FIS-SST as a competent nearshoring partner for efficient IT solutions

FIS-SST is the synonym for your efficient IT solution world. Since 2002 the FIS-SST Sp. z o.o. subsidiary has been a reliable and competent nearshoring partner for the development of smart software solutions for business processes.

The company is located in the Upper Silesian city of Gliwice (Poland). From there, the mostly German-speaking IT specialists develop innovative software solutions as a nearshoring partner for the mostly German-speaking customers and impress them with their service. Specialized in individual solutions, the software professionals develop and design elaborate applications taking into account usability, efficiency, and expandability. In this way, FIS-SST, as your competent partner, simplifies the management of your business processes and increases their efficiency.

Innovative technologies for efficient solutions

The software solutions by FIS-SST are based on technologies well-tried on the market and successfully used.

Specific enterprise-class business applications of high quality and stability are developed using JAVA and selected continuous integration tools as well as continuous delivery.

The .NET platform developed by Microsoft sets new standards for the development of Web applications.

Your benefits with FIS-SST as a nearshoring partner

  • Well-tried project methodology
  • Specialization on state-of-the-art technologies, such as Java, Groovy or .NET
  • Long-standing partners of Microsoft and SAP
  • Far-reaching, practical cooperation experience with West European (in particular German) IT companies
  • High flexibility and individualization in the design and development of software solutions

FIS-SST flexible cooperation models

FIS-SST convinces its customers by high-quality solutions and efficient nearshoring cooperation models.

Do you lack time to build up the necessary development resources for a geographically distributed project with complex requirements? The FIS-SST team of specialists offers you competent outsourcing support and implements the project on the basis of a dual on/off-site model with optimized costs and without any loss of quality.

A FIS-SST team is available exclusively for you and reliably implements your individual business requirements. Within the scope of this project model, you define the project scope as well as the required time and costs. The Development Center will inform you about project results via sprint cycles or work packages. FIS-SST assists you whenever you need qualified development resources to finish a project in due time.

The FIS-SST specialists exclusively take on roles defined by you. You decide on the size of the team as an extended workbench.

With excellently trained and experienced specialists and long-standing partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, FIS-SST Sp. z o.o. is the ideal nearshoring partner for your IT projects. Would you like to learn more about FIS-SST as part of the FIS Group? Just give them a call or contact them via e-mail at.