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Data protection and revision security – Safety For Sensitive Data

Staff data requires particular data protection. The SAP optimization FIS/hrd enables you to encrypt and anonymize employee data in SAP beyond standard access authorizations. This is a measure to protect your data and use it, for instance, for test systems or training purposes. The FIS/hrd SRA module enables the audit-proof Customizing development in SAP HCM systems and is an indispensable tool for Human Resources departments. This FIS software optimization is suitable for the cross-industry use in HR user departments that work with SAP systems.

These customers are already convinced of our expertise in the area of Human Ressources:

Focal points of the FIS/hrd optimization

  • PCM – Payroll Change Management
  • Research in settlement data
  • Audit compliance within Customizing
  • Optimization of maintenance processes
  • System migration and system reengineering
  • Qualified “before and after” analysis

Migration and revision for SAP HCM

FIS/hrd has been designed for anything to do with security and auditable development and contains convenient tools for numerous activities in HR departments of SAP users. After all, personal data is considered particularly worthy of protection, and not just when the EU data protection basic regulation of the European Union comes into force in May 2018. FIS is the competent partner for companies, and in particular HR departments, when it comes to data protection, migration, auditing and much more.

Transparent customizing with FIS/hrd SRA

Your benefits with FIS/hrd SRA

  • Versioning of schemas & rules as well as Customizing tables
  • Controlling differences between systems or clients can be determined quickly
  • Audit-capability of Customizing changes
  • Optimization of maintenance processes
  • Matching support PCM – Payroll Change Management
  • Support for analysis and maintenance
  • Auditable development due to note function
  • Analysis of settlements
  • Support for troubleshooting
  • Error and default risks of the SAP payroll and working time evaluation are reduced
  • At any key date, the compliance with reporting obligations is guaranteed
  • Efficient and easy management of complex HCM topics, such as documentation obligation
  • High efficiency and time saving when matching HCM support packages, development statuses and system differences
  • Operational Relevance Check (ORC) component for checking the operational relevance of data in the system

Data protection at all levels with FIS/hrd CCC

FIS/hrd CCC allows the anonymization of employee data for analysis, training purposes or for system updates, changes and mergers. Templates are prepared for this purpose, which help you to process the data in accordance with selected data protection guidelines. For example, you can quickly build up the data stock required for training purposes without affecting your production system.

FIS/hrd CCC also offers the user numerous analysis and comparison functions. Data can be analyzed from the perspective of individual employees, but also, for example, across departments.

Particularly due to the new EU data protection basic regulation, it is important to know what personal data exists in the SAP system so that you can take the right measures for protection. The DIA component of FIS/hrd supports CCC in this by showing which data that is worthy of protection exists in your SAP system. The component for data information analysis determines person-related entries at different levels of analysis and presents them clearly in FIS/hrd. The data determined can then be processed in accordance with EU-DSGVO. In this way, companies comply with the obligation to provide information and the right to be forgotten at any time in an uncomplicated and secure manner. The DIA component prepares the personnel data in a structured way and can thus be used as preparation and for the ongoing review of personnel data within the framework of SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM).

Your benefits with FIS/hrd CCC

  • Execution of “before and after” analyses
  • Conversion options for the consolidation, decoupling or reengineering of systems
  • Corrections can already be made in the development system
  • No more client or system copies
  • Optimization of maintenance processes
  • Highest data quality
  • System copies often become obsolete
  • Traceability of problems
  • Transparency of data protection problems and the fulfillment of compliance requirements: there is no real staff data outside the production system
  • Data information component (DIA) for determining person-related entries at table and field level
  • FIS/hrd CCC supports you in importing service packages
  • Time-saving comparisons and auditing of results
  • High quality of all checks

Protection of wage and salary data with FIS/hrd WAE

Your benefits with FIS/hrd WAE

  • Sensitive data, such as wage and salary data, is protected against unauthorized access
  • No need to adjust Personnel Administration processes
  • Minimum implementation efforts
  • No upgrade efforts for a new software version due to modification-free implementation
  • Full integration of the solution in FIS/hrd CCC

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With many functions and toolboxes, the FIS/hrd optimization optimizes work in the HR department and SAP data protection by means of audit compliance, automated checks, encryption and anonymization. If your company would like to benefit from these advantages, receive a non-binding consultation by the FIS specialists. Please contact them via phone or e-mail. The FIS consultants will be pleased to answer your questions and give you detailed information about all their HR solutions.

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