Increased productivity using SAP Usability Engineering by FIS

Process optimization already starts with usability, which means the user-friendliness of the user interfaces of an SAP system. User interfaces that are complicated to operate require high training efforts, increase error rates and make processes inefficient. Consequently, the more user-friendly the usability of a user interface, the higher the efficiency of the software solution will be. After all, the software user should be able to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and intuitively. Only if this is the case can the company fully benefit from the advantages of the implemented software solutions.

FIS as well as a usability engineering process specifically developed for SAP will support your user interface optimization, reduce your costs for expensive user training and increase the acceptance towards the software used.

A software implementation always has important objectives:

  • Increased productivity using an SAP solution
  • Higher quality of work
  • Reduced training efforts
  • Excellent user acceptance of the software used

You can easily achieve these goals using the FIS usability engineering software and relying on the expertise of the SAP specialists.

What does usability exactly mean?

In ISO 9241-11, the term “usability” is clearly defined with three central attributes:

  • Satisfaction
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

Three definitions that clearly describe the desired effect of the user interface of a software solution on the user and the company. Ideally, the user interface only contains elements the user really needs for their activities. If not, the result will be complicated and expensive user training courses and, at worst, employees who will hardly accept the software solution as such. It is this acceptance in particular a company should not underestimate.

Your benefits through usability engineering from FIS

  • Support in requirements analysis for new software
  • Avoidance of costs for downstream optimizations through prototyping
  • Increase in productivity and quality of work
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Tailor-made solution
  • High acceptance of the software used in the company
  • Reduced training effort

How FIS can optimize SAP solutions currently used

Different user roles have different expectations of the user interface of an SAP system. The SAP specialists of FIS optimize the user interfaces with elaborate usability engineering measures. These measures have been successfully applied for many years. Various user interface concepts, such as SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas or the classical SAP GUI, are used.

  • FIS executes a usability test by means of a field-tested methodology. The test will identify the weaknesses of the user interface.
  • Certified FIS usability professionals evaluate the quality of the user interfaces taking into account your existing work organization.
  • Finally, FIS implements the appropriate solution for your company using advanced user interface concepts.

FIS usability engineering prior to the software purchasing decision

Prior to the purchasing decision in favor of SAP software, you and the FIS usability experts identify the required software functions. At the same time, FIS assists you in the management of complex requirements and focuses on a clear user interface design with the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs in procurement and development
  • Reduced complexity of the application
  • Economical use of resources during the project
  • Higher user acceptance after rollout

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Further services by FIS

Are you planning to implement an SAP system in your company, or do you already operate a system with unsatisfying user acceptance? Please contact the FIS specialists and benefit from an elaborate and well-tried usability engineering process. Give the experts a call or contact them via e-mail. The certified FIS professionals would be pleased to inform you about SAP usability.