FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH Once Again Certified as "SAP Partner Center of Expertise" (PCoE)

The SAP partner with "Gold" status keeps pace with SAP’s product development and continues to fulfill all SAP service and support standards.

SAP support partners need to undergo regular audits to prove that they meet the changed SAP requirements with regard to the three columns "People", "Processes" and "Infrastructure". For the fourth time in a row, FIS has been certified as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE).


The SAP products are becoming more and more complex. The demands on companies, processes and infrastructure are rising due to new developments, such as SAP S/4HANA or Hybris, and the use of new cloud technolo-gies in the SAP environment. Against this background, SAP partners as well need to deal with more and more complex issues. Therefore, FIS Infor-mationssysteme und Consulting permanently expands its scope of knowledge and qualifies itself once more as a Partner Center of Expertise. The PcoE certification guarantees customers that FIS completely fulfills and masters the SAP quality demands in technical and organizational terms and with regard to support standards, tools, product-specific know-how and ser-vice quality. Moreover, this certification is audited regularly every two years and reissued after passing the audit to guarantee a consistently high quality.


The efficiency of the entire FIS support infrastructure ensures these require-ments. Besides telephone and e-mail, FIS uses its individual FIS/oss Support Management System for the 24/7 SAP support with the SAP Solution Man-ager Enterprise Edition as central platform. The message exchange with SAP exclusively takes place via the SAP Solution Manager. Consequently, FIS is the first contact in the SAP support offering its customers excellent know-how at the highest level.



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