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Efficient Management of HR Core Competences With Sap Hcm

Apart from current challenges such as skills shortage and retention of employees to the company, the classical tasks of HR management must not be forgotten. Personnel administration and payroll still tie up a considerable amount of time and resources within HR departments and corporate administration. In the field of personnel administration, payroll, travel expense reports and time recording, the use of digital processes and self-services simplifies and automates work steps in order to give your HR employees more time for other important activities.

These customers are already convinced of our expertise in the area of Human Ressources:

Efficient processes and data protection in one package

It is still very important for many companies to keep HR core competences, such as time management or payroll, within the safe and reliable on-premise environment. Here, you can refer to the well-established SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) solution. FIS is your competent partner for cross-industry SAP implementations also in the HR area. With more than 25 years of experience and an expert consultant team, FIS supports you from the decision in favor of the HCM HR module to the system go-live.

SAP HCM service scope (excerpts):

  • Personnel administration
  • Time management
  • Payroll
  • Travel expenses
  • Employee and Organizational management
  • Workforce planning
  • Personnel cost planning 

The SAP SuccessFactors solution also paves your way towards a cloud-based Human Capital Management. SuccessFactors, the well-established solution for talent management, enables you to optimize your processes and get ready for the future. By combining SAP ERP HCM and the cloud solution SuccessFactors, in a hybrid approach, you can take advantage of both on-premise and cloud environments. Core HR functions remain securely in the proven on-premise environment, while functions such as recruiting, talent management, and a learning solution are managed in the cloud in a timely and flexible manner. 

Your benefits with SAP HCM

  • Increased security due to optimized assignment of roles and authorizations
  • Optimized decision basis using a current, standardized and consolidated data basis
  • Transparent task assignment and automated allocation of approval rights via predefined positions
  • Support during the transformation of the company through the automated assignment of rights in case of staff hiring and position changes
  • SAP HCM assists your employees before, during and after their activities in your company
  • Employee Self-Services (ESS) and Manager Self-Services (MSS) relieve the HR department of administrative tasks and provide transparency for employees
  • Intuitive operation and user-friendliness through SAP Fiori

SAP strategy for HCM users – Securely positioned for the future

Möglichkeiten der SAP HXM-Strategie
Possibilities of the SAP HXM strategy

The SAP Cloud strategy provides that SAP HCM ERP user companies are to change over to the Full HXM Cloud in the long term and, as a consequence, manage all HR processes in SAP SuccessFactors. The SAP strategy offers SAP HCM user companies planning security: The on-premises SAP ERP HCM solution will be available to users as usual until 2030 with extended maintenance. As an alternative, SAP now offers H4S4, an on-premises variant based on S/4HANA with a promised runtime until 2040. For users running SAP HCM on-premises, the ability to run core HR functions, such as payroll and time management, is therefore still guaranteed. In addition, it is important to prepare the way towards Full HXM Cloud in the next few years and to already make the transition step by step, for instance via hybrid scenarios. 

Due to the availability of the integrated HCM module, a carve-out into an independent HCM system is not mandatory any longer. However, the benefits of an exported HCM system still plead for a carve-out of the SAP HCM module. They include a significantly increased data security due to the reduced number of users in the independent HCM system with clear authorization structures, for instance. Thanks to the independence of other SAP modules upon importing updates and features, an exported HCM system always guarantees state-of-the-art HR functionalities based on the current technology status. SAP optimization FIS/hrd ensures maximum security and efficiency in case of an SAP HCM carve-out.

Data Protection and Audit Compliance in SAP HCM

Data protection and security play a distinguished role in human resources due to personal data. For additional protection of sensitive employee data, which goes far beyond the authorization system in the SAP standard version, and an audit-proof development, FIS offers an SAP optimization for migration and revision in SAP HCM. Thanks to different components, SAP optimization FIS/hrd, which is individually adjusted to the respective enterprise, significantly increases the protection of personal information in the SAP system. The application is fully integrated in SAP HCM and rounds off the complete FIS package for advanced HR management in SAP HR.

Your additional benefits for SAP HCM due to the applications of the FIS/hrd product line:

  • Audit compliance
  • Traceability of all changes
  • Time saving and high data quality
  • All results can be compared (time evaluation, travel expenses, payrolls)
  • Individual adjustment through Customizing

Mapping the Negotiated Extra Pay in SAP HCM

For a holistic mapping of the collective agreement of IG Metall and Elektro (industrial union of metal and electrical industry workers) concerning the negotiated extra pay (T-ZUG) in SAP HCM, FIS provides an efficient solution. Within the scope of the collective agreement, it is possible for employees to change a negotiated extra pay into a negotiated exemption period. It must be checked individually whether employees fulfill the entitlement conditions for the additional contribution. However, this is very cumbersome in the SAP HCM system.

By using the FIS consulting solution, the situation can be correctly mapped in SAP HCM. The entitlement can then be checked manually provided that the required information has been maintained in the SAP HCM system or automatically. Even company-specific prerequisites can be included in check and validation. If required, the information on the individually negotiated extra pay can also be accessed from payroll and time evaluation. In this way, the FIS solution ensures a holistic inclusion of the collective agreement into the HR processes and avoids administrative efforts.

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Even though many SAP modules can only be implemented together with other modules, the HR solution is also appropriate for companies without an existing SAP ERP system. In this case, FIS optimally integrates the SAP HCM module into the existing IT landscape of your company. Do you have questions or would you like to get to know more about this topic? Do not hesitate to contact the FIS consultants via phone or e-mail.

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