Document management for SAP with the FIS/edc solution automates business processes

Document management is of high importance for the digitization of business processes. It is one of the central elements for optimizing the operative business and simplifying the work within the user departments. You can use FIS/edc, the Electronic Document Center, as a convenient tool for the automated entry, processing and archiving of paper documents. Electronic documents, such as PDF or ZUGFeRD, are processed just as efficiently and reliably. FIS/edc stands for the holistic connection and integration of customers and vendors to your existing SAP system and irrespective of the existing architecture to which we adapt our SAP document management solution.

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Numerous national and international customers from any kind of industry are the best evidence for the efficiency of the FIS/edc document management solution.

Cross-functional document management as a holistic solution

FIS/edc is an SAP document management system for finances and accounting, purchasing and procurement as well as sales and distribution. It processes all documents relevant for these user departments and, if required, can be easily extended to the automated processing of further and often industry-specific documents. The elaborate FIS/mpm master data management that can be used to easily create new vendors via a cross-functional workflow as well as the reliable document recognition software can both be integrated without any problems.

FIS/fci for document recognition within finances and accounting

Within finances and accounting, incoming invoices and payment advices are processed via the FIS/fci document recognition, a specific software solution with excellent recognition rates.


  • High compatibility of the FIS solutions with other system components.
  • Technical and content-related postprocessing outside the SAP system is ensured.
  • Supports all standard transfer methods and systems, such as ZUGFeRD.
  • Documents received as PDF documents or as e-mail are supported as well.
  • Automatic matching of inbound payment advices with open customer/vendor items.


The FIS solution proves to be highly efficient for automatic matching. If no match is made, it is possible to use uncomplicated postprocessing, as with incoming invoices, or an electronic workflow clarification.

FIS/edc simplifies purchasing and procurement

Purchasing and procurement benefit from the FIS/edc Order Response Monitor as well as from the automated processing of all inbound documents such as order responses or delivery notes.


  • Automated processing and update of all inbound documents.
  • The process supports paper documents via OCR in the same way as EDI and e-mail as PDF.

Process optimization via FIS/edc in sales and distribution

The FIS/edc Sales Order Monitor can be used to optimize the processes of the office-based personnel setting free precious resources. The Sales Order Monitor enables the content-related and technical processing of all inbound orders that are entered as paper documents via OCR (document recognition) in the SAP system or that are transmitted in digital form via EDI or e-mail as PDF.

Clearly defined benefits for your company

The FIS/edc document management solution for SAP offers many advantages with a significant effect on the cost structure of the company.


  • Increase in productivity and revenue due to automated business processes.
  • Improved cash management via modernization of the payment process.
  • Promotion of vendor relations via shorter payment cycles.
  • The increased transparency of the invoice process has a positive effect on enterprise management due to process-related evaluations.
  • FIS/edc can be fully integrated into the SAP system and the SAP certification and is compatible with other FIS solutions.


FIS/edc is a document management solution available in many languages ensuring high flexibility due to the integrated mobile approval procedure.

FIS/fci und FIS/edc – efficient solutions for your document management

FIS as an SAP specialist offers companies an interesting selection of numerous components for implementing different corporate objectives at a high level. One out of many solutions is professional document recognition comprising anything from the import of paper documents to the release of the vendor invoice. Software solutions such as FIS/fci and FIS/edc for SAP are sustainable solutions with numerous benefits due to the continued further development within the release strategy.


  • Added value in terms of quantity and quality due to higher efficiency and increased productivity.
  • The software solution is adapted to the company-specific requirements.
  • The release strategy always ensures a state-of-the-art software solution.




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Release information – FIS/fci: Release 4.90

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Software maintenance information – FIS/edc NG

Software maintenance information – FIS/edc

Software maintenance information – FIS/fci


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SAP Certificate – HANA – FIS/edc

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