Full Integration of Online Marketplaces into SAP: New FIS/TradeFlex Application

Operate all steps of the sales process in a single solution in the SAP standard system – connection of Ebay, Amazon, Mercateo and many more.

With FIS/TradeFlex, FIS presents a new cloud solution that creates a seamless and secure connection between the ERP system and any online marketplace – fully integrated into SAP, automated and without individual development effort. FIS/TradeFlex covers the entire sales process in the SAP standard system. Consequently, e-commerce activities on diverse online marketplaces become really easy.

The SAP-certified FIS/TradeFlex application consistently integrates online marketplaces into the SAP system. SAP user companies can therefore benefit from the potentials of advanced e-commerce and use the marketplaces as an additional distribution channel for tapping new customer groups and revenue streams or for selling residual items and overproduction. The software is based on the SAP Cloud Platform solution, i.e. on the high-performance HANA database.

Companies often use individual developments for marketplace connection. In order to enter all information required, numerous customer-specific tables must usually be updated. FIS/TradeFlex, however, stores all information centrally and imports it into the SAP Cloud Platform solution for order processing via standardized interfaces. The deep integration into the SAP ERP system increases process efficiency and the degree of automation. At the same time, the user-friendly interface gives users a constant overview of all activities on the online marketplaces.

In contrast to other connectors, FIS/TradeFlex covers all steps of the sales process, i.e. from product listing and order-to-cash process to back processing. The software enables the seamless exchange of information between the SAP system and the marketplaces. The connection of the online marketplaces does not require any individual development effort or specific internal know-how: from product placing to pricing and quantity determination taking into account available quantities as well as price determination in the solution and order creation in ERP with dynamic field and condition control. FIS/TradeFlex, fully integrated into the SAP standard system, also enables the easy and automatic processing of fulfillment and billing synchronization, the payment process with automated assignment of billing documents as well as the back processing in case of returns or credit memos.