SAP Sales Cloud – The advanced CRM for your sales department

The essential task of an efficient Customer Relationship Management is to focus on customer relationships and on the efficient process design of these relationships. Today's customers are better informed than ever. They research and compare products and services online. Therefore, more than half of the purchase process is already completed before the customer gets in touch with a sales employee. Due to the increased number of touch points by means of which customers can contact companies, advanced CRM software must provide a comprehensive data basis of the customer's activities so that the sales department can effectively exploit sales opportunities.

Modules for your sales success – Simon Sales and his way to more turnover

Based on our project experience, we have put together modules for the SAP Sales Cloud for you, with which you can optimize your sales processes – tailor-made for your company. You put your software solution together individually and receive a possible price for your project directly.


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Optimize your sales processes with modern Customer Relationship Management

A CRM application in the cloud offers many technological advantages in comparison with an on-premise solution: You always get a state-of-the-art application adjusted to the current state of technology due to regular updates and extendable by additional solutions for your customer-centered departments. Furthermore, cloud solutions can be scaled very flexibly and you always have up-to-date data that can be used to make evaluations in real time - even for your field service.


SAP Sales Cloud (the former SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales/SAP Hybris Sales Cloud) is the advanced SAP CRM solution for your sales department. You benefit from the portfolio of cloud-based applications, such as preconfigured SD and marketing processes, collaborative work, optimized sales processes and satisfied customers. SAP Sales Cloud supports your sales department in optimally managing customer relationships, recognizing sales opportunities in due time and sustainably increasing your sales volumes.


You promote the digital transformation in your company while making your sales team more successful. SAP Sales Cloud (the former SAP Hybris) now provides you with a highly cross-linked and up-to-date data basis enabling you to always have everything in view.


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Your Benefits using SAP Sales Cloud

  • Flexible working both on the desktop and on mobile devices, all data always available
  • Fast and exact identification of customer needs and, as a consequence, increasing sales volumes
  • Efficient opportunity and lead management and first-class management of sales opportunities
  • Top usability of the application and consequently highest user acceptance
  • Comprehensive evaluations and analytics functions as well as clear dashboard
  • Convenient integration of third-party systems (Outlook, Groupwise, telephony integration)
  • Creation of target groups and campaigns for an efficient communication with your customers and prospective customers

Control and automation of your sales processes with SAP Sales Cloud

SD support

Relieve your team of administrative tasks so that they have more time for their customers. SAP Sales Cloud provides you with analyses at the touch of a button so that you can keep an eye on opportunities with a high probability of sales deals. The following functions support you:


  • Real-time analyses of customer data and sales opportunities
  • Easy creation and processing of leads and opportunities
  • Business Intelligence for your customer management: lead and opportunity valuation through machine learning
  • Identification of employees with relevant customer relationships and sales deal opportunities
  • More efficient work through the integration of Office tools
  • Automated provision of prices and quotations
  • Always up to date through the connection of your ERP system


Sales Performance Management

Increase the sales performance of your company and achieve more efficiency in your sales team. This is how you reliably achieve your sales goals. The following functions support you:


  • Simplified Territory Management
  • Sales volume recognition
  • Track activities and reward progress
  • Sales forecast and pipeline management - forecast quarterly sales
  • Analysis of Lead-to-Money data in real time
  • Reveal of lost orders and missed opportunities

Implementing the SAP Sales Cloud with FIS as a strong partner

With FIS, you have a partner that pursues a holistic approach in the field of Customer Experience: This means that, together with our Medienwerft subsidiary, we can provide highly integrative scenarios between the leading solutions in the area of Customer Experience. Together with you, we develop your personal digital success strategy!


  • Holistic top consulting with more than 20 years of process experience for SAP products
  • FIS is an SAP partner with "Gold" status
  • Our development specialists understand their day-to-day business and know what counts. Therefore, we can meet the individual requirements of your company to a large extent.
  • You benefit from a solution optimally embedded in your individual architecture
  • Integration scenarios in SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP

Optimized processes for customer-centric departments

SAP Marketing Cloud

Knowing the customers and their requirements and making this knowledge the focus of your activities - the SAP Marketing Cloud solution makes this even easier.


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SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is the advanced platform for your successful e-commerce. Convince your customers by an excellent shopping experience!


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SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud is the advanced CRM solution for your customer service processes. Ensure the long-term success of your customer service and high customer satisfaction.


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Optimized technical field service with SAP Field Service Management

SAP Field Service Management is an application for professional deployment planning of field service technicians, vehicles, materials and tools. Here, the solution supports employees in charge of service in the entire process - from tickets, planning and mobile field service up to reporting and final billing.


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Flyer: SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud supports you in optimally managing customer relationships, recognizing sales opportunities in due time and sustainably increasing your sales volumes. Develop with FIS and Medienwerft your personal success strategy for your SD department!

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