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In all industries, customer behavior and knowledge has changed. Today, companies face well-informed customers that do their own research and compare providers before contacting a specific vendor. It is essential to offer prospective customers a shopping experience that includes an efficient and personalized online shop. It is possible in a modern e-commerce architecture to configure, for instance, individual components that will then be transferred to the respective ERP solution in the form of a specific production order. The component structure can be controlled in such a way that only matching parts can be combined with each other. Production order, purchase order and billing are processes that are docked to the ERP system. This example clearly shows that specific ‘Industry and Commerce 4.0’ scenarios can be implemented with the suitable IT solution.

Success in E-Commerce – Carlos Commerce develops new distribution channels

Based on our project experience, we have compiled modules for the SAP Commerce Cloud with which you can optimize your e-commerce processes – and all of this tailored to your company. You put your software solution together individually and receive a possible price for your project directly.


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Increasing sales with SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud (the former SAP Hybris Commerce) is the advanced platform for your successful e-commerce. During the last few years, the number of different channels (e.g. social media, Web shop, search engines) via which customers and prospective customers use the Internet has considerably increased. Along these channels, the SAP C/4HANA suite (the former SAP Hybris) ensures the automated recognition and use of sales opportunities. As a result, sales can continuously and systematically be increased via digital channels.


SAP C/4HANA (the former SAP Hybris) enables you to meet your customers across the entire customer journey. This solution offers many more possibilities than a usual online shop. The SAP Commerce Cloud C/4HANA suite e-commerce solution helps you reach sales prospects along the entire purchase decision process in a cross-platform, target group-oriented and personalized way. In the course of digital transformation and increasing datasets, the solution offers the great advantage that the process of a target group-oriented approach can be automized to a high degree. This automation helps you reach your customers and prospective customers with the right messages at the right moment and encourage them to buy. You offer your customers and prospective customers a real omnichannel experience. Your customer-centered departments, such as marketing, sales and customer service, benefit from convenient controlling options and more efficient processes.


Flyer: SAP Commerce Cloud – End-to-End process integration with FIS

Your benefits when using SAP Commerce Cloud

  • You convince your customers with a first-class shopping experience and create an incentive for visiting your Web shop again.
  • Personalized and target group-oriented contents increase your sales opportunities significantly.
  • The omnichannel solution is used as a central e-commerce platform for your overall digital strategy.
  • A central Product Content Management (PCM/PIM) and a Web Content Management system (SmartEdit) ensure high data quality and appropriate messages across all platforms and terminals.
  • Scalable solution – the application grows with the business development of your company.
  • Internationality due to the mapping of different languages and currencies.
  • Optimum process integration - both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash.
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C.
  • If required, SAP Commerce Cloud can easily be extended by SAP Sales Cloud (CRM system, the former SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer) and SAP Marketing Cloud (the former SAP Hybris Marketing) to provide a real panoramic view on your customers and prospective customers
  • Are you not ready for the cloud?
    SAP Commerce Cloud is not only available as a cloud variant but also as an on-premise version. Nevertheless, you benefit from an always up-to-date solution.

Product configurator for your Web shop – be a driving force for automation

The SAP CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution can be used in SAP Commerce Cloud as well. Technically demanding configurations can be executed easily and without errors. Product information, prices and delivery dates are displayed in real time. Any query via phone relative to a configuration will be displayed on the screen of the person responsible. This helps them respond to queries from customers and prospective customers in the best possible way. The SAP integration know-how offered by FIS enables the continuous and fully automated triggering of all downstream ERP processes (e.g. purchase order, production order, billing).

Higher reach, better customer focus and consistent contents across all channels

As part of SAP Customer Experience (the former SAP Customer Engagement & Commerce), marketing, sales and IT directly benefit from the networked solution architecture of the C/4HANA components. SAP Commerce Cloud is the central pivotal point for more sales in the digital segment.

Uncomplicated and completely SAP-integrated – Connection of online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an important channel in modern e-commerce. Through activity on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, companies significantly increase their reach and visibility for potential customers. In this way, online marketplaces as sales channels open up new sales potential and create a clear competitive advantage.


With the FIS/TradeFlex application, the seamless connection of online marketplaces to the SAP system can be achieved conveniently and without own development effort. On the basis of the SAP Cloud Platform and thus the powerful HANA database, sales can be realized quickly and served holistically via the marketplaces. The application makes it possible to manage all steps of the order-to-cash process as well as upstream and downstream activities in a single solution: from product placement, pricing and quantity structuring, order creation in ERP and synchronization of fulfillment and invoicing through to the payment process with automated assignment of invoices. The software can also be used to automatically process cancellations and the reversal of returns or credit notes.


Thanks to the deep integration into the SAP system, the connection of online marketplaces with FIS/TradeFlex is uncomplicated and convenient and significantly increases the efficiency of sales via the marketplaces through automated and integrated processes.

Top master data in e-commerce during the implementation with FIS

A successful e-commerce strategy starts with data quality. A permanent and profitable administration of different international shop installations requires an effective management of master data (e.g. prices, article data). High master data quality is an important pillar to fully exhaust the benefits of advanced shop systems, particularly when it comes to automation. Based on this master data, SAP Commerce Cloud helps you continuously generate sales opportunities and systematically increase your sales.


FIS provides you with a seamless SAP integration of your e-commerce software into your system landscape: Individual prices, discount groups, condition agreements as well as delivery dates and availabilities, for instance, are transferred between the applications without any problems. While SAP Commerce Cloud is able to centrally manage data (PCM), FIS provides seamless integration processes and, as a consequence, standardized master data and information in your Web shop and SAP system. During the implementation with FIS, you also benefit from the field-tested FIS/mpm SAP optimization, which makes master data maintenance particularly easy. It makes no difference whether you use SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Commerce on-premise or SAP Commerce in the cloud.

FIS boosts your e-commerce

Together with its Medienwerft subsidiary (SAP Hybris Silver Partner) FIS offers you full-service process consulting as well as the implementation for a holistic and digital corporate strategy. The combination of the FIS know-how (as an SAP partner with "Gold" status) and the Medienwerft subsidiary as an experienced full-service agency is unique in the market.

Your benefit: From technical aspects of the shop architecture and brand management with efficient communication to the optimal formatting of messages: everything is provided from one single source.


  • Full SAP integration instead of a simple ERP connection: FIS, the SAP partner with "Gold" status, provides you with smooth networking and process integration without media changes across application borders.
  • Individualization: Our development specialists set the main focus on the individual prerequisites of the existing architecture and adjust the implemented solutions.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud (the former SAP Hybris) and FIS help you implement Industry and Commerce 4.0 scenarios tailored for your business - from the configuration in the shop to the production order on the machine.
  • First-class consulting and implementation of topics such as brand management and communication provided by one of the leading agencies in the e-commerce segment.



Optimized processes for customer-centric departments

Holistic integration of online marketplaces

FIS/TradeFlex enables easy and efficient access to online marketplaces as additional distribution channels. The application covers all steps in the order-to-cash process from product listings to payment receipt and downstream steps. This ensures a holistic integration with the SAP system at all times.


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Shop solution FIS/eSales

The FIS Omnichannel Shop Solution provides all B2B buyers with accurate information and self-service around the clock. Your business benefits from improved customer retention and increased revenue opportunities. The deep integration into your SAP system is particularly noteworthy, as it significantly reduces the load on your sales operations.


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SAP Marketing Cloud

Knowing the customer and his needs and placing this knowledge at the center of activities – this is even easier with the SAP Marketing Cloud.


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SAP Service Cloud

The SAP Service Cloud is the modern CRM solution for your customer service processes. Ensure the lasting success of your customer service as well as high customer satisfaction.


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SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud is the modern SAP CRM solution for your sales. You benefit from preconfigured processes for sales and marketing, collaborative work, optimized sales processes and thus satisfied customers.


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The SAP Commerce Cloud omnichannel solution is the central platform for the e-commerce business of the future. Isolated applications belong to the past just as complex processes. FIS and this innovative SAP solution help you pick up your customers from wherever they currently are. Do you have any questions? The FIS consulting team will be pleased to answer your questions and give you detailed information. Please give us a call or contact us via e-mail.

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