Education 4.0 with the digital report booklet by FIS

Digitization, digital media, digital competences – terms constantly encountered in everyday business life. In times of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the use of digital technologies is considered as basic knowledge. At best, young professionals acquire these competences during their vocational training and become fit for their professional career. As an employer, you will benefit from well-trained junior staff by providing digital natives with early support and transfer of knowledge.

Reduce manual efforts concerning report booklets

Nowadays, most of the trainees keep their report booklets in writing on the computer and the trainer signs the printed evidences of formal qualifications. Keeping a report booklet fulfills the legal obligation, but this written activity report is not very popular among young people. Digital natives are familiar with using digital media in their private environment. Today, mobile applications are used daily and vocational training should reflect this. As an employer, you should meet your trainees at equal digital terms. In this way, you strengthen your image as a modern employer.


Moreover, demanding, correcting and controlling report booklets also involves a great deal of effort for training supervisors. In addition, printing costs are incurred due to media breaks and wait times for the document if the trainer happens not to be available. These efforts can be considerably reduced using an electronic report booklet.

Your benefits with the FIS/Berichtsheft

  • Advanced and modern vocational training
  • Mobile online report booklet
  • Entry of evidence of formal qualifications independent of location and time
  • Intuitive, device-independent and digital entry of written evidences of formal qualifications
  • Clear overview and transparency regarding evidence of formal qualifications and grades
  • No loss or forgetting
  • Your data is stored safely and protected (The FIS report booklet is certified by SAP.)
  • Clear overview and transparency regarding the developmental stage and grades
  • Data security (the FIS/Berichtsheft is certified by SAP)
  • Increased training quality and process efficiency
  • Reduced workload through support of electronic documentation processes
  • Resource-saving management: reduction of printing costs
  • Modernization of dual vocational training systems
  • Once the report booklet has been kept, the FIS/Berichtsheft can be saved and archived as PDF file
  • Avoidance of wait times due to location- and time-independent approval of the evidence of formal qualifications
  • Everything at a glance: structured and transparent display of grades and activity reports of the trainees in the report booklet
  • Significantly simplified evidence of formal qualifications due to rejection option incl. comment function and correction request
  • Cloud service for electronic and system-independent use and fast implementation of the solution
  • Easier training organization for running operations - also for small companies
  • Modernization and increased attractiveness of your company and the dual vocational training
  • Paperless work processes
  • The digital report booklet is supported by the responsible departments

Digital Structuring of Training Management – FIS/Ausbildungsplaner

Digital training planning

With the FIS/Ausbildungsplaner (training scheduler), which enables digital training planning in a mobile application, companies relieve trainers considerably and create efficient processes in training management.


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Keeping the report booklet omnipresent using the cloud-based FIS/Berichtsheft

The process for the creation and approval of the report booklet can be completely digitized using the online report booklet by FIS.

The application enables trainees to quickly and intuitively enter their activities electronically irrespective of the device. The trainer will then receive a notification concerning an evidence of formal qualifications waiting for approval. Now, the requested approval can be accepted or rejected with a written comment anywhere and anytime.


In case of rejection, the trainee makes the requested changes and the approval workflow will be restarted. Finally, the report booklet kept can be stored as a PDF file and submitted in printed form to the CCI/CC at a later date for exam admission.

Do not miss the trend: everything is getting mobile

The digitization of vocational training processes saves time that can be profitably used for other activities.

Trainees are enabled to effectively and promptly enter what they have learned across all devices in a mobile way. Consequently, losing or "forgetting" the report booklet belongs to the past. Using FIS/Berichtsheft enables trainers to have an eye on everything. The control of the evidence of formal qualifications is significantly simplified and easily integrated into the daily routine of the trainer: All reports of the online report booklet can be viewed and it is possible to send prompt feedback to the trainees via entries.

Our references – the best evidence

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SAP SuccessFactors

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Do you want to convince your trainees with modern technologies? The digital FIS report booklet is suitable for use in companies with at least 10 trainees. Contact the IT experts at FIS to introduce the digital report booklet.

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