Individual Development and new technologies

In the age of digitization, the trend is towards standardized cloud solutions. Making enterprise-specific adjustments to these systems is often difficult. Nevertheless, it is important for numerous companies to use individual and agile enhancements to remain competitive. Due to these individual software developments, enterprises differentiate and are one step ahead of the competition, because new technologies and approaches are usually the pioneers for the change so frequently required.


For FIS you as a customer are the center of attention. That is why FIS offers you, in addition to SAP applications and self-developed optimizations, teams of experts who will work with you to find an individual software solution for your specific challenges.

Our idea is to approach customers, breathe life into ideas with them and, in this way, safely accompany them on their way to the digital future.

Stefan Seufert, Team Manager Customer Development Projects at FIS

Machine learning is no witchcraft. It requires data, which is available in abundance in enterprises. We can provide the technological basis and the know-how.

Martin Tempel, Business Development and Innovation Manager at FIS

Solve specific bottlenecks with innovative technologies and methods

By means of creative working techniques such as Design Thinking, the FIS experts analyze your specific requirements with you in a workshop and, subsequently, agilely develop the best solution for your challenge by using the technology that is suitable for you.

If applications cannot be optimized or developed in a rule-based manner, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence come into play. In the area of business development, the FIS experts daily test new topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Analytics, and work on applying them in a profitable way for enterprises. In so doing, FIS improves individual software solutions by using machine learning for instance to make you fit for digital transformation. In this area as well, the FIS experts are pleased with innovative enterprises that are prepared to tread new paths, live open innovation and apply groundbreaking individual solutions in practice.

Realizing visions together – With Design Thinking to a successful product

By using creative approaches such as Design Thinking, the FIS experts analyze your requirements with you and, subsequently, agilely develop a customized software for them. To achieve this, you will work with a team that accompanies you from idea, design and prototype up to the finished product. When it comes to implementing the commonly developed solution, the experts will proceed in a flexible manner: The individual software development is based on different technologies. For this purpose, FIS employs specialized teams, whose aim is to develop an individual software solution that resolves your specific challenge.

AI & Machine Learning in Practice – growing with intelligent solutions

Machine learning is a subarea of Artificial Intelligence. As the wording suggests, it is about imparting knowledge to machines or computers. To this end, a so-called neural network or model needs to be trained with data, such as texts or images. The respective data can be unstructured financial data from the SAP system for instance. From the mass of training data, the system extracts characteristic features to enable a direct recognition and assignment of the data imported in the future based on these features.


Machine learning provides major benefits, particularly if processes are to be automated for which no generally accepted rules can be found, i.e. if classic Customizing is not sufficient. With SAP Leonardo, SAP provides a solution here.


Especially in the area of finance and accounting, FIS has identified a clear benefit by applying machine learning. In this way, the technology can be used for automated classification of FI invoices for instance. Furthermore, an automatic account assignment system can be established in the next step by using machine learning. The process is eventually completed by Artificial Intelligence finding the approver responsible for a specific invoice due to its experience and automatically sending it to the approver for release.

Innovative Developments for technical wholesale

Particularly in wholesale trade, an effective and consistent material master data management is of great importance due to the multitude of data. Main topics here are data retention, the search for relevant information as well as the use and maintenance of the respective data. By means of the new FIS developments, master data can be efficiently classified and processed according to ETIM specifications for instance. Furthermore, items of service specifications are automatically read via text mining and, based on this, the user obtains a material list as a proposal. Even new technologies such as machine learning or cloud platforms can make a decisive contribution here to optimize these processes and achieve enormous time and cost benefits in this way.

Develop individual web apps with the SAP Business Technology Platform

Digital innovations require that enterprises are adjusted to changing market situations faster than ever and state-of-the-art technologies are used. Management boards are now wondering how this can be achieved with an SAP system without weakening structures that have grown and have been established over the years. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides numerous options of software development. On the enterprise platform, high-performance Web applications, such as mobile apps, can be created. It is used if SAP applications are to be individually enhanced or additional data is to be stored without burdening the existing SAP system (on premise or in the cloud).


Learn more about SAP Business Technology Platform

Innovation is the basis for a successful future. FIS has experts at your side who work with you to develop innovative solutions and make your IT landscape fit for the digital future. Contact the experts at FIS for your individual software development and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

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