Intralogistics under SAP S/4HANA with SAP Stock Room Management

Stock Room Management is the new SAP solution for simple, manual warehouse logistics processes that replaces the former SAP LES/WM (also called SAP WM) system in SAP S/4HANA. This enables you to also map warehouse Management (WM) processes to a large extent with the new ERP S/4HANA system.


With more than 25 years of SAP warehouse logistics experience, FIS supports you in the new implementation of SAP Stock Room Management and in the transition from SAP LES/WM to SAP Stock Room Management or SAP EWM. Many years of know-how in the SAP environment, especially with SAP ERP, enables the IT specialists at FIS to implement a reliably integrated supply chain across all upstream and downstream processes in your company.


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Your benefits using Stock Room Management with FIS

  • Full integration into the SAP ERP system ensures consistent document flows
  • Future-proof warehouse logistics through integration scenarios when it comes to a changeover to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM Basic or Advanced)
  • Individual developments and process mappings ensure tailor-made software through Customizing to your specific warehouse requirements
  • Field-tested additional functions by FIS complement the SAP standard version of Stock Room Management and therefore ensure more efficiency in your processes (e.g. mapping of mobile business processes)
  • Holistic process consulting and integration by FIS ensures the consistent supply chain

Our references in SAP Logistics

Scope of services of Stock Room Management

Stock Room Management is primarily intended for existing customers with SAP WM implementations whose warehouse processes are already fully covered by this software and who do not require any updates or new developments (such as Fiori apps). The transition to the future-proof SAP Embedded EWM system under S/4HANA is therefore easier. Stock Room Management can therefore be an interim solution and intermediate step on the way to warehouse digitization.


It is a classic WM system with a limited range of functions. Some of the previously included functions, such as Cross Docking (WM-CD), Yard Management (WM-YM) or Value-Added Services (WM-VAS), can no longer be used in S/4HANA as from 2026.


This means that a simple, manual small parts warehouse can still be comprehensively mapped with Stock Room Management (for example, transfer orders for all manual warehouse movements including mobile processing).


The FIS/smw SAP optimization can be used as a supplement to Stock Room Management and makes working even more efficient and easier. The solution consists of additional features for subareas of warehouse logistics processes that can be used separately. This ensures that you can optimally implement your individual logistics requirements, such as mobile warehouse processes.

SAP Stock Room Management Core Processes:

  • Putaway strategies
  • Mobile dialogs (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Quality management (QM) integration
  • Distinction between goods receipt stock and available stock
  • Optimized goods receipt (speedy goods receipt processing)
  • Deconsolidation (distribution of a pallet to different load carriers optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Different inventory types
  • Warehouse reorganization (stock transfers of materials, such as fast/slow-moving items, optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Monitoring of warehouse processes (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Graphical display of warehouse key figures (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Replenishment processing (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Scrapping
  • Storage bin management
  • Mobile dialogs
  • Storage bin structures
  • Batch management
  • Integration into production
  • Stock removal strategies
  • Mobile dialogs (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Loading (optimized with FIS/smw)
  • Packing planning

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Flyer: Warehouse logistics with FIS - field-tested and future-proof

By using SAP Stock Room Management, you increase your efficiency and simplify your intralogistics activities. The FIS/smw extension provides you with numerous additional functions for an even more convenient use of the SAP software. Are you interested in a consultation without any obligations? Please do not hesitate to contact the FIS professionals by phone or e-mail.

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