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales/SAP Hybris Sales Cloud) is the advanced SAP CRM solution for your sales department. With SAP Sales Cloud, your sales team will benefit from sales force automation, reliable planning and forecasts as well as an intuitive user interface. The CRM software from the cloud supports your sales department in optimal customer relationship management, early identification of sales opportunities and a sustainable increase of sales volumes.

With SAP Sales Cloud, data silos will belong to the past. In an advanced SAP CRM system, you will get a 360° view of your customers. SAP Sales Cloud combines information from your back office with field sales force activities. Data access is ensured at any time – no matter if you use your PC, tablet or smartphone in the online or offline mode. As a consequence, you can manage your complete customer lifecycle in one system – from the lead to the order and beyond that.

Predefined dashboards and clear reportings enable a detailed and data-based planning of your sales activities. Territory management for the field sales force and call planning can be optimized in this way. Furthermore, you will always have an eye on your sales pipeline. Leads and opportunities are professionally managed and processed. In this way, you will not miss any sales opportunities any more.

Your benefits using SAP Sales Cloud

  • All data in one system: Due to a 360° view of customers, sales potentials are recognized at an early stage
  • By means of real-time analyses and clear dashboards, you will have an eye on all activities, key figures and your sales pipeline at any time
  • Flexible and efficient working – both on your desktop or on mobile devices, even in the offline mode
  • Use your sales opportunities through intelligent opportunity and lead management with machine learning support
  • Intuitive user interface and integration of third-party systems (e.g. Outlook, Groupwise, telephony integration) for high user acceptance
  • Optimal use of capacities through coordinated planning of sales territories and quotas
  • Management of the entire customer journey: from the lead and the creation of quotations up to contract management
  • Consistent processes due to ERP integration and connection of other SAP CX solutions

SAP Competency Framework SAP CX Expert Status for FIS and Medienwerft

SAP’s Competency Framework demonstrates the expertise a consulting and implementation partner has in a particular area. 

FIS and Medienwerft have achieved the CX Expert status, the highest partner status within the SAP Competency Framework in the area of Customer Experience, which designates the FIS Group as experts in the areas of e-commerce, sales, service and marketing.

Complete control of all sales processes with sap sales cloud

Sales Force Automation

SAP Sales Cloud bundles all customer data in one system. It is available for sales managers on any terminal – online and offline. A CRM solution relieves your sales team of administrative tasks so that its members have more time for their customers. The following CRM functions will provide assistance:

  • Real-time analyses of customer data and sales opportunities
  • Easy creation and processing of leads and opportunities
  • Structured processing of acquisitions due to task recommendations in the activity consultant
  • Efficient working due to integration of Office applications
  • Collaboration tools for cooperation improvement and productivity increase
  • Networked mobile SD functions with seamless offline and online synchronization
  • Automated provision of prices and quotations
  • Always up to date through connection of your ERP system

Sales Performance Management

Planning and evaluations in clear dashboards help increase efficiency in your sales team and reliably reach your objectives. SAP Sales Cloud provides you with analyses at the touch of a button so that sales managers can keep an eye on opportunities with a high probability of sales deals. The following functions will provide assistance:

  • Business Intelligence for your customer management: assessment of lead and sales opportunities through machine learning
  • Identification of employees with relevant customer relationships and sales deal opportunities
  • Comprehensive sales target planning and tracking
  • Management of sales territories, targets and forecasts
  • SAP CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote: Quotations with complex product configurations and customer-specific prices can be created easily and displayed in a visually appealing manner
  • Creation and optimization of performance-related remuneration plans
SAP Sales Cloud – Dashboard

A suitable CRM solution in swiss mechanical engineering

Implementing the SAP Sales Cloud with fis as a strong partner

With FIS, you will get a reliable partner with long-term experience in the CRM and SAP area. Together with its “Medienwerft” subsidiary, FIS covers the entire topic range of SAP Customer Experience. With solutions for sales and distribution, marketing, service and e-commerce, we offer a complete package. Complemented by our know-how in the ERP area and further SAP solutions, we provide you with integrated systems for highest efficiency. In this way, we will develop a tailor-made solution with you for your very personal digital success strategy.

  • FIS is your reliable service provider for all SAP topics with more than 25 years of experience.
  • As an SAP partner with “Gold” status and a certified SAP Partner Center of Expertise, the SAP expertise, the service and the performance quality of FIS are confirmed in regular audits.
  • The FIS experts will support you from individual consulting and implementation up to a continuous system operation and service-oriented support.

Packages for your successful IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT

Based on our project experience, we have put together some implementation packages for SAP Sales Cloud you can use for optimizing your SD processes in a company-tailored way. You put together your software solution individually and directly get a possible price for your project. 

Simon Sales works as a sales employee for Algorithmus GmbH. The organization of customer data, deadlines and his current pipeline requires high manual efforts. All data is saved in different lists Simon is gradually losing track of. 

Simon can use the SAP Sales Cloud solution as a CRM system, i.e. a comprehensive contact book where all customers, company data as well as leads and opportunities are displayed clearly. All customer activities of Simon and his colleagues can be managed in this system. Tasks, appointments, phone calls and mails are clearly displayed and can be viewed at any time. The maintenance of the entire customer history provides the sales managers with a 360-degree view of the customers. Simon can also open the contact book at any time also while being on the move. 

Simon gets a map for the planning and execution of his sales process in order to design his route to the customer in a targeted manner. In this way, he organizes all activities relating to the customer holistically and consistently from sales forecast and sales planning to contract conclusion. For this purpose, he benefits from different modules such as sales area management, campaign management, quote and order management and checklists with sales call reports. 

Together with his sales manager, Simon can use the magnifying glass to view his current pipeline and foreseeable developments. By only one click, the sales manager can view all open leads and opportunities in the dashboard as well as all current figures they require. As a result,sales controlacross the entire sales team as well as detailed analyses are possible without any problems. 

To have automatic access to all current product/service data, Simon gets a data conveyor belt which provides him with central corporate information of Algorithmus GmbH via ERP integration . As a result, he can accelerate his work and avoid errors in quotations and contracts with customers. 

Workshop content 

  • On-site workshop incl. preparation and follow-up 
  • Presentation of the FIS best practice processes in SAP Sales Cloud by a project manager 
  • Analysis of your data and processes 
  • Optional: check of system requirements and infrastructure for an ERP integration 

Workshop result 

  • You get to know the system (SAP Sales Cloud) 
  • Overview of the standard functions and scenarios in the areas of sales and marketing 
  • Recommendation and project scope definition by FIS 
  • Creation of a concept for implementing a CRM system 
  • You get an individual and customer-specific project offer for SAP Sales Cloud implementation 

Your benefits 

  • Risk reduction for your company by learning more about the application and FIS as an implementation partner 
  • Increased efficiency by analyzing existing processes and data 
  • Optimal implementation preparation by analyzing your SD data and processes 

Functional scope 

  • Management of customers, contact persons and sales prospects 
  • Activity management (tasks, appointments, phone calls, mails) 
  • Lead and opportunity management 
  • Call management with map visualization and route planning 
  • Employee and user management with access concept 
  • Product management 
  • Document storage 
  • Native app for mobile access (offline capable) 
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes for synchronizing customers, mails, tasks, appointments and sales calls 
  • Standard reporting (reports and dashboards) 
  • Team collaboration with efficient feeds (SAP JAM) 
  • Quarterly function updates by SAP 

Consulting scope 

  • Workshops (kickoff and scoping – further if required) 
  • Project management 
  • Documentation and know-how transfer 
  • Economic configuration and Customizing of the defined scenarios 
  • Support for tests and training courses 
  • Preparation for go-live 

Your benefits 

  • SAP Sales Cloud increases your effectiveness in customer relationships and sales (out-of-the-box solution) 
  • A 360-degree view of your customers and a cross-departmental data basis enable you to contact customers individually and increase their satisfaction 
  • Early recognition of sales opportunities and better use of cross-selling potentials 
  • Many adjustment options to tailor the application to the requirements of your company and employees 
  • Quick and efficient implementation project due to long-standing CRM experience and application of best practice business scenarios 

Price starting with 15,000 €* 

Functional scope 

  • Quote and order management 
    • Local price determination 
    • Quotation print and sending 
    • Mapping of the lead-to-order process 
  • Sales campaigns for newsletter sending or telemarketing for instance 
  • Sales forecast and planning 
  • Sales area management 
  • Checklists and surveys with sales call reports; individual sales reporting

Consulting scope 

  • Workshops (kickoff and scoping – further if required) 
  • Project management 
  • Documentation and know-how transfer 
  • Economic configuration and Customizing of the defined scenarios 
  • Support for tests and training courses 
  • Preparation for go-live 

Your benefits 

  • Automatic storage of orders and agreements in the sales tool 
  • Integrated collaboration functions facilitate the coordination of contract arrangements 
  • Specific and personalized contact with sales prospects and customers via mailing campaigns using defined target groups 
  • Efficient planning of your sales resources by using an overview of your capacities and your pipeline 
  • Analysis of sales areas relative to the data-driven selection of sales campaigns 
  • Detailed analyses and dashboards at the push of a button 

Price starting with 10,000 €*

Integration in SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA – functional scope: 

  • Standard integration of objects: 
    • Employees 
    • Sales organization 
    • Customers 
    • Contact person 
    • Customer hierarchy 
    • Products 
    • Product hierarchy 
  • Extended integration: 
    • Orders 
    • Quotations 
    • External price determination from ERP 
    • Document flow 
    • Optional: customer-specific enhancements 

Consulting scope 

  • Workshops (kickoff and scoping – further if required) 
  • Documentation of the standard integration 
  • Implementation of the defined standard SAP Sales Cloud integration scenarios 
  • Support for tests and training courses 
  • Project management and know-how transfer 
  • Go-live support 

Your benefits 

  • Up-to-date information for your sales team via access to data from the ERP system 
  • Consistent and redundant-free data retention through automated data exchange between CRM and ERP 
  • Increase of customer satisfaction via faster order processing 
  • No more or reduced efforts for data migration due to initial data import from SAP

Price starting with 15,000 €* 

* Quotations are exclusively addressed to enterprises within the meaning of § 14 BGB (German Civil Code). Prices plus VAT. We reserve the right to make changes at any time. Quotation does not include SAP licenses. Acquisition of SAP licenses is offered in addition. 

FAQ on SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly known as SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales or SAP Hybris Sales Cloud) is the comprehensive SAP CRM solution for sales and distribution. SAP Sales Cloud provides customer information in real time and supports sales departments in optimal customer relationship management, early identification of sales opportunities and sustainable increase of sales volumes. 

  • Flexible working both on the desktop and on mobile devices, all data always available 
  • Fast and exact identification of customer needs and, as a consequence, increasing sales volumes 
  • Efficient opportunity and lead management as well as first-class management of sales opportunities 
  • Top usability of the application and consequently highest user acceptance 
  • Comprehensive evaluations and analytics functions as well as clear dashboard 
  • Convenient integration of third-party systems (Outlook, Groupwise, telephony integration) 
  • Creation of target groups and campaigns for efficient communication with customers and prospective customers 

SAP Sales Cloud is part of the SAP C/4HANA Suite. In this suite, marketing, sales and distribution, service and e-commerce solutions have been bundled. These applications are optimally integrated into each other. The great advantage of the SAP sales solution is its proximity to the SAP Marketing Cloud solution the Sales Cloud solution can be easily connected to. However, an ERP integration of SAP Sales Cloud is also provided by default and can therefore be set up easily. 

Interested in SAP Sales Cloud? Request personal consulting

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Optimized processes for customer-centric departments


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SAP Sales Cloud

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Intelligent SAP Sales and Service Cloud: transition package for V2 


SAP Sales Cloud – More than just a CRM solution

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A suitable CRM solution – SAP Sales Cloud at Walter Meier (Fertigungslösungen) AG

SAP Sales Cloud supports you in optimally managing customer relationships, recognizing sales opportunities in due time and sustainably increasing your sales volumes. Develop with FIS and Medienwerft your personal success strategy for your SD department!

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