FIS/wws – the industrial solution for technical wholesale

FIS/wws – that is the SAP-based industrial solution for technical wholesale. The standard version of the all-in-one solution already provides all specific functions that are indispensable for modern wholesale. The implementation of this solution includes predefined industry processes and is therefore no development project.


Flyer: The Industrial Solution for the Technical Wholesale Industry with FIS/wws

Functions and processes

  • Fully or partially automated stock transfer function
  • Display and selection of several scaled conditions during purchase order processing
  • Forecast optimization for optimal warehouse stocks
  • Indicator for your stockholding
  • ABC/XYZ analysis (for optimized warehouse stocks)
  • Reduction of your capital tieup by overstock transfer
  • Optimized MRP list
  • Crossplant display of your stocks
  • Optimized purchase order due to system default values
  • Purchasing data directly in the sales order
  • and many more
  • Optimized order entry
  • Stock transfer function directly from your SD documents
  • Optimized user interface for the person responsible, e.g. telesales
  • Processing of cash sales with integrated cash register function
  • Contract release orders
  • Onetime articles: temporary addition of article data (e.g. with shadow databases)
  • Shadow database and further Web services
  • Order creation with automatic reference to valid quotations (e.g. best price)
  • Offer/order creation with project/object reference
  • DEL quotations
  • Administration of rental equipment based on serial numbers
  • Easy remaining length management (batch management)
  • Quotation costing (e.g. with material/discount group costing as well as PU+)
  • Project processing/management for building projects
  • Automatic sample quotation copy into specific customer quotes
  • Processing of GAEB/ÖNORM files
  • Processing of DATANORM files
  • Optional connection of an online shop system
  • Title and total function for service specifications
  • Vendor inquiries directly from the quotation and from GAEB processing
  • Enhanced print functions
  • System monitoring of profit margin limits
  • Showroom processing
  • and many more
  • Material flow optimization
  • Quick and easy processing of goods receipts, goods issues and stock transfers
  • Central packaging cockpit: several deliveries can be combined into one consignment, e.g. for shipping with express delivery service providers
  • Returns monitor all business processes concerning customer and vendor returns can be controlled in a clear user interface
  • Empties/returnable packaging cockpit, e.g. for managing stack/nest containers, pallets, wire mesh boxes etc.
  • Cash desk sales (with comprehensive cash sales processing)
  • Pickup orders
  • Route planning monitor
  • Extended route determination
  • Easy creation of transport documents, freight lists, delivery note printouts and unloading lists
  • and many more
  • Full mapping of all accounting and controlling processes
  • Digital G/L accounting
  • Accounts receivable accounting and accounts payable accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Bank accounting
  • Overhead costs accounting
  • Product cost accounting
  • Profitability analysis
  • and many more
  • Full mapping of all HR-relevant processes via FIS/hrd, SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

Using FIS/wws as industrial solution, you take decisions more quickly than your competitors – with real-time based data using the SAP HANA in-memory technology.

Your benefits using FIS/wws industrial solution

You will get a field-tested solution: The FIS/wws EPR software is already used successfully by over 30,000 SAP users all over the world.


  • Sustainability and scalability: FIS/wws offers you an advanced and open architecture. The solution grows with your company just as the business development of your company requires for retailing.
  • Internationality also for medium-sized companies: FIS/wws is already available in 16 languages and used successfully in many cross-national installations.
  • Industry experience: FIS is market leader in the technical wholesale sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Securing competitive advantages: You get transparent data of your retailing business in real-time and can therefore rely on a better basis for making decisions. Using our industrial solution, you remain modern, economic and competitive.
  • Wide scope of functions: The standard version of this software already includes numerous specific processes for technical wholesale.
  • FIS is a one-stop provider: FIS is your central contact for any information concerning the comprehensive services of this software. For you, this means competent “one-stop” consulting and implementation.
  • Complete industrial solution: SAP and FIS offer a fully-featured and field-tested system that can be used in your business for all relevant wholesale core processes.

References – the best evidence

SAP optimizations by FIS for specific bottlenecks


Flyer: The Industrial Solution for the Technical Wholesale Industry with FIS/wws

Success Story: F. REYHER NCHFG. GmbH & Co. KG

Release information: FIS/wws NextGeneration – Release 1809/03

Release information: FIS/wws Release 6.18/11

Release information: FIS/wws NextGeneration Release 1709/02

Release information: FIS/wws Release 6.18/11

Software maintenance information: FIS/wws NextGeneration

Software maintenance information: FIS/wws

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