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HR Master Data, Payroll and Time Management –SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY IN SAP HCM WITH FIS/hrd

HR Master Data, Payroll and Time Management –SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY IN SAP HCM WITH FIS/hrd

Security and reliability are paramount in the core HR functions, such as payroll and time management. The challenge lies in the dependence on countless influences. These include statutory changes, new negotiated agreements or individual company agreements. Time-critical adjustments, such as short-time allowance, have an immediate impact on payroll. New work models, such as home office and hybrid working, are influencing time management, among other things.

Even small changes may have far-reaching effects in the SAP HCM system. With precisely tailored optimizations, you relieve the burden on those responsible in the HR and IT departments of your company. In addition, requirements relating to audit compliance and data protection can be easily implemented.

These customers are already convinced of our expertise in the area of Human Resources:

Data Protection and Audit Compliance in SAP HCM THE FIS/hrd TOOLS

The FIS/hrd tool set supports SAP HCM users and facilitate the daily work in human resources and HR IT. The core HR functions, such as payroll or time management, are designed to be efficient, transparent and compliant with data protection requirements.

The FIS/hrd Schema and Rule Analyzer (SRA) enables the audit-proof development of schemas, rules and Customizing in SAP HCM systems. With the help of the tool, you ensure the traceability of changes and benefit from efficient processes in SAP HCM Time Management and Payroll, among others – from comparisons and troubleshooting to matching support during the import of support packages up to transparent documentation directly in the HCM system. 

The FIS/hrd CCC copy and comparison tool provides comprehensive functions for tests, copies, comparisons or migrations. By using the tool, you reduce the time expenditure and optimize the handling of your HR master data with sensitive data protection being a priority.

Your benefits BY USING FIS/hrd

FIS/hrd SRA Schema and Rule Analyzer

  • Traceability of changes to schemas, rules and tables increases audit compliance
  • Reduced error rate as well as fast troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Time saving when matching HCM support packages, development statuses and system differences
  • Easy and efficient management of complex HCM systems
  • Easy initial job training for new employees
  • Reduced downtime risks in payroll and time evaluation
  • Minimal effort for FIS/hrd version upgrades due to modification-free development in a separate namespace

FIS/hrd CCC Copy and Comparison Tool

  • Elimination of system and client copies
  • Rapid availability of high-quality test data
  • Improved test quality while saving time
  • Optimized maintenance processes, in particular through mass data tests
  • Protection of sensitive data, such as wage and salary data, from unauthorized access
  • Comprehensive anonymization while maintaining test data relevance
  • Flexible adjustment to individual requirements as configurable via individual Customizing
  • Support for migrations
  • Minimal effort for FIS/hrd version upgrades due to modification-free development in a separate namespace

Interesting Downloads CONCERNING FIS/hrd

Data Protection and Audit Compliance for SAP HCM – WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY

Für uns ist es sehr wichtig, dass wir zu jedem Zeitpunkt nachvollziehen können, was im System geändert wurde. So minimieren wir das Risiko von Fehlern und sind revisionssicher.
Hermann-Josef Haag, Leiter IPEMA®-SERVICE-CENTER (ISC) im Landesamt für Finanzen Rheinland-Pfalz

The FIS/hrd Schema and Rule Analyzer (SRA) TRACEABILITY & AUDIT COMPLIANCE

In the HCM environment, development processes in running IT systems are particularly frequent. However, every change in Customizing affects the processes and results in payroll and time management – even small changes can have a big impact. Correct information cannot be guaranteed in response to requests by auditors or user departments concerning the Customizing status at a specific point in time.

FIS/hrd SRA ensures a traceable and audit-proof development of the core processes by versioning payroll schemas and rules as well as all other table sections. This allows you to keep an overview at all times and to quickly and easily determine deltas of the original versions even across system boundaries – even without extensive IT know-how. Versioning allows error sources to be reliably identified and eliminated.

The Operational Relevance Check (ORC) component of FIS/hrd SRA enables comprehensive relevance check of schemas and rules in ERP systems. Legacy or unused schemas and rules are identified and can then be easily cleaned up. This keeps the ERP system lean. The ORC component is fully integrated into the FIS/hrd Schema and Rule Analyzer.

The main functionalities of FIS/hrd SRA:

  • Versioning of schemas and rules as well as Customizing tables
  • Audit-proof documentation of changes directly in the system, supplemented by note function
  • Matching support during the import of HCM support packages
  • Comparison between versions and systems for analysis and maintenance support, especially for troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Operational Relevance Check component (OCR) for operational relevance check of schemas and rules

Quality and Security for the HR Core Functions – SUCCESS STORY OF THYSSENKRUPP RASSELSTEIN GMBH


Sensitive personnel data requires the highest level of protection: Benefit from anonymized employee data and ensure all-around reliable protection against unauthorized access. With the FIS/hrd CCC copy and comparison tool, the implementation of the EU GDPR is facilitated and the secure handling of sensitive HR data ensured.

Comprehensive analysis and comparison functions ensure time savings and efficient processes for tests, analyses or system migrations. Data can be analyzed from the point of view of individual employees or across departments. Perform tests and mass comparisons easily and quickly. Cloning of personnel data for test purposes is also possible. This means that the required test datasets can be built up in the shortest possible time without affecting the productive system. Employee data is reliably anonymized for tests, analyses or trainings.

FIS/hrd CCC reliably protects sensitive data from unauthorized access by means of additional authorizations and encryption – far beyond the regular SAP authorization system.

The main functionalities of FIS/hrd CCC:

  • Easy copying of HCM data from the production system to the upstream systems
  • Comparison function for executing ‘before and after’ analyses
  • Cloning of objects, e.g. for test purposes
  • Corrections can already be made in the development system
  • Comparison function, e.g. to support the import of support packages and result checks
  • Extensive anonymization options, also individually configurable
  • Additional encryption of sensitive data, far beyond the regular authorization system
  • Conversion options for the consolidation, decoupling or reengineering of systems.
  • Data information component (DIA) for determining person-related entries at table and field level

Data Protection and Data Security WITH SAP ILM

Locking, deleting, and archiving personal data in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA efficiently and reliably is exceedingly complex – especially in a system with customer-specific enhancements. Not only the dataset in the SAP production system, but also in test or quality assurance systems must be considered.

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) has been developed for retaining, locking and deleting data and documents in your SAP system. By using ILM, the life cycle of SAP data can be managed in an automated way by means of rules. The tool is recommended by SAP as a supporting measure for EU GDPR.

SAP ILM will assist you with managing the life cycle of the information stored in SAP by means of Information Retention Management functions:

  • Determination of ILM rules: You can independently define ILM rules, e.g. retention rules and retention periods, to map the legal requirements correctly in SAP and to apply these provisions to live data as well as to data already archived. According to these requirements and processes, the data can be archived in an automated way.
  • Locking of data: Data can be locked against premature deletion if it is relevant for legal cases for instance or if it is to be locked against access of specific SAP users or employees.
  • Deletion of data: In consideration of legal requirements or locking due to a legal case, data can be deleted in a rule-consistent manner.

Your data will be archived on an ILM-certified WebDAV server to guarantee the immutability of personal data and prevent premature deletion.

By combining SAP ILM and the DIA component of FIS/hrd CCC, you are optimally positioned to implement the requirements of the EU GDPR.

FAQ on FIS/hrd

The optimization for SAP HCM is suitable for all industries and can be used in HR user departments that work with SAP systems and want to increase the quality and security in SAP payroll. FIS/hrd has been designed for anything to do with security and auditable development and is used for the special protection of sensitive HR data in SAP. The FIS/hrd CCC component anonymizes employee data outside the production system. The solution enables the transfer of anonymized HR data for comparison and test cases within the SAP HCM systems. Sensitive data is identified in the system and can be treated in conformity with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The FIS/hrd SRA module makes changes traceable and ensures audit compliance and traceability of Customizing adjustments. FIS/hrd SRA can be used to version schemas and rules, but also any other table section. In this way, deltas from the original versions can also be determined across system boundaries. 

  • PCM – Payroll Change Management 
  • Research in payroll data 
  • Audit compliance within Customizing 
  • Optimization of maintenance processes 
  • System migration and reengineering 
  • Qualified ‘before and after’ analysis

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FIS/hrd – Release 2024-1

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Release information:

FIS/hrd – Release 2023-1

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With many functions and toolboxes, the FIS/hrd optimization optimizes work in the HR department and SAP data protection by means of audit compliance, automated checks, encryption and anonymization. If your company would like to benefit from these advantages, receive a non-binding consultation by the FIS specialists. Please contact them via phone or e-mail. The FIS consultants will be pleased to answer your questions and give you detailed information about all their HR solutions.

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