FIS/wws for the colors and interior decoration industry

Discover our FIS/wws industrial solution, an SAP standard optimization specifically designed for technical wholesale - powered by SAP HANA. You will meet the specific SD, purchasing and logistics requirements of the wholesale sector by implementing this software product. FIS/wws can exactly be optimized and tailored to the needs of different industries, such as for the colors and interior decoration industry.

Highlights of the FIS/wws SAP solution for colors and interior decoration

  • Internal mixed processing (for a simplified mixing of colors)
  • Determine and save plant tintings permanently
  • Color batch for floor and wall coverings
  • Processing, e.g. cutting and seaming of floor coverings
  • Creation of catalogs (e.g. with data transfer from external catalogs or shadow databases)
  • Structural mapping of your service specifications, particularly for the processing of bid invitations
  • Optimized and simple costing of your quotations for the colors and interior decoration wholesale
  • Central and digital SD and returns cockpit
  • Administration of rental equipment based on serial numbers
  • System monitoring of profit margin limits


Do you want to make your SD, purchasing and logistics departments fit for the future through digitization? Do not hesitate to contact the FIS employees and discover the options provided by FIS/wws as SAP standard optimization specifically for the colors and interior decoration industry! Click the link to learn more about the complete functional scope of our FIS/wws all-in-one solution.



Service Scope of Our All-in-One Solution – FIS/wws


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Martin Zidek
Martin Zidek
Head of Sales – Business Unit SAP, Technical Wholesale and Industries