FIS/wws for the building materials and industrial requirements industry

An industrial solution for technical wholesale must meet many requirements in the field of building materials and industrial requirements. FIS/wws, the FIS optimization based on SAP HANA, responds to the specific needs of your industry and optimizes the SAP SD and procurement logistics for your company.

The FIS/wws highlights as solution for your industry

  • Integrated unit of measure calculator
  • Simple management of bulk material
  • Management of your third-party business, e.g. concrete delivery
  • Processing of GAEB/ÖNORM files
  • Processing of DATANORM files
  • Optional connection to an eShop system for online retailing
  • Optimized quotation costing specifically for building materials and industrial requirements wholesale
  • Administration of rental equipment based on serial numbers
  • Integrated cash sale solution
  • Returns monitor - transparent processing of customer and vendor returns
  • Route planning monitor
  • Batch management
  • System monitoring of profit margin limits of your company
  • Construction object and quotation manager with numerous functions


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Service scope of our all-in-one solution – FIS/wws



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Martin Zidek
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