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FIS Obtains “Expert” Status for SAP Business Technology Platform

FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH has obtained the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) "Expert" status. It shows companies how to find the right consulting and implementation partner for their business challenges in the cloud.


In the new Competency Framework for the cloud business, the “Expert” award is the highest status an SAP partner can obtain. The framework consists of different solution areas with SAP Business Technology Platform being one of them. SAP BTP enables advanced cloud developments and their integration, offers data management solutions as well as analytics and planning functions and consequently creates the basis for a promising SAP landscape.   

“Expert” status and Competency Framework –  
the certification provides customers and prospective customers with orientation 

The Competency Framework and the certifications reveal the performance of the SAP partners. “The Competency Framework clearly shows the competences and experiences of the partners and therefore complements the SAP “Gold”, “Silver” and “Platinum” partner statuses. Through the display of the individual expertise fields, the framework provides companies that are looking for the right partner with even more orientation,” FIS managing director Dieter Ball reports.   

The Competency Framework covers a total of five cloud solution areas, which, in addition to SAP BTP, include ERP and supply chain as well as Customer Experience for instance. The authorization, certification and project levels are available for each area as well as the three Essential, Advanced and Expert statuses. To obtain certification, the partner must provide proof of a specific number of projects and go-lives for the levels within 24 months – and of the appropriate personnel, i.e. project managers, consultants and technology experts (Platform Experts). Ten go-lives are required for the “Expert” status. The Competency Framework is a rolling system: the partners permanently have to continue their activities to meet the requirements, which is a challenge in view of often long project runtimes in the SAP environment. 

SAP BTP Expert –  
award for cloud developments and integration know-how   

The granting of the “Expert” status in the SAP BTP area rewards the FIS efforts of developing solutions on a cloud basis. FIS consistently pursues the SAP strategy of creating advanced applications in the cloud and providing them as side-by-side solutions on SAP BTP. In addition to customer-specific developments, FIS offers numerous standard solutions that complement the SAP systems in a tailored way.   

Customers also benefit from the longstanding FIS experience in the area of system integration. “FIS has been working on complex SAP projects for more than 30 years. Expertise in the field of interfaces and the integration of processes and systems is crucial for success. For integrating cloud applications, FIS uses the possibilities of SAP BTP and, as a consequence, creates the basis for a successful cloud system architecture. The SAP BTP “Expert” status confirms the existing FIS know-how in the field of application development and integration,” Ball adds.   

The SAP BTP all-in-one package is completed by analytics and planning functions. In this way, companies create the basis for company-wide and consistent decision-making processes on a standardized data basis.  

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